TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 52
Season 9, Episode 4
Release Date November 1, 2016
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Cast Guide
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Ji-hyun Jun as Jane Samuels
Olivia Munn as Erica Warner*
Jacob Tolano as Jericho Rhames*
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh*
Zoey Deutch as Maya Rhames*
Daniel Cosgrove as Winston Mona*
Benjamin Rigby as Edward Roberson*
Kim Director as Michelle Roberson*
Steven Dennis as The King*
Daniel Bacon as Foxtrot
Adam Deacon as Scout
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Shannon Chan-Kent as Madison Mona*
Sebastian Arcelus as Atticus*
James Robinson Jr. as Jimmy*
Stipe Erceg as McMillian
Jan Bos as Bravo
Dan Fogler as Treyson*
Colin Price as Tony Gaza
Mary Kate Schellhardt as Tina

House Party is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


A new group of survivors begins to create a friendship between two hostile groups.


Nathan Jr, Jane, and Scout begins to walk towards a house in the forest with their lights on just as Foxtrot, McMillian, Bravo, Echo, and Beta begins to aim at them. "Time to surrender, and give us Scout back." Foxtrot says to the two. "We should stop our hostility towards them. We were in the wrong. Now, we can redeem ourselves, and accept the greatness in each other." Scout says to Foxtrot. "He has a point, Foxtrot." Bravo says to Foxtrot. The survivors from the house walks outside of the house. "Everyone. Come inside, and eat. We have lots of supplies to share with strangers, just as long as you're civil and respectable." Tony says to the others. Nathan Jr and Foxtrot looks at each other. "Let's try to prove Scout's point of getting along, for the sake of avoiding more deaths. If we don't get alongside, then me and Jane will surrender to your squad." Nathan Jr says to Foxtrot. "Good proposal, mate." McMillian says to Nathan.

Tony and the others begins to eat at one end of the table. "My name is Tony Gaza, and the others are Samantha, Jessica, Nate, Chelsea, Austin, Dexter, and Cory." Tony says to the others. "Which planet are you from?" Jane asks Tony. "Me and my crew are from Earth. We were brought here by a Redcliff State guard, but as Omar got more uncomfortable for us, we simply sneaked out. We're good people. Never had to kill a survivor, and never plan on doing it. Zombies, they're easy to kill. Stabbing them in the head." Tony answers to Jane. "Why don't you join us?" Nathan Jr asks Tony. "I don't want to risk dying away from here. We've been working on potential cures, but all has failed, but we've created antigens that a bitten victims must digest the liquid once ever 24 hours. We called it 'Zombrex' and we've kept it like that. We've quit distributing it after a wandering survivor died after forgetting to digest one of their vials. I was the person who had to put them down after they nearly bit me. I was lucky to have never gotten bitten." Tony answers to Nathan Jr. "I've brought you all here, since we've heard you all arguing about surrendering or some shit like that. We don't like violence, and we'll be willing to draw zombies to kill both sides of a party. We've never killed a person directly, but we've caused many people to die to quickly solve a problem without having any member of my crew to die. We've all stayed together since Day 1 of the apocalypse. 16 years went by in the apocalypse. We were little kids to teenagers at the start. We had to stick together or we'd die in the streets of Muskegon." Tony says to the others. "My father was from there. He died 8 years ago." Nathan Jr says to Tony. "Sorry for your loss." Tony says to Nathan Jr.

Nathan Jr, Jane, Foxtrot, Scout, McMillian, Bravo, Echo, and Beta exits from the house, and begins to walk through the fores together. "At least we've decided to stick together." McMillian says to the others. "The boss will come looking for us for deserting The Space Raiders. Just remember that." Foxtrot says to McMillian. "Screw The Space Raiders. I was an outsider of the group, and now, I feel more useful." Scout says to Foxtrot just before a woman appears alongside a wounded man. "Help me with my friend." Tina says to the survivors. Nathan Jr walks towards the two. "What is his name?" Nathan Jr asks Tina. "Sam." Tina answers to Sam.

Other Casts


  • An unnamed wandering survivor (Confirmed Fate; Alive and Zombified)

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