TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 71
Season 12, Episode 5
Release Date November 24, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries*
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III*
Jason Scott Lee as Wesley Rogers*
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson*
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Dondre Whitfield as Marshall Meeks
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz*
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt
Peter Eberst as Abraham Walsh
Annie McNamara as Tara Hudson*
Ivo Velon as Bernard O'Neill*
Ilfenesh Hadera as Hermoine Lange*
Matt Jones as Hugo Snyder
Carlos Clemenz as Clyde Snyder
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Piter Marek as Cyrus*
Sophie Auster as Megan*
Aurélien Gaya as Treyson Fluette
Natalie Martinez as Allie Walsh
Amos VanderPoel as Felix Walsh
Reid Scott as Calvin Sandler*
Jason Riddington as Gavin*
Michael McElhatton as Nicholas McLaughlin*
Sam Trammell as Dexter
Alexandra Chando as Beth
David O'Donnell as Zachary*
Joel McHale as Bobby*
Dan Byrd as Kent*

Robin Dunne as Tim*
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson as Archer*
Marian Mitas as Reed*
Radick Cembrzynski as Louis

Hunting The Foe is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Keanu, Hoxton, and the others begins to make an attempt to overthrow Marshall's leadership over the Shuttle Lane Convoy with the help of Dexter and Beth's underground squad, but everything begins to fall apart just as several members of the USS Survivor begins to get themselves involved.


Keanu, Hoxton, Abraham, Allie, Felix, Hugo, and Clyde begins to sneak up to the Shuttle Lane Convoy. "Everyone, we might not survive this, but there's some people on our side. We'll need to take this as a chance to take down the dictator named Marshall Meeks." Keanu says to the others. "I'm on board with your plan, but what will be our next goal to achieve?" Hugo asks Keanu. "We'll just keep surviving. Abraham would take up the leadership while I'll move on, and try to meet up with two of my old friends." Keanu answers to Hugo. "I'd love to take up a leadership role." Abraham says to Keanu.

Marshall begins to walk up to the podium just as Beth, Dexter, and several others begins to protest. "Your leadership will end tonight!!!" Beth yells at Marshall. "You attempted to silence our freedom of speech. This is our moment. Peacefully resign or....." Dexter says to Marshall just as Treyson shoots Dexter in the neck. "Guards, place Treyson under arrest for killing someone during their given right of the freedom of speech." Marshall says to the others. "You tricked me, asshole!!!" Treyson yells at Marshall.

Just before the guards could get to Treyson, Keanu and the others rushes inside, and shoots their guns in the air. "Guards, stand down! I'm the man that's going to be taking over. Marshall Meeks and Treyson Fluette, you're both set to be executed by a person of my choice." Abraham says to the others. Treyson looks as the guards begins to walk away. "You better comply with my orders, guards!!!" Marshall yells at the guards. "You aren't our leader anymore." Louis says to Marshall. Felix begins to walk towards Marshall and Treyson. "You heard my father. Get on the ground, and lay your head down!!!" Felix yells at the two. "Abraham, remember that this could cause some backlash later on." Allie says to Abraham. "Screw it. Keanu! Kill the two men." Abraham says to Keanu. "Please.....don't do it....." Marshall says to Keanu just as Jason and several others from the USS Survivor arrives.

Jason shoots Marshall in the head just as Keanu uses his body as a shield. Hoxton aims his rifle at Jason, and shoots him in the ear just as the others begins to get into cover. "Shit! I surrender!!!" Jason yells at Hoxton. "Keanu, spare Treyson. We'll have these intruders be placed in a prison cell with him." Abraham says to Keanu. "You heard the boss." Beth says to the others just as a zombified Dexter grabs Beth, and bites her in the nose just as Clyde grabs a scythe, and stabs the blade into Dexter and Beth's heads. "We could've....." Allie says to Clyde. "She wasn't going to make it. Cauterization is a risky attempt to avoid the spreading of the infection with a 25% surviving rate of a minor location and 5% of a major location." Abraham says to Allie.

Treyson begins to glare at Keanu's face just as he shuts the cell's door. "You're going to regret living here with me in this cell, fucker." Treyson says to Keanu. "Here's something; I'm leaving here in a few days alongside some others. Have fun making new friends in the cell." Keanu says to Treyson.

5 days goes by just as Keanu, Hoxton, Hugo, and Clyde begins to drive away from the Shuttle Lane Convoy. "Hopefully, Abraham does a good job with leading the convoy." Hugo says to the three. "Where to?" Clyde asks Keanu. "The Eden Colony. We'll need to find a boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get to Paris, which is the colony's location. Jason, the leader of the infiltrators that killed Marshall, told me just before I left. According to one of his father's scouts, one of my two friends is killed, and the other one is missing. Our next goal is to find their new friends in the Eden Colony." Keanu answers to Clyde.

Abraham begins to walk towards to his house just as he looks as Treyson walks towards him. "I'm very glad that you gave me a second chance." Treyson says to Abraham. "I've placed a letter on your table within your house. In the letter is a job that I'm assigning you.

Other Casts


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