TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Release Date August 17, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Peter Mensah as Robert Miller
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas
Assaad Bouab as Jesse Churchill
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Joel Silver as Jeb DeBiose
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Amelia
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Abigail Bianca as Ava
Alexis Knapp as Abigail
Joel Edgerton as Joel
Donald Glover as TJ Boyd
Peng Lin as Greta Higgins
John Cusack as Justin Huntsman
Jeffrey Donovan as Mikey Washers
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Junior Laniyan as Evan Dodge
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Stafford Douglas as Newt
Kelly Carlson as Delta Sherman
Manu Bennett as Sean Carson
Liam McIntyre as Curtis Denver
Sharlto Copley as York
Topher Grace as Marco
David Conrad as Terry
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart

Wildfires is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


After Nathan Jr recovers, Nathan begins to hunt down the rest of The General's Army alongside a selected amount of survivors; Jesse makes a gruesome discovery within the walls of the Davidson Colony; Amelia begins to form a relationship with Joel, but someone else stands as a roadblock to their forming relationship; Robert, Ryan, and the others finds the Davidson Colony in near destruction as a zombie herd comes closer to the colony. Mason, Alice, Cory gets ambushed by a group of bandits; Daniel questions Annie in her involvement in the deadly attack.


Nathan Jr enters a truck alongside Nathan. "Dad, I want to go with you as we hunt down The General. I want to be a soldier like some of the others." Nathan Jr says to Nathan. "Stick close to Clancy's squad went we catch him and his remaining members." Nathan says to Nathan Jr.

Jesse walks down through the underground cafeteria under the Davidson Colony, and spots Ava cries as she has a gun to her head. "Ava! Please think twice before you...." Jesse says to Ava before she shoots herself in the head. Jesse screams in anger before crying as he grabs her falling corpse. "I.....saw you as a friend." Jesse says to Ava just before Axel arrives. "I'll get Bethany down here. Let's go rebuild the walls alongside the others.

Robert, Ryan, and the others walks towards the nearly-ruined Davidson Colony. "What the hell happened to our base?" Robert asks Axel as he spots Jesse and Axel rebuilding the main gate. "The General's Army launched a massive attack on us and the Wilkins Family Community. We fought back while the other group was destroyed and either fled or was killed. Nathan and some others are going after the remaining members of The General's Army. As Daniel and Jesse were alone, some unknown survivors ambushed them, and acted like that they'd rob them, but they only did it to see if they'd spare them of pain and misery." Axel answers to Robert. "The Killers. We dealt with them before." Ryan says to Axel. "Who is their leader?" Jesse asks Ryan. "Franklin Knight." Ryan answers to Jesse. "He's mine and Daniel's old boss in the FBI Agency. He must've given up on justice and heroism." Jesse says to Ryan. "He's far from a hero now." Justin says to Jesse.

Clancy looks as Zeus begins to eat on a zombie corpse. "Emma, keep our squad in control while I return back to our base with Zeus." Clancy says to Emma. "Got it." Emma says to Clancy.

Daniel sits in a interrogation room with Annie tied to a chair. "Answer this question: Why did you want to kill us brutally until all of the others that your group has destroyed?" Daniel asks Annie. "It was our duty. 3. 4. 9. 16. 23." Annie answers to Daniel. Daniel notices a blinking red light under Annie's shirt. Daniel rips Annie's shirt off just as a bomb is shown as it's stitched to Annie's chest. "Go boom now, you fucking despicable bastard!!!" Annie yells at Daniel before laughing out loud before Daniel shoots her in the head. "Shut up, bitch." Daniel says to Annie before spitting onto her corpse. The bomb's timer stops at 4 seconds left just as the light turns off. Daniel looks as a note appears in Annie's pocket. The note begins to talk about how there's a large herd beginning to head towards the Davidson Colony that's arriving due to the loud noise. Daniel runs to the nearest watchtower outside, and looks as the herd begins to head towards the colony. "Pull the alarm! A large herd is coming!!!" Daniel yells for the others.

Nathan walks through the forest alongside Delta, Sean, and Curtis. "Emma, have you and the two others move up." Nathan says to Emma via walkie talkie just before hearing an alarm from the Davidson Colony. "Emma, change your direction to where Delta and the others are. I'm giving my commands to Delta. The alarm at my colony is going off." Nathan says to Emma via walkie talkie.

Mason, Alice, and Cory walks towards an abandoned camp as there's several corpses on the ground. Alice recognizes one of the corpses to be Brianna's. "Please.....give me water." Abigail says to Alice. Mason hears noises coming from some of the bushes. Just as Alice begins to give the wounded Abigail some water, a masked bandit knocks Mason out. "Mom!!!" Cory yells for Alice just as another bandit holds him at knife-point. "Give us your fucking supplies or your little boy dies, bitch. You should pay alongside your precious Davidson Colony for the attack against us." Terry says to Alice before kicking Mason in his stomach. "Let her and her son alone, and focus on me, you coward." Mason says to Terry. "Lloyd, kill the kid." Terry says to Lloyd before getting slices in half by Cornelius just as Newt shoots Lloyd in the head just as a female bandit begins to surrender. "I never meant for all of this to occur. I'm not like them." Hannah says to the others before getting shot in the head by Alice. "She'd come back to kill us." Alice says to the others. "This is Cornelius, and he's a strong survivor." Newt says to Alice as Cornelius gets Mason up from the ground.

Joel looks as Marco begins to try to flirt with Amelia just before he begins to stop him. "Amelia is my girlfriend." Joel says to Marco. "You'll have to risk dying for her love then, fucker." Marco just before he pulls out a knife. "Marco, stop it!!!" Amelia yells at Marco before he begins to try to attack Joel with the knife before he pins Joel to the ground. "I'll kill you." Amelia says to Marco. "Marco, stop!!!" York yells at Marco before Joel stabs Marco in the neck just as Marco begins to bleed out through his neck. Marco's bloods falls onto Joel's face before tossed Marco's body to the side. "You killed him!!!" Winters yells at Joel as he holds onto his bloodied knife as he wipes the blood off from his face with a small wet towel. "Get into our holding cell, now!!!" York yells at Joel. "I love you, Joel." Amelia says to Joel before York brings Joel into the jailhouse. Amelia grabs Marco's knife, and stabs him in the head.

Nathan Jr begins to remember him, alongside Amelia and Joel, gunning down two hostile survivors as they were on a supply run just before gunshots begins to go off as The General and the rest of his army shoots at Nathan Jr and the others. "Everyone! Stay down!!!" Delta yells for the others.

Phoenix looks at Delta's Compound from afar alongside another survivor. "Looks like we have new targets now." Phoenix says to Franklin. Franklin smirks at Phoenix. "Good job, mate." Franklin says to Phoenix.

Nathan Jr aims down the scope before sniping The General in the head. Zombies begins to arrive. "Everyone, let's go." Delta says to the others. Nathan Jr looks at The General's corpse in shock. "I killed him....." Nathan Jr says to himself before Dana grabs him, and the two catches up with the others. As the group walks towards the road, they spot a herd coming close to the Davidson Colony. "Let's head back to my compound." Delta says to the others.

Nathan wakes up with a cut on the side of his face as he appears to have gotten himself into a rollover crash. Nathan looks as a few zombies begins to walk towards the upside-down crashed truck as he's stuck in his seat-belt. "You're fucking kidding me...." Nathan says to himself as he realizes that some of the herd separated off to come towards the truck while the others heads towards the Davidson Colony.

Other Cast


  • Ava
  • Annie
  • Brianna Wilkins (Confirmed Fate)
  • Terry
  • Lloyd
  • Hannah
  • Marco
  • Several unnamed members of The General's Army
  • Several unnamed Wilkins Family Community survivors (Confirmed Fates)
  • 2 unnamed hostile survivors (Confirmed Fates)

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