TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 68
Season 12, Episode 2
Release Date November 20, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman*
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III
David Harbour as MacMillian Blades
Jason Scott Lee as Wesley Rogers
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Dondre Whitfield as Marshall Meeks*
Gary Sinise as James Richardson
Esai Morales as Billy Rosco*
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz*
Amanda Schull as Greta Diaz*
Craig Parker as Dylan Dixon
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt
Peter Eberst as Abraham Walsh
Annie McNamara as Tara Hudson*
Ivo Velon as Bernard O'Neill*
Ilfenesh Hadera as Hermoine Lange*
Nathan Darrow as Carlito Scarborough
Marg Helgenberger as Alexis
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Piter Marek as Cyrus
Joseph J. Parks as AJ Walsh
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz*
Sophie Auster as Megan*
Aurélien Gaya as Treyson Fluette*
Matt Jones as Hugo Snyder
Carlos Clemenz as Clyde Snyder
Natalie Martinez as Allie Walsh
Amos VanderPoel as Felix Walsh
Frank Harts as Mercer Ward
Joseph Castillo-Midyett as Johnny
Erica Newhouse as Melanie
Reid Scott as Calvin Sandler
Jason Riddington as Gavin

Eddie K. Robinson as Timothy*
Matt Braver as Tom*
Michael Braun as Mitch*
Samuel Ray Gates as Richard*
Alexis Boursier as Stephen*
Daniel K. Isaac as Derek*
Damian Lewis as Sturgess*
Raymond Lee as Alexander*
Ivan Martin as Xavier*
Dan Soder as Drake*
Noah Gray-Cabey as Gabriel
Robin Dunne as Tim
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson as Archer

The Mysterious Creatures Of The Oceans is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan must sneak past the mysterious creatures in the Atlantic Ocean while his H2O Oxygen Shot is still in effect; The survivors becomes terrified just as one of them gets chosen to be executed by Carlito; James, Dominic, Nathan III, Cyrus, and AJ follows Ashton to his community, but realizes that the rumors of the Eden Colony are proven true.


Nathan looks as his skin begins to turn blue just as he continues to swim at the bottom of the ocean. Nathan pulls out another injector, and begins to inject the liquid into his arm. Nathan looks as his skin turns back to normal. "I need to hurry. I got only 3 more of these." Nathan says to himself just as a mysterious creature grabs his leg just as he grabs the harpoon gun from a skeleton on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and shoots the mysterious creature in the head. The mysterious creature begins to float up to the surface of the water just as the other creatures rushes to the corpse, and begins to feed off from it. Nathan begins to feel sick in his stomach just as he continues to swim towards the shore.

Mercer looks at Carlito in shock just as he walks towards him with the dagger. "You don't need to kill him. Spare us, and we'll do whatever you need us to do." Clyde says to Carlito. "Shut it, or we'll another one of you." Alexis says to Clyde just as she hits Clyde in the face with the end of the shotgun.

Keanu begins to cry just as Carlito grabs Mercer, and pulls him in front of him and the others. "You got any last words before I kill you brutally?" Carlito asks Mercer. "I hope that the devil rapes you in hell, you damned bastard." Mercer answers to Carlito just before Carlito stabs the dagger into Mercer's stomach several times. Carlito looks in shock just as Mercer is still sitting up. " fucker...." Mercer says to Carlito just before Carlito pulls out a sawed off shotgun, and blows Mercer's head off.

Abraham looks as pieces of Mercer's brain splatters all over Felix's face. Felix looks at Carlito in anger just as the others begins to cry over Mercer's death. "You're a fearless one, huh?" Carlito asks Felix. "You'll get killed when you least will expect it, you sick bastard." Felix answers to Carlito. "Gabriel, grab the young man, and place him in the back of our truck. We'll break him." Carlito says to Gabriel just as Gabriel grabs Felix. "Leave my son alone!!!" Allie yells at Carlito. "Don't interrupt what I was about to say!!!" Carlito yells at Allie just as he grabs Dylan. "Let him go! He's a very skilled survivor!!!" Hugo yells at Carlito. "You kill me, and you'll be killing humanity, asshole. I'm working on the cure!!!" Dylan yells at Carlito. "Here's the thing; I want humanity to die off. We're animals like the bears and the coyotes in Canada." Carlito says to the others just before kicking Dylan to the ground, and shooting him in the head. "Dylan! No!!!" Hoxton yells for Dylan just as before crying. "You killed my best friend, asshole." Hoxton says to Carlito. Abraham cries on Allie's shoulder just as they begin to cry. "Switch the young man with his mother." Carlito says to Gabriel. "Got it, boss." Gabriel says to Carlito just before tossing Felix from out of the truck, and grabbing Allie.

Carlito, Alexis, and the others begins to leave the survivors with the corpses of Mercer and Dylan. "He was my boyfriend." Hugo says to the others just as he stands over Mercer's corpse. "Brother, let me help you with his corpse." Clyde says to Hugo. Keanu and Hoxton picks up Dylan's corpse. Abraham and Felix begins to walk away. "Where are you two going?" Keanu asks the two. "We're going to leaving the convoy. We're not going back. It's a shit show back there. We all might as well move on, and hunt down The Trappers, and vow revenge. Abraham answers to Keanu. "I need to get MacMillian, then I'll go with." Keanu says to Abraham just as a wounded MacMillian arrives. "I had to escape or I would've died." MacMillian says to the others. "We're moving on." Hoxton says to the others just before they carry the corpses to a nearby cemetery.

James sits in his truck alongside Dominic, Nathan III, Cyrus, AJ, and Ashton. "Where is your community at?" James asks Ashton. "It's in Paris." Ashton answers to James. "I hope that your group isn't going to attack us, and rob us." AJ says to Ashton. "We have a lot more supplies than your compound does, so me and my community should be worrying about your group. The positive rumors about my community are all true. You'll meet my leader once we arrive." Ashton says to AJ. "Is it the Eden Colony?" Cyrus asks Ashton. Nathan III and Dominic looks at each other in shock. "Yes, in fact, it is the Eden Colony. Population is 35 thousand of us, yet onl 29 of us are skilled, when your compound is full of potential. That's why we need your help." Ashton answers to Cyrus. A guard on a horse rides towards the survivors in the truck. "Halt any movements or we'll be forced to shoot!!!" Calvin yells at the others just as Ashton exits from the truck. "These people are friendly. Don't shoot them. They are the ones that I told Wesley about." Ashton says to Calvin. "Who's Wesley?" Dominic asks Ashton just as a man walks towards them with a modified crossbow looking rifle. "This is a weapon that I found last month on a flight into the US. It was owned by a man who allied with the great Nathan DeVries. Hello, survivor. I'm Wesley Rogers, the leader of the Eden Colony." Wesley answers to Dominic just as two tigers appears behind Wesley. "Don't be afraid of Madden and Florence. They're tamed." Wesley says to the others. "I had a friend once that owned a tiger named Zeus. The tiger was unfortunately killed by a bandit leader named Bob Irons, who died a long time ago." Dominic says to Wesley. "The weather is getting bad. We all should get inside." Gavin says to the others. The survivors enters into the Eden Colony.

Wesley walks towards five guards. "Hey, Wesley." Tim says to Wesley. "Are these some of the friendly survivors that Ashton told you about?" Archer asks Wesley. "Yes. You, Tim, Linus, Keifer, and Patricia better be careful out on your supply run." Wesley answers to Archer.

Gavin and Calvin opens the door to the safe haven zone of the city of Paris. "This is the Eden Colony, which is the safe haven half of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is our central place of operations. It's our main watch tower. We modified it to have space ships land in the heliports. We've used the parts of the helicopters and airplanes to build some space ships, and we've gotten several hangars outside of the Eden Colony. If you want, you can move all of your survivors to here." Gavin says to James. "I'm liking that idea." James says to Gavin.

Nathan begins to arrive on the beaches just as he spots Johnny, Melanie, and several others aiming their rifles at him. "Hands up, fucker." Johnny says to Nathan.

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