TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 66
Season 11, Episode 6
Release Date November 16, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Brian Ames as Cory DeVries
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III
Katie Leclerc as Lucy Hawks
David Harbour as MacMillian Blades
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Dondre Whitfield as Marshall Meeks
Gary Sinise as James Richardson
Esai Morales as Billy Rosco
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz
Amanda Schull as Greta Diaz
Craig Parker as Dylan Dixon
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman
Min-ho Lee as Aiden DeVries
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Daniel DeVries
Piter Marek as Cyrus
Joseph J. Parks as AJ Walsh
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz

Eddie K. Robinson as Timothy
Daniel Henney as Taggart
Sterling K. Brown as Sterling
Matt Braver as Tom
Michael Braun as Mitch
Samuel Ray Gates as Richard
Alexis Boursier as Stephen
Kris Wu as Kyle

Sword And Blood is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


A fist fight within the Atlantic Passage Compound causes one of the members of Nathan's Group to fall into the water just as more problems begins to arise with in the compound; MacMillian reunites with Keanu just Nathan Jr and Jeremy begins to travel further into Canada to look for Nathan and the others.


Nathan begins to sit in a house alongside the others except for Aiden and Daniel. "When will Aiden and Daniel come in?" Dominic asks the others just as Aiden rushes into the house. "Daniel is in deep shit, guys." Aiden says to the others. "What's wrong?" Nathan III asks Aiden. "He's in a fist fight with Taggart, and they're on the ledge of the docks. There's sharks in the water." Aiden answers to Nathan III.

The survivors begins to run out of the house just as Daniel appears to have a black eye just as Taggart appears to have bloodied fists. "Taggart! Stop! Daniel did nothing for you to attack him for." James says to Taggart. "Taggart, please.....don't kick me in the water." Daniel says to Taggart. "Fuck you, asshole." Taggart says to Daniel just before kicking him in the chest just as he falls into the water. Nathan tackles Taggart down, and pulls out his pistol, and holds the barrel to Taggart's head. "My grandson dies, and you'll be a dead son of a bitch!!!" Nathan yells at Taggart just as Aiden jumps into the water.

Aiden begins to swim into the water just as he finds Daniel sinking further into the ocean. Aiden begins to swim towards just just as a mysterious creature grabs Aiden, and spits an unknown acid all over his face just as Daniel disappears. Aiden begins to panic just before another mysterious creature stabs Aiden in the head with a golden pike.

Nathan looks as AJ and Timothy grabs Taggart, and puts him in handcuffs. "Aiden!!!" Cory yells for Aiden just as Aiden's corpse begins to float up to the surface. Nathan begins to cry alongside Cory just as James and the other survivors watches in sadness just as Cory grabs Aiden's corpse. "Taggart must be executed tomorrow night." James says to the others. Nathan cries as he holds onto Aiden's corpse.

Nathan Jr and Jeremy begins to walk away from the ship just as it appears to be on fire. "Why didn't we stay with Keanu at the Shuttle Lane Convoy?" Jeremy asks Nathan Jr. "We need to reunite with my father, my sons, and several others." Nathan Jr answers to Jeremy just as they spot a wounded Daniel, who appears to laying on the grass nearby. "Daniel!!!" Nathan Jr yells for Daniel. Daniel begins to spit up blood. "The others.....are at the Atlantic Passage Compound." Daniel says to the two just before several zombies begins to arrive, and begins to surround Daniel. "No!!!" Nathan Jr yells for Daniel just before a zombie grabs Nathan Jr, and bites him in the leg. Jeremy shoots the zombies in their heads. Nathan Jr begins to panic just as he looks at the zombie bite on his leg. "Since there's no metal, you're going to have to amputate my fucking leg." Nathan Jr says to Jeremy just before Jeremy proceeds to amputate his leg. Nathan Jr begins to scream in pain just before spotting a zombified Daniel walking towards him and Jeremy. "I'm sorry, son." Nathan Jr says to Daniel just before lifting up his gun, and puts down his zombified son. Nathan Jr begins to pass out due to the pain. Jeremy looks as a small ship begins to arrive. Mitchell exits from the ship. "Come with me. We have some great doctors on the USS Survivor." Mitchell says to Jeremy just before the two carries Nathan Jr into the ship.

Nathan III looks outside of the house just as he spots a man walking towards the house. Nathan III opens the door. "Nathan III, I'm sincerely sorry for your loss. We never thought that Taggart would've done any stupid shit like that." Sterling says to Nathan III. "Leave me and my group alone for now." Nathan III says to Sterling just before shutting the door just as Sterling gets in the way just before Sterling collapses. "Sterling!!!" Tom yells for Sterling. "Revenge is an offense, Nathan III." Mitch says to Nathan III. "It was an accident!!!" Nathan III yells at the others. "I saw it. You're right. It was his wrong doing for trying to enter the house if the owners didn't want him in." Richard says to Nathan III. "Everyone. Move along." Stephen says to the others. "Daisy, go back home." Stephen says to Daisy. Daisy walks away from the scene just as Stephen and Richard picks up Sterling's corpse just as his head appears to have been smashed from the hard impact of the door. Nathan III closes the door, and begins to throw a vase at the kitchen's counter. He hears a knocking on the door. He opens the door just as Nathan Jr appears at the door. "I found Daniel. He....didn't make it." Nathan Jr says to Nathan III just before the two begins to hug just before they begin to cry. Cory and Nathan joins the hug just as Dominic and Lucy watches from the living room.

James sits in his office just as a young guard arrives. "An accident has occurred. As Sterling tried to force his way into the newcomers' house, one of them accidentally killed him by the massive impact of the door shutting." Kyle says to James. "Anything else?" James asks Kyle. "Daniel's corpse was found on beach by Nathan Jr and several others from the USS Survivor." Kyle answers to James.

Greta begins to arrive at the armory just as Cyrus begins to pack up several bags of guns. "This isn't enough. It's either you give me more guns or my group rushes in, and kills 3 of your members." Greta says to Cyrus. "We've lost 2 newcomers from a mysterious cause, one of us due to being executed, and another from an accidental killing." Cyrus says to Greta. "No excuses." Greta says to Cyrus. "Is that one man with the metal leg one of your members?" Cyrus asks Greta. "He's a prisoner who has relatives here." Greta answers to Cyrus.

Nathan looks as Nathan Jr has handcuffs. "What happened with you?" Cory asks Nathan Jr. "Me and Jeremy were captured by a large militia group called the USS Survivor. They live on a cruise ship, and they're robbing from several other communities, including here." Nathan Jr answers to Cory just as a guard walks towards them. "Let's go, prisoner." Jason says to Nathan Jr. "Free him, and take me instead." Nathan says to Jason. Jason takes off the handcuffs from Nathan Jr, and places Nathan in the handcuffs just as Mitchell arrives. "Great find, Jason. This is the legendary Nathan DeVries. He's a keeper." Mitchell says to Jason just before knocking Nathan out. "Consider yourself lucky this time, Nathan Jr." Mitchell says to Nathan Jr.

James looks as Nathan appears to be in the handcuffs as Nathan Jr and Cory watches in shock as the armed members of the USS Survivor begins to drive away from the docks of the compound. "They switched me with my father." Nathan Jr says to James. "Is there anyone that you know that they have as a prisoner?" James asks Nathan Jr. "A man named Jeremy Freeman. Me and him found my son, Daniel, dying on the grass just as zombies began to surround him. Just after he turned, I was forced to put down one of my own children." Nathan Jr answers to James just before he begins to cry.

MacMillian begins to look in shock just as he sees Keanu arrive at the gates. "Where's Nathan Jr and the others?" MacMillian asks Keanu. The others are unknown, and Nathan brought me here before leaving me on the side of a road. We got ambushed by several raiders from space, and the whole thing is complicated." Keanu answers to MacMillian. "I can tell." MacMillian says to Keanu just as Hoxton walks towards the two. "Just to let you two know, the boss doesn't want to see any of us standing around, and talking. I'm just trying to save your asses. I'm not as rude as the others. Dylan is also respectful just like me and a few others." Hoxton says to the two. "Thanks for the tip, Hoxton." MacMillian says to Hoxton.

Dylan begins to work on a computer just as Marshall enters the office. "The damn thing doesn't work, Dylan. You should help the others." Marshall says to Dylan. "Remember when you made me and some others work on a machine?" Dylan asks Marshall. "Yes." Marshall answers to Dylan. "I got paralyzed for 15 years due to the freak accident while the rest of the survivors were crushed to death." Dylan says to Marshall. "Shit happens, Dylan. Get over it." Marshall says to Dylan. "15 years is a long time, Marshall. Have you felt pain like that?" Dylan asks Marshall. "Yes. When I was 3 years old, I was molested. The person that did it to me got away with it. I've never had sex due to the trauma that I felt as a toddler. When I was 15 years old, I was shot in a mass shooting at my high school. It was the Columbine School Shooting. I'm 68 years old, and I remember that time when I feared for my life. A few years later, I was supposed to go on a plane, and luckily, I missed the flight, since it was the plane that hit the first twin towers in New York City. I had a conference meeting in Paris, and my best friend was killed in the terrorist attack, and I was shot in the head. I was left in a coma for 10 years. I was out of the coma 20 months after the apocalypse began. I was lucky to have had a generator running my machines." Marshall answers to Dylan. "I never knew that your life was full of tragedies." Dylan says to Marshall just before Marshall exits from the office.

Marshall begins to go to sleep on his couch in his house. "Old memories are coming back, and I pray that I never had to deal with them ever again." Marshall says to himself before closing his eyes.

Marshall has a flashback of himself in his POV Vision just as he and his best friend starts to hear gunshots. "Marshall, move!!!" Lucas yells for Marshall just as the two gets shot in the head. Marshall appears to still be alive as he watches Lucas choke on his own blood just as one of the terrorists proceeds to slice him with machetes. Marshall passes out in the flashback.

Marshall wakes up just as he begins to cry.

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