TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 6
Season 1, Episode 6
Release Date August 21, 2016
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Made To Suffer
Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries*
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Peter Mensah as Robert Miller
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas*
Assaad Bouab as Jesse Churchill
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart*
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Amelia
* = Not in episode
Also Starring
Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill
Donald Glover as TJ Boyd
Peng Lin as Greta Higgins
John Cusack as Justin Huntsman
Jeffrey Donovan as Mikey Washers
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Junior Laniyan as Evan Dodge
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart
Lochlyn Munro as Parker Monroe
Ty Olsson as Rex Wanston
Rebecca Marshall as Olivia Johnston
John Leguizamo as Connor
Ruby Rose as Wendy
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy

Echo In The Forest is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Clancy and Zeus deals with multiple members of The Killers after reuniting with Nathan; Daniel and the others deals with a herd as it begins to get through the walls.


Clancy and Zeus runs through the woods just as they spot a wounded Nathan covered in blood. "I got in a crash after someone shot me." Nathan says to Clancy. "Who?" Clancy asks Nathan before several armed members of The Killers arrives. "Them." Nathan answers to Clancy. "Timothy Rogers, go back to base, and get Franklin." Phoenix says to Timothy. "We can kill them quickly." Rex says to Phoenix. "Violence will lead to more problems. We'll need to approach with caution instead of hostility." Parker says to Rex. "Screw off, Parker. Go back to base, since you're being a complete goddamn pussy." Connor says to Parker. "You heard Connor." Wendy says to Parker before Nathan shoots one of the killers in their heads just as Zeus jumps onto another, and rips out their guts. "Morton, go back to base with Parker! Steve and Mike are dead." Wendy says to Morton before beginning to retreat. Connor and Rex begins to follow just as Clancy tackles Phoenix. "Phoenix!!!" Rex yells for Phoenix before getting shot in the leg by Connor. "Ending loose ends, asshole." Connor says to Rex. "Get off me! Me and Rex has just been betrayed." Phoenix says to Clancy. Zombies begins to approach Rex, but Nathan shoots the zombies. "You better help me carry my friend and your friend back to my place." Clancy says to Phoenix. Zeus growls as he spots an armed survivor. Nathan, Rex, Phoenix, and Clancy aims at the survivor. "I fear no animal, as we all die in the end. I, like yourselves, are not a threat to society. I, Finch McCoy, lead the Scartron Community. I am a former police officer." Finch says to the others. "Take the three to your base while me and my pet returns to mine." Clancy says to Finch. "Amigos! Help me take the three survivors to the community!!!" Finch yells for others as he looks as several bushes.

Daniel begins to shoot at several zombies just as Jesse, Bethany, and Axel rushes into a schoolhouse. "Gabe! Get to the armory with Robert!!!" Daniel yells for Gabe. Gabe and Robert rushes to the armory alongside TJ and Justin just as zombies begins to corner Greta. "Help me!!!" Greta yells for Daniel just as she begins to fend the zombies off with a small knife. "Oh shit!!!" Evan yells at himself.

Mikey and Dominic flees in the sewers under the colony just as zombies begins to come down into the sewers. Mikey looks as there's a door behind him, and he pushes Dominic into the room as he opens and shuts the door. "Run!!!" Mikey yells for Dominic before getting devoured by the zombies. Dominic runs through the sewers, and exits at a beach on the coast of Lake Superior. Dominic disappears just as he places several large rocks in front of the sewer exit. As Mikey is getting devoured, he pulls out a grenade, and pulls the pin just before dying from the loss of blood.

Jesse and Bethany begins to hug each other just as Axel spots a zombified Marvin. Axel shoots the zombified Marvin in the head. "Rest in peace, Marvin." Axel says to Marvin.

Daniel shoots the zombie off from Evan just as Greta is seen getting devoured by zombies, and he aims at Greta's head as she appears to be screaming as she's getting devoured, and puts her down. "Fuck...." Daniel says to himself just before Gabe, Robert, TJ, and Justin runs out of the armory alongside Ryan, and begins to gun down most of the zombies from the herd.

The next day, Daniel and Justin comes across Nathan's truck, and sees corpses of half of the herd laying around the car as some blood is spotted in the driver seat as a bullet hole appears on the back of the seat and the windshield. "Nathan's out there, and he's been attacked by someone." Justin says to Daniel. "Might be The Killers or possibly the remnants of The General's Army." Daniel says to Justin. "Nathan is fine, since he's at my community." Finch says to the two just as Phoenix appears behind him. "You fucking asshole...." Daniel says to Phoenix before tackling him down. "I'm not with The Killers anymore, since me and my friend got betrayed. Your leader, Nathan, is hurt, but he saved my friend, Rex." Phoenix says to Daniel. "Who shot him?" Justin asks Phoenix. "My leader, Franklin Knight." Phoenix answers to Justin. "My old boss....." Daniel says to himself. "Old boss?" Phoenix asks Daniel. "He was the boss of mine and Jesse of the FBI." Daniel answers to Phoenix. "FBI? He never told me of anything regarding the FBI in his past. He only mentioned that he has lost a few close friends, which caused him to go psychotic." Phoenix says to Daniel just as Nathan arrives with Rex. "You have a good doctor at your place." Rex says to Finch.

Franklin sits in his office just as Parker enters it. "I don't trust you anymore. I'm leaving The Killers, since no one has accepted a disciplined and reasonable man here. We came across leaders of two groups, one who has two supposed FBI agents; Daniel Cooper and Jesse Churchill. I sneaked into their place, and I've gotten some information about them." Parker says to Franklin. Franklin smirks at Parker. "I know the two agents. They're old friends of mine at my old job. I was the head of the FBI. Go back to that community, and act like you've surrendered. Get as much info about all of that community's prominent members." Franklin says to Parker. "I'm declining the offer. I don't work for you anymore." Parker says to Franklin before exiting the office. Franklin realizes that Phoenix and Rex are missing. "Something happened to them, and I'll find out, whether if I pose as a threat to many groups or if I must kill some of my own." Franklin says to himself. Olivia looks as Franklin appears to be confused. "I'll do the offer that you gave to Parker. Connor told me that Mike, Steve, and 4 others were killed in the attack." Olivia says to Franklin.

Parker begins to drive down a road just before coming across Amelia. Parker exits from the car. "Need a ride?" Parker asks Amelia. "I'm fine." Amelia answers to Parker. "I'm looking for a place to move to." Parker says to Amelia. "I know of a place for you to move to. Let me drive you there." Amelia says to Parker before they enter the car, and drive towards Delta's Compound, and Amelia notices that there's no guards on guard duty. "Delta's gonna be pissed when I tell her that no one is on guard." Amelia says to Parker just as Connor and three other armed killers arrives. "Not you guys...." Parker says to Connor as he aims his rifle at Connor. "What's up, Parker. Gonna pussy away from the ways of The Killers. Echo in the forest so we follow? You're going to regret leaving us. Like the loose ends we did with Phoenix and Rex, you'll be in pain, and you'll suffer." Connor says to Parker. Amelia pulls Parker into the compound's concrete walls as Connor's squad begins to shoot at the car and the walls. The car explodes just as an alarm at Delta's Compound goes off.

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