TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 51
Season 9, Episode 3
Release Date October 31, 2016
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Cast Guide
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Ji-hyun Jun as Jane Samuels*
Olivia Munn as Erica Warner*
Jacob Tolano as Jericho Rhames*
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh*
Zoey Deutch as Maya Rhames
Daniel Cosgrove as Winston Mona*
Benjamin Rigby as Edward Roberson*
Kim Director as Michelle Roberson*
Steven Dennis as The King
Daniel Bacon as Foxtrot*
Adam Deacon as Scout*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Shannon Chan-Kent as Madison Mona*
Sebastian Arcelus as Atticus*
James Robinson Jr. as Jimmy*
Brad William Henke as Vincent
Stipe Erceg as McMillian*
Jan Bos as Bravo*
Dan Fogler as Treyson

Bleeding Out By My Past is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Maya begins to deal with several problems within The Stronghold just as The King begins to make plans to expand to Earth.


Maya begins to walk into a kitchen just as the other women appears to be bruised. "Quit looking, and get to work!!!" Vincent yells at Maya just before punching her in her shoulder. Maya begins to silently cry just before Vincent walks away.

The King begins to open his desk's upper shelf, and pulls out a border-less map of Earth. "I'm assuming that their oceans are completely dirt, since they're leaving their country. Maybe they're trying to expand. I should start expanding to Earth." The King says to himself.

Maya begins to wash her hands just as she hears two women screaming just as a guard pulls them into a room. Vincent grabs Maya, and begins to kiss at her. "You're going to meet a very special friend, whore." Vincent says to Maya just before Maya grabs a piece of glass, and slices Vincent's throat open, and locks him inside of an empty room just before Vincent breaks open the door just as a zombified woman grabs him, and bites him in the chest just as a zombified guard and a zombified woman exits from the room, and begins to overwhelm Vincent.

The King looks outside of the window just as Maya begins to flee towards the main gates. Two guards arrives. "A zombie attack has risen within The Stronghold. Me and Jack are some of the only available men set to chase down the fleeing woman." Treyson says to The King. "Assist here at The Stronghold. I'll send someone else to chase the woman down." The King says to Treyson.

Other Casts

  • Ronan Raftery as Jack


  • Vincent
  • 3 unnamed members of The Stronghold (Alive)

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