TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 76
Season 13, Episode 4
Release Date December 1, 2016
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Cast Guide
Hugh Jackman as Nathan DeVries
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III
Emmett Skilton as Keanu Hendricks
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt
Matt Jones as Hugo Snyder
Carlos Clemenz as Clyde Snyder
Dahlia Salem as Stacy Hornsby
James Ransone as Jacob
Jill Hennessy as Luna Oberson
Callum Keith Rennie as Seth Danes
Christopher Walken as Kelvin Carver
Rosamund Pike as Allie Carver
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
William Fichtner as Richard Wellington
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray
Austin Trace as Johnny Murray
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Gaspard Ulliel as Porter
Jim Carrey as Casey
Stephen Bishop as Clyde Kellogg

Kate Maberly as Hannah
Tyler Hilton as Alan
Kenneth Mitchell as York
Haley Webb as Hilton
John Lehr as Collins
Razaaq Adoti as Raul

Once Bitten is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


The Eden Colony begins to realize that one of their own is the murderer of the mysterious murders going on within the colony; Luna and the remaining members of her gang begins to ambush a small travelling caravan group.


Nathan begins to walk towards his office just as Nathan III begins to walk towards him. "One of the guards has found 7 dead bodies in the center of the colony. The murderer is still on the loose." Nathan III says to Nathan. "Tell the others that I will have an order for all of them to follow." Nathan says to Nathan III.

Luna begins to reload her rifle just as she and her fellow gang members begins to loot a small house just as 5 corpses appears to have been executed. "Should we continue further down the road?" Casey asks Luna. "We'll start heading down there, Casey. Calm down." Luna answers to Casey just as the others exits from the house. "We got everything that is useful for us." Porter says to Luna. "York, Hilton, and Collins, guard us as we move further down the road." Luna says to the three. "Got it." Collins says to Luna.

An older man begins to pull out his sniper rifle from his supply bag. "Since I'm getting old, I'm going to pass down my rifle down to you." Kelvin says to Allie. "Why are you doing this?" Allie asks Kelvin. "We're not simply just traveling. We're going to the rumored Eden Colony. Just in case if we get ambushed, you can defend yourself and possibly the guards." Kelvin answers to Allie. "Hopefully we can meet up with your best friend from high school, who is also rumored to be running the rumored Eden Colony." Samson says to Kelvin. "Shit! Hostiles!!!" Clyde yells for the others. "Give us your supplies or we'll kill you all!!!" Luna yells at the caravan group. "You can kiss my ass before you lay a hand on my supplies, bitch!!!" Allie yells at Luna just as Samson guns down York, Hilton, and Collins as they move up. "Stand down! Now!!!" Kelvin yells at the three. Luna begins to lower her rifle. Casey and Porter looks at Luna in shock. "Do what they said! We're outnumbered now!!!" Luna yells at the two. Casey and Porter begins to place down their guns. "You said that you're going to Eden Colony. We're going there to attack them for ruining a plan of mine. Their members that attacked us....well, were killed by a different hostile group." Luna says to Kelvin just before Allie knocks Luna out with the back end of her shotgun.

Nathan Jr begins to look on the watchtower just as Madden and Florence begins to play tug of war with each other with a large rope. "Nathan Jr, can I come up here with you?" Stacy asks Nathan Jr. "Yes. Knowing that my younger brother died......I think that my father will give up if this place falls again." Nathan Jr answers to Stacy just before he pulls out a cup full of moonshine. "You shouldn't be drinking that stuff!!!" Stacy yells at Nathan Jr. Nathan Jr begins to drink the moonshine without any problem. "You're becoming an alcoholic!!!" Stacy yells at Nathan Jr. Nathan Jr pulls out his pistol, and aims it at Stacy's face. "Say a word about this.......and I'll kill you." Nathan Jr says to Stacy just before Keanu arrives. Nathan Jr aims at Keanu, and shoots him in the chest. Stacy pulls out a knife, and stabs Nathan Jr in the stomach just before Nathan Jr knocks Stacy out with one punch to her face. Nathan Jr begins to flee from the watchtower. Nathan and several others begins to rush up to the watchtower. "Your son.......has turned on us." Keanu says to Nathan before dying. "Keanu!!!" Hoxton yells for Keanu just before crying as he puts him down. "What should we do regarding your son?" Clyde asks Nathan. "We need to capture him, and lock him up." Nathan answers to Clyde. "Fuck that! He needs to pay for killing Keanu and possibly killing Stacy in the process!!!" Hoxton yells at Nathan.

Nathan Jr begins to walk down the stairs just as a masked man pulls out a knife, and attempt to stab him. Nathan Jr pulls out his pistol, and shoots the masked man in the shoulder just before Hoxton and the others rushes down. Hugo holds down the masked man, and takes off his mask, and the person is revealed to be an outsider. "You should've left me to leave here." Raul says to Hugo just before stabbing Hugo in the neck. "Hugo!!!" Clyde yells for Hugo just before shooting Raul in the head. Hugo begins to choke his blood just as Nathan begins to put pressure on the wound. "Where's Hoxton?" Nathan asks Clyde just as Hugo turns pale. Clyde looks at Hugo's corpse in shock. Stacy exits from the building, and volunteers to put Hugo down. "I hope that Hoxton is not going to kill Nathan Jr. Nathan Jr is drunk, and only out of control." Stacy says to the two. "Find them, and make sure that none of them dies." Clyde says to Stacy. Clyde looks as Nathan walks away from the colony.

Nathan Jr begins to look at the main gates just as Hoxton begins to aim at him. "You're not getting away with murder, asshole. I give no fucks on you being the next person in line of leading this place. You kill, you die. I'm going to avenge Keanu!!!" Hoxton yells at Nathan Jr. "I.....never meant to kill him. I'm.....messed up right now. Too drunk to know when to stop doing a bad thing." Nathan Jr says to Hoxton. "Run away from here, and I'll end you!!!" Hoxton yells at Nathan Jr. Stacy begins to arrive, and aims at Hoxton. "He made a mistake. It's not like you've never made a mistake. We all do. If he wants to leave, let him. Keanu was at the wrong place at the wrong time." Stacy says to Hoxton just before Nathan Jr begins to flee from the Eden Colony. Hoxton begins to holster his gun, and begins to cry on Stacy's shoulder.

Nathan Jr begins to arrive at a small town just as an armed man begins to walk towards him. "State your name and your business here." Richard says to Nathan Jr. "I'm Nathan DeVries Jr, and I'm in trouble." Nathan Jr says to Richard just as zombies begins to arrive on the street. "Follow me to the Harrison Apartment Community!!!" Richard yells at Nathan Jr just as they begin to flee from the zombies. Nathan Jr kicks Richard in the chest just as he steals his rifle. Richard begins to pull out his revolver, and shoots at Nathan Jr just before he continues to run away from the zombies.

Two siblings begins to walk through the forest. "Johnny, please follow me." Dana says to Johnny. "Why?" Johnny asks Dana. "I'm the older sibling." Dana answers to Johnny just as Nathan Jr begins to arrive, and hold the two at gunpoint. "Give me your supplies or die, you fucker!!!" Nathan Jr yells at the two.

Nathan begins to look at the docks just as Seth appears behind him, and aims at him. "Look down at the water, and pray that one of the mysterious creatures eats your corpse before you turn." Seth says to Nathan just before Nathan gets shot in the back, and gets tosses into the water.

Nathan Jr begins to scream at the two just before Nathan III arrives, and aims at Nathan Jr's head. "Kill me! I ordered Raul to do the killings!!!" Nathan Jr yells at Nathan III just before Nathan III executes Nathan Jr. "You two better come with me." Nathan III says to the two.

Nathan looks up at the sky just before the vision disappears as Seth shoots Nathan in the head as he floats in the water.

Other Casts

  • Robert Daniel Sloan as Tim
  • Dartanian Sloan as Tom
  • Leo Gregory as Cliff
  • Gregg Sulkin as Jasper
  • Taylor Kinney as Hughes
  • Unknown as Madden (Special Cast)
  • Unknown as Florence (Special Cast)


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