TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 44
Season 8, Episode 2
Release Date October 24, 2016
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Cast Guide
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Scott Porter as Joe DeVries
Caitriona Balfe as Cassidy Jameson
LaMonica Garrett as Michael Puckett
Jeff Branson as Dante West
Jesse Lee Soffer as Nate Rivera
Meghan Heffern as Cleo Kent*
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Sloane Morgan Siegel as Cassius Jameson*
Andrew Lincoln as McClellan Davis
Kate French as Ava Davis*
Alex Knight as Harlan Clyde
Clementine Nicholson as Samantha Devins*
Laurent Lucas as Fredrick Robertson
Olivia Munn as Erica Warner*
Chandler Canterbury as Sebastian Locke*
Jacob Tolano as Jericho Rhames*
Zoey Deutch as Maya Rhames*
Nicholas Guest as Saul Vanderson
Ryan Hurst as Luco Wyatts*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Imogen Waterhouse as Annie Stevens*
Thomas Gibson as Carlo Mends*
Jacob Vargas as Winston Vanderson*
Katherine VanderLinden as Skylar Romanov*
Joe Williamson as Anderson Romanov*
Camilla Luddington as Kate Oberson*
Mark Saul as Dylan*
Taylor Cole as Sally Fisher*
Zoe Boyle as Crandell Crabbe*
Christian Alexander as Leon DeVries
Marysia S. Peres as Melody
Elon Gold as Spencer Vanders*
Forbes March as Omar Kingston*
Michael Antonakos as Dave Sullivan
Julia Ormond as Paula Scribner
Dorian Gregory Jared
John Kassir as Dallas
Brian Krause as Jeremiah Hughes
Raquel Pomplun as Allison Calvins

Deadly Words is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Joe and Cassandra's meeting turns deadly; Harlan and Fredrick begins to explore Dewsloan, but makes shocking discoveries, both good and bad.


Daniel begins to reload his rifle just as he, Cassidy Saul, Nate, and Joe sits in a ship alongside several others. "Daniel, if I don't survive this meeting, tell Leon that I want him to run The Spartans." Joe says to Daniel. "I'll make sure that you survive." Daniel says to Joe. "When will we meet Cassandra?" Nate asks Joe. "Very soon." Joe answers to Nate.

Cassandra begins to look into her folder just as Melody enters her office. "Joe has returned here.....with some new faces." Melody says to Cassandra. "Is this a false alarm just like the gunshot prank done by the stupid girl that I executed?" Cassandra asks Melody. "It's not, Cassandra." Joe answers to Cassandra. "Where's your guests?" Cassandra asks Joe. "In my ship. Nathan's sworn brother from Earth, Daniel Cooper, is with me. Don't give him a hard time. Nathan has a kid with a transgender like you, who is also with me in my ship." Joe answers to Cassandra.

Cassidy begins to look as Joe walks into the ship. "Cassidy and Daniel, follow me. Everyone else, stay here." Joe says to the others.

Fredrick begins to read from his bible just as Harlan begins to scout the surrounding area of an abandoned farming city. "Ready?" Harlan asks Fredrick. "Yes. I'm ready." Fredrick answers to Harlan before getting off from the ground.

Cassidy and Daniel begins to sit in Cassandra's living room just as Cassandra enters. "So you're Daniel and Cassidy, right?" Cassandra asks the two. "Yes. You're correct." Daniel answers to Cassandra. "Cassidy, we're both in common, since we're both transgender. However, we're both different. I'm not willing to form a loving and caring family, and I hate men." Cassandra says to Cassidy. Daniel looks at Cassandra in shock. "If you hate men, that why the hell do you want to chat with me?" Daniel asks Cassandra. "I want to know more about Nathan DeVries. You were his sworn brother." Cassandra answers to Daniel. Daniel begins to looks worried at Cassidy. "Here's the thing about Nathan. I have a secret about him that nobody knows." Daniel says to Cassandra.

Fredrick and Harlan enters a church, and looks as a man in a hockey mask begins to look at the two just as he begins to touch on the coffin in front of him. The man begins to speak in several different languages just before disappearing in blue flames.

Daniel begins to cry just before passing out. "Wake up!!!" Cassandra yells at Daniel. Cassidy begins to worry about Daniel just as Joe, Saul, and Nate arrives inside. Cassandra looks at Joe in anger, and shoots him in the chest. Cassidy grabs Daniel, and begins to drag him away. Melody grabs Saul, and knocks him out just as Nate gets shot in the shoulder by Cassandra. Cassidy places Daniel and Nate into the ship just before Cassandra knocks her out.

Leon begins to look as the ship arrives just as the guards begins to bring Daniel and Nate in hospital beds. "Where's my father?" Leon asks the others. "He's not coming back." Jared answers to Leon. "Jose, Angela, Ben, Marco, Lenny, and Bruce; You all better prepare for war." Leon says to the others. "They outnumber us, Leon. We can't fight them." Michael says to Leon. "What should happen?" Leon asks Michael. "Have me lead The Spartans." Michael answers to Leon.

McClellan begins to watch the Dellowingsen TV Station just as an interruption occurs just as Cassandra appears to have Cassidy and Saul as hostages. "Fucking kidding me....." McClellan says to himself.

Fredrick and Harlan begins to hear footsteps behind them. "Hands up. The Space Raiders might not have Luco to run shit, but I'm the new man in charge now." Dallas says to the two just the 5 others begins to aim at Harlan and Fredrick.

The man wearing a hockey man reappears within a house located in Dewsloan's largest cave. The man begins to take off his mask, and appears to have a scar on his face. "I own Nathan DeVries Jr my life. His blood saved my life. I must serve the greater good. Peace is needed in the universe." Jeremiah says to himself.

Daniel and Nate appears to be on life support just as Dante begins to cry. "Innocent people suffering all because of that bitch Cassandra. She nearly killed me, and I promise that I'll kill her, and have her suffer while I brutally kill her." Dante says to the two before walking away.

A masked sith republic soldier sneaks into the infirmary, and pulls out a knife, and begins to decapitate Nate and Daniel just as Leon shoots the woman in the head just as another woman pulls out a grenade. "You make any attempt to put down the heads, I'll blow myself up so that you'll freeze to death by the space." Allison says to Leon just before accidentally pulling the pin just as Daniel and Nate's decapitated heads reanimates. "Shit!!!" Leon yells for the others just before the infirmary explodes off from the connections to the ship. Allison appears to have a space suit on just as Leon freezes to death before reanimating.

Allison returns back to the Sith Republic just before Cassandra shoots her in the head. "You did my dirty work, so your use is gone." Cassandra says to Allison before kicking her down into the lava-based generator. Cassandra looks as the lava absorbs Allison's corpse.

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