TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 47
Season 8, Episode 5
Release Date October 30, 2016
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Cast Guide
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Ji-hyun Jun as Jane Samuels
Jeff Branson as Dante West
Kate French as Ava Davis
Olivia Munn as Erica Warner*
Jacob Tolano as Jericho Rhames
Zoey Deutch as Maya Rhames*
Nicholas Guest as Saul Vanderson
Forbes March as Omar Kingston
Randy Wayne as Dean Dillane
Daniel Cosgrove as Winston Mona
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Jacob Vargas as Winston Vanderson
Katherine VanderLinden as Skylar Romanov*
Joe Williamson as Anderson Romanov*
Camilla Luddington as Kate Oberson*
Zoe Boyle as Crandell Crabbe*
Michael Antonakos as Dave Sullivan
Julia Ormond as Paula Scribner*
Tory Kittles as Joel*
Anthony Rapp as Bruno*
Alice Greczyn as Alexis*
Blair Redford as Matt*
Hal Ozsan as Jonah Wallace
Chelcie Ross as Kelvin Burns
Helen Slater as Amanda
D.W. Moffett as Pete
Robert Picardo as Odin
Troy Gentile as Leon
Shannon Chan-Kent as Madison Mona
Paul Telfer as George

Sheriff Of Myself is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Dante, Saul, Ava, and Jericho begins to make plans for an escape for everyone just as Omar and his fellow survivors begins to plan a massive ambush on the Franksers State; Nathan Jr begins to make a plan to aid others in need just as he struggles to deal with Dean, Kelvin, and the others back in Redcliff State's main medical laboratory.


Dante, Saul, Ava, and Jericho begins to sit in a meeting room. "Omar has stated to one of our guards that he has someone that was a part of Daniel's crew before they got caught in our business." Jericho says to the others. "It's Nathan DeVries Jr. He's still alive. We faked his death so stress wouldn't kill him. Kelvin decided to place him in a medically-induced coma. We've now realized that it caused more problems. We've caused Nathan Jr's father, Nathan, to give up, and die." Ava says to Jericho. Dante looks at Ava in shock. "So you allowed Dante and the others mourn the false loss of one of their own? That's fucking sick!!!" Dante yells at Ava just before pulling out his pistol, and aims at her. "Anymore people dies, you die." Saul says to Ava.

Nathan Jr looks as he's locked up. "I can't stay here." Nathan Jr says to himself just as Amanda walks towards his cell just as Pete guards her. "You're going to be sent to be put down." Pete says to Nathan Jr just before a masked man shoots him in the head, who shoots the masked man in his head, and aims at Amanda just as Nathan Jr grabs Pete's rifle, and begins to flee from the room. "Stop!!!" Amanda yells at Nathan Jr just before getting shot in the chest by Nathan Jr.

Omar sits outside of an abandoned outskirts city alongside Jonah and several others. "Jonah, check out the abandoned city alongside your squad." Omar says to Jonah. "Got it, boss." Jonah says to Omar just before Jonah gets decapitated just as several armed men begins to surround Omar and several of his soldiers. "This isn't smart for Franksers State to launch an attack on us!!!" Omar yells at the survivors. A man with a eyepatch begins to walk towards Omar. "We aren't from Franksers State, dumbass." Winston says to Omar. "We're your worst nightmare, mother fucker." Madison says to Omar just before Winston shoots Omar in the chest just as Winston picks up Jonah's zombified head. "Madison, take it to the well, and drop the head in it. Make the well water tainted with the zombie blood to further the cause of my cult." Winston says to Madison just before Madison grabs Jonah's zombified head, and drops it into the well. "Shit! Fall back!!!" Odin yells for the others just before the other cultists guns him and most of the others down. " Spare my life...." Leon says to Winston just before Winston shoots him in the head.

Dean and Kelvin begins to stand in the main laboratory room just as the alarms begins to go off. "We need to get the hell out of here!!!" Kelvin yells at Dean. "Chill out. Omar and the others will come back, and assist in our needs." Dean says to Kelvin just before several cultists arrives. "Your leader is dead. Prepare to die next." George says to the two just before Nathan Jr knocks him out just as several other patients begins to run towards the exit. "Hands up!!!" Dean yells at Nathan Jr just before Kelvin shoots Dean in the head. "Kelvin, you better escape also." Nathan Jr says to Kelvin. Kelvin begins to flee just as George wakes up, and aims at Nathan Jr. "You're going to regret....." George says to Nathan Jr just before a zombified Amanda grabs George, and bites into his neck. George begins to scream just before Nathan Jr flees from the laboratory.

Nathan Jr looks as Omar's squad is killed just as a zombified Omar begins to devour on the corpse of one of his guards. Nathan Jr pulls out his knife. "Even though you were my enemy, I shall give you mercy for dying to a selfish and berserk enemy." Nathan Jr says to the zombified Omar just before stabbing him in the head. Nathan Jr looks forward, and pulls out his rifle just as Ava appears alongside Dante, Dave, and Winston. "Nathan Jr?" Ava asks Nathan Jr. "Yes. I'm alive, no thanks to the assholes that were going to execute me." Nathan Jr answers to Ava. "Where's my father?" Nathan Jr asks Ava. "He's dead." Ava answers to Nathan Jr just before Nathan Jr pulls out his pistol, and shoots Ava in the head. Dave tackles Nathan Jr down to the ground just as Winston assists with him. Dante looks at Ava's corpse just before look towards the abandoned city just as Winston, Madison, and the others appears in the shadows. "Everyone, let's move it! We can't do anything right now!!!" Dante yells for the others just before he gets shot in the neck with an arrow. "Fuck!!!" Winston yells for Dante just before he and Dave begins to run away. Nathan Jr begins to hide under Omar's zombified corpse just as Winston walks from out of the shadows towards Dante, who begins to choke on his own blood. "You'll be a prop for my cult." Winston says to Dante just before he slices off Dante's head, and places his head into a bag with 4 other heads. Nathan Jr looks at Winston in anger just as he walks away. Nathan Jr exits from the bodies just as a woman with a katana begins to point at him with the katana. "My name is Jane Samuels, and you killed some of my people." Jane says to Nathan Jr. "We better start getting alongside so we can face our common enemy." Nathan Jr says to Jane.

Jericho begins to exit from the meeting room just as no calls were made since Ava, Dante, Dave, and Winston went on the search mission. Saul grabs the walkie talkie just as Jericho watches him. "Dante...Ava...Dave...Winston...answer me." Saul says to himself just before he hears zombies through the walkie talkie. Saul pulls out his lightsaber. "I shall die in honor." Saul says to Jericho. "No!!!" Jericho yells at Saul just before Saul stabs himself with the lightsaber. Jericho begins to cry just before stabbing Saul in the head. "You were wrong to take your own life." Jericho says to Saul.

Other Cast

  • Christopher Backus as Joe


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