TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 49
Season 9, Episode 1
Release Date October 30, 2016
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Cast Guide
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Ji-hyun Jun as Jane Samuels*
Olivia Munn as Erica Warner
Jacob Tolano as Jericho Rhames
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Zoey Deutch as Maya Rhames
Zoe Boyle as Crandell Crabbe*
Tory Kittles as Joel
Daniel Cosgrove as Winston Mona*
Benjamin Rigby as Edward Roberson
Kim Director as Michelle Roberson
Steven Dennis as The King
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Shannon Chan-Kent as Madison Mona*
Sebastian Arcelus as Atticus
James Robinson Jr. as Jimmy
Brad William Henke as Vincent
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Carlos Freeman

Sign Of Life In Space is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Jericho and the three others begins to find a planet with a village and a monarchy-based community, but realizes that their discovery might be a curse towards themselves.


Jericho and the three others begins to land on a planet just as a man with a spear begins to cautiously walk towards them. "What the hell are you doing here?" Atticus asks the survivors. "We're trying find a safe planet to move to." Jericho answers to Atticus. "While you're here, explain why you've chosen us over The Stronghold?" Edward asks Jericho just as he exits from a hut. "We've chose this area to land at." Jericho answers to Edward. "What the fuck is The Stronghold?" Joel asks Edward. "It's a monarchy-based community led by a man known as The King. This planet is called Peolsoa. There's only one government from before the apocalypse, which was Lanco." Edward answers to Joel. "So everyone here is Lancon-Peolsoan?" Maya asks Edward. "Yes, since no one has everyone arrived here in 9 months. The last few were unlucky to have landed in The Stronghold's property. Every one of them were executed, except for one man from Earth, who managed to arrive" Edward answers to Maya.

Jericho, Erica, Maya, and Joel arrives at the community's meeting area. "Who are these people?" Michelle asks Edward. "They're the only lucky foreigners that have ever arrived here." Edward answers to Michelle. "Your technology is a lot better than ours, even though The Stronghold has some ships in their property." Michelle says to Jericho. "Who is the person in charge of this community?" Jericho asks Michelle. "My brother, Edward." Michelle answers to Jericho. "Which planet are you from?" Edward asks Jericho. "Dewsloan. Had many states, but all feel due to rising tensions and more hidden enemies, such as zombies." Jericho answers to Edward. "We have zombies still to deal with, but we've learned to disguise ourselves with zombie guts, unlike The Stronghold." Michelle says to the others just as The King and several of his guards begins to arrive. "Give me the Earth survivor or just hand me one of the new survivors." The King says to Edward. "Have me go to spare the Earth survivor." Joel says to Edward. Erica looks at Joel in shock just before a large guard grabs Joel, and slices off one of Joel's arms. "This isn't the deal!!!" Edward yells at The King. "Stand down or I'll massacre your whole community." The King says to Edward. "Vincent, finish the survivor off." The King says to Edward. "Pleasure to proceed, The King." Vincent says to The King just before he begins to slice Joel's stomach open just before throwing him into a zombie pit. Erica begins to cry just as Jericho comforts her. Maya stares at The King in anger, and slaps him in the face. "Grab the bitch." The King says to Vincent just before Vincent grabs Maya, and holds his sword to the back of Maya's neck. "No more bloodshed, Vincent. She's going to be our prisoner." The King says to Vincent.

Edward begins to sit in his hut alongside Michelle. "These new survivors will become angry with us for them to lose half of their own, including the group leader's sister, who is lucky to only be captured alive." Michelle says to Edward. "I'm going to need to have their group leader be my right hand man." Edward says to Michelle.

Maya looks just as a man and his son begins to beg The King for food. "Food! Me and my son, Luke, are hungry." Carlos says to The King. "Scram!!!" The King yells at Carlos. Carlos and Luke begins to run away, and disappears into the forest. Maya looks as there's a carving of someone's name on the carriage's door.

Jericho enters the infirmary, and walks towards the Earth survivor, who begins to stare at Jericho in anger. "You better have a damn good explanation on what the hell is going on." Dominic says to Jericho just as half of his face is burnt. "Edward wants to speak with you." Jimmy says to Jericho just as he arrives.

Other Casts


  • Tory Kittles as Joel

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