TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 69
Season 12, Episode 3
Release Date November 20, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries
Jesse Williams as Dominic Walsh
Cole Hauser as Jeremy Freeman
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III
David Harbour as MacMillian Blades*
Jason Scott Lee as Wesley Rogers*
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson*
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks*
Dondre Whitfield as Marshall Meeks
Gary Sinise as James Richardson
Esai Morales as Billy Rosco
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz
Amanda Schull as Greta Diaz
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt*
Peter Eberst as Abraham Walsh*
Annie McNamara as Tara Hudson
Ivo Velon as Bernard O'Neill
Ilfenesh Hadera as Hermoine Lange
Nathan Darrow as Carlito Scarborough*
Marg Helgenberger as Alexis*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Piter Marek as Cyrus
Joseph J. Parks as AJ Walsh
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz
Sophie Auster as Megan
Aurélien Gaya as Treyson Fluette
Matt Jones as Hugo Snyder*
Carlos Clemenz as Clyde Snyder*
Natalie Martinez as Allie Walsh*
Amos VanderPoel as Felix Walsh*
Joseph Castillo-Midyett as Johnny
Erica Newhouse as Melanie
Reid Scott as Calvin Sandler
Jason Riddington as Gavin*
Michael McElhatton as Nicholas McLaughlin
Sam Trammell as Dexter
Alexandra Chando as Beth

Eddie K. Robinson as Timothy
Matt Braver as Tom
Michael Braun as Mitch
Samuel Ray Gates as Richard
Alexis Boursier as Stephen
Daniel K. Isaac as Derek
Damian Lewis as Sturgess
Raymond Lee as Alexander
Ivan Martin as Xavier
Dan Soder as Drake
Noah Gray-Cabey as Gabriel*
Robin Dunne as Tim*
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson as Archer*
David O'Donnell as Zachary
Joel McHale as Bobby
Amelia Rose Blaire as Mona
Liisa Evastina as Alicia
Dan Byrd as Kent
Ned Vaughn as Porter
Marian Mitas as Reed
Radick Cembrzynski as Louis

PH Levels is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan begins to help Johnny and Melanie just as they begin to get ambushed by a new threat; Jeremy, Megan, and the other prisoners begins to realize that there's several members of the USS Survivor that are planning on defecting, and takes up the opportunity as a chance to have themselves an army of their own; Marshall and Treyson begins to build an army within the low moraled Shuttle Lane Convoy; Billy begins to worry about his and the others' safety just as Mitchell and several others arrives just as they remain unaware of their declaration of war against the USS Survivor.


Nathan looks as Johnny and Melanie begins to grab him from the beach just as an arrow is shot into one of the armed survivor's chest. "Ambush!!!" Zachary yells for the others just as he gets into cover. "Everyone, get ready to shoot at the hostiles." Johnny says to the others just as an arrow shoots into Johnny's hip. "Johnny!!!" Melanie yells for Johnny. Melanie pulls Johnny into cover just as Johnny's gun lands in front of Nathan. Nathan cautiously picks up the gun. Nathan runs into the cover, and Melanie looks at Nathan in shock. "Why are you helping us?" Melanie asks Nathan. "You and the others aren't too far gone. Your boss is." Nathan answers to Melanie. "Everyone, we're going to have to....." Melanie says to the others just as Johnny appears to be zombified, and bites Melanie in the shoulder. Nathan stabs the zombified Johnny in the head, and begins to aim at the dying Melanie. "I'm sorry for having to be your enemy." Nathan says to Melanie just before killing her out of mercy. "What will our mission be, since you're in command despite being our prisoner?" Bobby asks Nathan. "Leave the USS Survivor." Nathan answers to Bobby just as he charges at the enemies, who begin to retreat. "We have several others back at the ship that wants to defect." Zachary says to Nathan just before stabbing the wounded survivor in the head.

Bernard walks towards the cell door just as Hermoine pulls him aside. "Should we continue to treat the prisoners like shit?" Hermoine asks Bernard. "I don't want to." Bernard answers to Hermoine. "I've sucked up to the boss long enough. We're going to free the prisoners, and we're getting the hell out of here." Tara says to the two. Jeremy, Megan, and the others gets up from their beds, and walks towards the cell's door. "You should do it quickly." Jeremy says to the three.

Nathan, Zachary, Bobby, and the others begins to walk through the forest just as they come across a man riding a horse. "We're at war. You all better go back to the USS of you aren't a part of the USS Survivor." Calvin says to the others. "I've convinced these people to defect. I'm Nathan DeVries. The living legend." Nathan says to Calvin. Calvin gets off from his horse, and begins to bow down to Nathan. "My boss is going to shit himself once he meets you." Calvin says to Nathan just as Dominic and Cyrus appears behind Calvin. "Where's the others?" Nathan asks the two. "We're all planning on moving into the Eden Colony." Dominic answers to Nathan. "The Eden the rumors are true." Nathan says to himself.

Billy sits on a bench near the docks. "Billy, what should we do if Mitchell and the others arrives?" Kent asks Billy. "We'll need to be chill about it." Billy answers to Kent just as they spot several boats coming towards the docks. Mitchell exits from one of the boats, and walks towards Billy. "Where's your boss at?" Mitchell asks Billy. "He's travelling with several others to look for supplies." Billy answers to Mitchell just as someone attempts to shoot Mitchell, but Jason tackles down the survivor. "You're going to die, asshole!!!" Porter yells at Billy. "Porter, stand down." Billy says to Porter. "Why? We've already declared that we're going to war with the USS Survivor." Porter says to Billy. Mitchell begins to stare at Billy in anger. "You didn't have the guts to admit that we're no longer going to take your supplies and we're enemies now. I'll fix that for you." Mitchell says to Billy just before slicing his stomach open, and dumping his corpse into the water. "Kill the man that attempted to kill your husband." Mitchell says to Greta. Greta pulls out her rifle, and shoots Porter in the head. "Let's go." Mitchell says to the others. "Lindstrom, Percy, Mason, Jackson, Rollins, and Hogan; you four better stay here with me." Mona says to the others.

Mona and the others looks as James, AJ, and Nathan III begins to arrive on a boat. AJ and Nathan III begins to aim at Mona and the others just as James spots Kent being held at gunpoint next to Porter's corpse. "Mitchell disemboweled Billy, and threw his body into the water. Some of those mysterious creatures from the water grabbed their bait, and they're close to here, asshole." Mona says to James just as she gets shot in the head by AJ. Nathan III proceeds to gun down the others. "We're going to need to pack things up, and evacuate from here." AJ says to Kent just as several other USS Survivor members begins to arrive out of the armory. "Don't try anything stupid." Alicia says to the others. A boat begins to arrive just as AJ gets shot in the head by Alicia. "Open fire!!!" Alicia yells for others just as James shoots Alicia in the head just as he gets shot in the chest. "James!!!" Nathan III yells for James just as the survivors from the boat begin to shoot at the other armed USS Survivor members. "That was close." Reed says to the others. "To be honest, we know nothing about those survivors, but we've decided to help out. I'm Nicholas McLaughlin, and I'm a part of the Eden Colony." Nicholas says to the two. "We've came back from there. We're planning on moving in." Nathan III says to Nicholas. James appears to be pale. "James! You can't die here!!!" Nathan III yells for James.

Marshall begins to walk out of his house alongside Treyson just as a guard walks towards him. "We need to start an army, boss. We're turning ourselves into a bunch of fucking pussies." Louis says to Marshall. "Don't worry. Treyson will do that for me." Marshall says to Louis. "Thank you, Marshall." Louis says to Marshall just before walking back to the guard tower. "Treyson, round up all of the available healthy men and women to the town center. We're forming an army." Marshall says to Treyson. "Are you sure about this?" Treyson asks Marshall. "Yes." Marshall answers to Treyson.

Two survivors begins to enter the basement of the supermarket. "Beth, we're going to continue to form what MacMillian created for us. We're going to overthrow Marshall, but we're doing things down here to have plans for the future of this place." Dexter says to Beth. "I don't know about this. Do we have anyone that's on our side?" Beth asks Dexter. "Yes. I managed to take some of the members in before Marshall exiled the rest." Dexter answers to Beth just as he opens the door to multiple members beginning to place multiple rifles and shotguns into storage boxes. "Where did you get the guns from?" Beth asks Dexter. "I sneaked onto the USS Survivor, and stole some of their guns." Dexter answers to Beth. Several others begins to walk towards the chalk board, and writes their names onto the board. "We're going to keep count of who's with or against us." Dexter says to Beth.

Nathan III appears on the same boat as Nicholas just as several other boats begins to leave the abandoned Atlantic Passage Compound just as a zombified James begins to devour on Alicia's corpse.

Nathan III begins to arrive in Cyrus' house. "I wasn't able to put James down back at the compound. I was too depressed to do it." Nathan III says to Cyrus. "He told me once that he didn't care if once he died that if he was put down or turned." Cyrus says to Nathan III.

Mitchell looks as the cell is empty just as Tara, Hermoine, and Bernard are missing. "Dammit...." Mitchell says to himself just as he finds several corpses. "Torin, Maverick, Sammy, Terrence, and Geno must be avenged." Mitchell says to himself.

Jeremy and the others arrives at the abandoned Atlantic Passage Compound just as a zombified James appears to laying on a door as it appears to be full. Jeremy stabs the zombified James in the head just as a note appears in the pocket. "To whoever arrives here, we abandoned this place, knowing that the USS Survivor is going after us. We're safe at the Eden Colony. This is a message written by Nathan DeVries III. See you once you arrive. bye." Jeremy says to himself just as he reads the note. "Let's get moving." Jeremy says to the others. "Where will we be going?" Bernard asks Jeremy. "The Eden Colony." Jeremy answers to Bernard.

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