TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 78
Season 13, Episode 6
Release Date December 5, 2016
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Cast Guide
Miles Heizer as Nathan DeVries III*
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt
Carlos Clemenz as Clyde Snyder
Dahlia Salem as Stacy Hornsby
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson
Peter Eberst as Abraham Walsh
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz
Callum Keith Rennie as Seth Danes
Christopher Walken as Kelvin Carver*
Rosamund Pike as Allie Carver*
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover*
William Fichtner as Richard Wellington
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray*
Austin Trace as Johnny Murray*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Natalie Martinez as Allie Walsh
Amos VanderPoel as Felix Walsh
Aurélien Gaya as Treyson Fluette
Richard Brake as Douglas
Jana Kramer as Karina
Kris Wu as Kyle
Alphonso Austin as Rivera Jackson

Ben Daniels as Trent
Amy Acker as Lindsey

War On The Waters is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Clyde and the others begins to battle Seth and the others in the Atlantic Ocean; Hoxton and Stacy deals with trouble in the forest; Richard struggles with a devastating discovery.


Clyde and the others begins to pull out some torpedoes from the supply crates. "Everyone, get ready. Shoot the torpedoes down at 5 o'clock!!!" Clyde yells for the others just as Karina sits in her bed. "Why can't we just make an agreement instead of fighting?" Karina asks Clyde. "Your leader killed ours in cold blood." Clyde answers to Karina. Karina looks at Clyde in shock. "He must've lied to all of the others, including myself." Karina says to Clyde.

Richard begins to run through the abandoned city just as he begins to toss flares back towards the zombies just as several alarms begins to go off. "Oh fuck. Not the community." Richard says to himself just before he hears screams from afar. Richard gets grabbed by a zombie just as several zombies begins to come towards him. Richard pulls out his revolver, and shoots the zombie in the head before shooting the nearby zombies.

Hoxton and Stacy walks through the forest. "Hopefully, Clyde and the others return home safely." Stacy says to Hoxton. "I made Jacob a promise that if he died out there, that you and me would care for his twin sons." Hoxton says to Stacy. Stacy holds Hoxton's left hand just before an armed survivor begins to arrive, and aims at the two. "Time to lower your weapon. Now!!!" Lindsey yells at the two. "You're outnumbered, bitch." Stacy says to Lindsey just as 25 others exits from hiding in the nearby bushes. "What do you think now, Stacy?" Lindsey asks Stacy. Stacy and Hoxton looks at each other in shock just before they stand back to back just as they pull out their rifles. "We're not your enemy. We just.....want to meet back up with the others." Ashton says to the two just as he takes off his mask. "You're alive?" Stacy asks Ashton. "Gavin and the others were killed out there, and I managed to survive by getting rescued by these people." Ashton answers to Stacy. A man exits from the forest alongside his wife and son, and the man is revealed to be Abraham. "Where's Clyde, Hugo, and Keanu?" Abraham asks Hoxton. "Clyde is on a mission, and Hugo and Keanu were killed." Hoxton answers to Abraham. "Maybe we should just....." Allie says to the others just before getting shot in the head. "Mother!!!" Felix yells for Allie just before Abraham gets stabbed in the chest by Treyson. "I fucking killed you, asshole." Treyson says to Abraham just before shooting Felix in the neck. Treyson begins to run away just as Mitchell, Jason, and several others begins to appear as they shoot at the survivors. Ashton begins to flee with Hoxton and Stacy.

Seth and the others looks inside of the submarine just before the entire submarine begins to leak water inside just as several mysterious creatures begins to attack the survivors. "Everyone! Get the hell out of....." Douglas says to the others just as he gets stabbed in the neck by a mysterious creature's spear. Seth begins to flee into a room, and locks the door just as the area around the room begins to flood in the ocean. Seth begins to look in horror just before the glass breaks. "I give myself mercy." Seth says to himself just before he shoots himself in the head.

Clyde and the others begins to celebrate just before the mysterious creatures begins to attack their submarine. "Everyone. Let's get the hell out of here." Clyde says to the others just as the submarine breaks apart. Clyde grabs Karina, and the two begins to swim away just as the others gets killed by the mysterious creatures. The two swims to the surface of the water, and looks as there's 15 burning ships on the ocean just as lots of screams are heard.

Richard enters his community just as his fellow survivors appear to be handcuffed. Richard looks at the door just as several armed survivors begins to aim at him.

Hoxton, Stacy, and Ashton comes across a young man. "Hello. My name is Rivera Jackson, and I'm the scout for my community called the 10 Miles Hotel Community." Rivera says to the three Hoxton punches Rivera in the face. "Shut up, and we'll talk later." Hoxton says to Rivera just as he begins to carry him. Ashton looks behind himself just as a Felix begins to devour on Lindsey's corpse.

Richard looks behind himself just as Mitchell, Jason, and Treyson appears. "You're fucking with the USS Survivor, asshole. Once roamed the ocean. Now, we plague the lands of Earth." Jason says to Richard. "That's my son, Jason. The other man is my right-hand man, Treyson." Mitchell says to Richard.

16 years later. The man continues to walk just as he pulls out a notebook just as he takes off the mask. The man closes the notebook. "I must find Nathan III. 16 years went by, and we're all fucked." Kyle says to himself.

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