TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 64
Season 11, Episode 4
Release Date November 13, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Brian Ames as Cory DeVries
Giancarlo Esposito as Lucari Keyes
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III
David Harbour as MacMillian Blades
Katie Leclerc as Lucy Hawks
Zoe McLellan as Loretta
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Dan Gauthier as Kyle Weeks
Dondre Whitfield as Marshall Meeks
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Julie Berman as Sasha
Min-ho Lee as Aiden DeVries
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Daniel DeVries
Justin Kelly as Jerome

Brian Gaskill as Curtis Langlois
Aiden Turner as Linus Payne
Nick Madrick as Ty Willis
Cullen Douglas as Tanner
Chin Han as Luke Hanson
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt

Ship Airfield Assault is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


A foreign hostile army begins to ambush Nathan Jr and the remaining members of the expansion crew just as a new mission is given through a discovery found by Keanu; The survivors begins to evacuate from the two communities just as Nathan is placed in a situation where he must face Lucari face to face; MacMillian begins to struggle to escape from Isle Royale just as a nuke launched by Tony seconds before his death begins to come towards the entire area; A small survivor group begins to deal with a mysterious hostile group called The Snipers outside of the city of Kansas City.


The Space Raiders begins to shoot their laser turrets from their ships down at the construction workers of MacMillian's Convoy just as a big ship lands near Nathan Jr and Keanu. "We're going to need to take down all of those people in that ship, and we'll shoot down the other ships." Nathan Jr says to Keanu. "Got it, dude." Keanu says to Nathan Jr.

MacMillian begins to look up at the sky just as a nuke begins to come closer to the Isle Royale. MacMillian pulls out his walkie talkie. "Everyone on Isle Royale, flee from the island right now. A nuke is heading your way." MacMillian says to the others via walkie talkie. MacMillian begins to look on in horror just as the nuke hits the island just as he hears screams. MacMillian begins to cry just as he kicks a medium-sized rock into the lake. MacMillian sits down just as a zombie begins to come closer to him. The zombie comes close to biting him just as a survivor shoots the zombie in the head. MacMillian looks behind himself just as a man in a hazmat suit appears with a rifle. "Get up, survivor. We're getting the hell out of here. I have a facility nearby." Marshall says to MacMillian just as he reaches for his hand. MacMillian grabs his hand, and the two begins to walk away.

The alarms at both communities begins to go off just as zombies begins to attack multiple survivors.

Cory looks as Nathan continues to sit in the church. "Father, we need to leave! Now!!!" Cory yells at Nathan. "I will. Let me say some last words for both communities." Nathan says to Cory.

Loretta begins to shoot at the zombies just as Jerome begins to drive through several zombies in a military truck. "Gather up some of the remaining survivors here. Daniel, Aiden, Nathan III, Lucy, Sasha, and Dominic are in the back of the truck." Jerome says to Loretta just as a zombie grabs Loretta, and bites into her shoulder. "Drive!!!" Nathan III yells at Jerome.

Nathan and Cory exits from the church just as they see Jerome, Nathan III, and several others begins to drive away just as he sees Loretta getting devoured by several zombies. "Cory, carefully get the hell out of here." Nathan says to Cory just as Lucari arrives, and kicks Nathan back into the church. "You're thinking that you'd get away without facing me, fucker." Lucari says to Nathan just as he tosses several Molotov cocktails at the doorway. Cory begins to run away just as he realizes that his father must face Lucari alone.

A small group of survivors begins to walk through the forest just as several armed survivors begins to aim at them. "Hands up! You're crossing the border into Canada. Halt your movement." Ty says to the survivors. "We're trying to survive, asshole." Kyle says to Ty. "We don't take kindly to you stupid americans, since you went from being the strong country to being a country full of pussies and cowards." Ty says to Kyle. "You're wrong, bastard." Linus says to Ty just as he shoots him in the neck. "Gloria and Andrew, grab their weapons. We'll just be heading our own way." Kyle says to the two. "If any of you tries anything against us, then you'd be mistaken. We're good guys, and you've proven yourselves as the bad." Curtis says to the snipers. The five survivors begins to walk away just as Curtis, Kyle, Linus, Gloria, and Andrew shoots the snipers in their heads. Ty tries to tackle Kyle, but a masked man shoots Ty in the head. "You won't be dealing with them. They were some annoying fuckers. Me and my family will just be heading our own way." Luke says to the survivors.

Nathan Jr shoots at the armed raiders just as they exit from the large ship. The leader exits just as Keanu tackles him down. "Before you kill me, I have one of your old friends held captive within the Dellowingsen State on Dewsloan." Tanner says to the two. Nathan Jr executes Tanner. "Let's go." Nathan Jr says to Keanu. "I know, Nathan Jr. We'll save your friend just after we finish off those fuckers." Keanu says to Nathan Jr. The two begins to fly the ship just as Keanu begins to shoot down the ships just as they fly into space.

Nathan looks as there's a small candlestick on the ground just as Lucari begins to punch him in the face. Nathan grabs the candlestick, and looks as there's a blade within the candle wax, and rips the wax off from it, and stabs Lucari in the chest. "You're dead, asshole." Nathan says to Lucari just as he pulls out his revolver, and shoots Lucari in the head.

A zombified Loretta begins to walk into the burning church just as Nathan begins to run away from The Compound. Nathan looks as the Davidson Colony begins to appear destroyed. "Goodbye, communities. We've tried to revive you once, but that didn't last long." Nathan says to himself.

Cory begins to run towards the survivors as they're about to cross into Canada. "Why did you leave me behind?" Cory asks the others. "Zombies were getting too close, Cory." Sasha answers to Cory just as a bloodied Nathan arrives. "I killed Lucari, the last enemy of the communities. Nathan Jr sent me a walkie talkie message that he's going to be in space to look for someone. I told him that......the communities are destroyed." Nathan says to the others.

MacMillian and Marshall begins to arrive at the shuttle lane convoy just as a guard walks towards the two. "Where did you find that survivor?" Hoxton asks Marshall. "Outside of the nuclear blast near South Range within the old state of Michigan." Marshall answers to Hoxton.

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