TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 65
Season 11, Episode 5
Release Date November 15, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Brian Ames as Cory DeVries
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III
Katie Leclerc as Lucy Hawks
David Harbour as MacMillian Blades*
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Dan Gauthier as Kyle Weeks
Dondre Whitfield as Marshall Meeks*
Gary Sinise as James Richardson
Esai Morales as Billy Rosco
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman
Julie Berman as Sasha
Min-ho Lee as Aiden DeVries
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Daniel DeVries
Justin Kelly as Jerome
Piter Marek as Cyrus
Joseph J. Parks as AJ Walsh

Brian Gaskill as Curtis Langlois
Aiden Turner as Linus Payne
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt*
Diva Cam as Marian
Eddie K. Robinson as Timothy

Search And Rescue In Outer Space is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan Jr and Keanu begins to head into space to look for the missing former member of Nathan's old group; Nathan, Dominic, Nathan III, Cory, Lucy, Loretta, Sasha, Daniel, Aiden, and Jerome begins to meet up with Kyle and his group just as a new group begins to intervene.


Nathan Jr begins to fly the ship into the landing zone within the Dellowingsen State just as Keanu opens the door. "Is this planet like Earth?" Keanu asks Nathan Jr. "Yes." Nathan Jr answers to Keanu. "We're here to find my old friend named Jeremy Freeman." Nathan Jr says to Keanu.

Nathan and the others begins to walk through the snowy terrain just as they meet up with Kyle and his group. "Hands up, and we'll spare you. We're the good guys, and you're the bad guys." Kyle says to the survivors. "You got it wrong, fucker. You'd dare to threaten the legendary Nathan DeVries?" Nathan asks Kyle. Curtis, Linus, Gloria, and Andrew drops their weapons. "Maybe." Kyle answers to Nathan. "Fuck this, Kyle. We ain't going to get ourselves killed by people who we planned on robbing who are clearly more stronger than us." Curtis says to Kyle just as he gets shot in the head by Dominic. "Bandits don't get a free pass, buddy." Dominic says to Kyle. Gloria and Andrew gets shot in the head by Jerome and Sasha just as they get shot in the head by Kyle just as Linus stabs Lucy in the shoulder just as Nathan III shoots him in the head. Several armed survivors begins to arrive just as they find Nathan's Group aiming at Kyle. "Stop with the fighting or both sides dies. We have a lot of supplies and weapons to demolish both sides of the argument. Based on facts, I'll be the judge." James says to the survivors just as he pulls out a gold-coated desert eagle, and shoots Kyle in the head. "Hi. I'm James Richardson, and I'm the leader of the Atlantic Passage Compound." James says to the survivors. Billy pulls out his walkie talkie. "Bring up the snow trucks. We got dead bodies to be brought back to base, and we have several survivors." Billy says to the others via walkie talkie. "My girlfriend, Lucy, is pregnant." Nathan III says to James. "She'll be one of the top priorities." James says to Nathan III.

Nathan Jr begins to enter a building just as he looks as the rotting cribs shows the names of Nathan III, Daniel, and Aiden. "My younger half-brother and my sons were in these cribs? Damn...." Nathan Jr says to himself just as a masked raider begins to whisper towards him. "Don't you try to get out of this one, Nathan Jr." Marian says to Nathan Jr.

Keanu kicks open a prison door just as he finds Jeremy into a cell. " me." Jeremy says to Keanu. "I need to find the keys." Keanu says to Jeremy. Jeremy begins to look behind Keanu. "Watch out!!!" Jeremy yells for Keanu just as Keanu turns around, and ducks down just as a masked woman comes close to killing him. Keanu pulls out his pistol, and shoots the woman in the head just as several others begins to arrive, who gets shot down by Keanu, who picks up a rifle from the ground. Keanu looks as one of the armed raiders has the keys to the cell, and proceeds to free Jeremy.

Nathan Jr begins to tackle Marian towards the wall. "Please don't make me kill you!!!" Nathan Jr yells at Marian just as he begins to kick her in the back just as she lays on the ground. Marian begins to struggle to get up. "I never wanted to kill anyone. I was forced to." Nathan Jr says to Marian just as she continues to struggle. "Tanner will kill you for this." Marian says to Nathan Jr. "He's dead, so your group is no longer active. You must either go your own way or simply surrender." Nathan Jr says to Marian just as she gets shot in the head by Jeremy, who appears behind Nathan Jr alongside Keanu. "I'm glad to see you." Jeremy says to Nathan Jr. "The communities has fallen. We must head back to Earth towards Canada. My father and the others will be waiting." Nathan Jr says to Jeremy. "I need to get back with MacMillian." Keanu says to Nathan Jr. "I sacrificed a lot of my time towards your friends. You and your friends owes me now." Nathan Jr says to Keanu. Jeremy smirks at Nathan Jr just before the three survivors returns to the ship.

Nathan III begins to sit in a truck alongside Lucy, Daniel, and Aiden. "Hopefully, these people are good." Aiden says to the three. "I know." Daniel says to Aiden.

Nathan sits in another truck alongside James and three others. "So you were a legend in the US, right?" Cyrus asks Nathan. "Yes. It's all true. I took down the NWO Colony's former leader, and took down many other hostiles." Nathan answers to Cyrus. "Amazing. You must have decided to retire from that kind of work, right?" AJ asks Nathan. "Not exactly." Nathan answers to AJ. "Nice to know that someone like you is a living legend unlike many others from our compound." Timothy says to Nathan. "We lost 16 of our best man about 19 years ago. We were at war with the Sith Republic. A woman named The Dark Knight, who turns out to be Cassandra, who has two other triplets from their hometown of Muskegon. They were Joe and Nathan. All three of them were born on June 30th of 1998. A long time ago." James says to Nathan. Nathan begins to look at James in shock. "So, I have 2 long-lost triplets?" Nathan asks James. "Yes, but they were killed by each others' groups. Joe had a son named Leon, who was murdered by one of Cassandra's top generals, who killed another legend from the US named Daniel Cooper." James answers to Nathan. "Daniel Cooper was my sworn brother. We were best friends." Nathan says to James. "We might as well stay silent until we arrive at our place so you don't get overwhelmed with emotions of hidden facts of your life." James says to Nathan. "I needed some closure on where Daniel was, and if I had any family that I never knew of." Nathan says to James. "I was born in Grand Rapids to a wealthy couple. My parents gave me all of the things that I wanted, but I vowed to go into politics, but ended up not finishing it due to the fucking zombie apocalypse. I wanted to go back home, but knew that I was going to find misery, so I travel north until I found the location which I built my base upon, and it remained as my home ever since." James says to Nathan.

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