TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 8
Season 2, Episode 2
Release Date August 26, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries*
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr
Peter Mensah as Robert Miller
Kelly Carlson as Delta Sherman*
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas*
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Assaad Bouab as Jesse Churchill
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper
Rebecca Marshall as Olivia Johnston
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver*
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart*
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Amelia
Hayden Christensen as Wallace Newton
Liam McIntyre as Curtis Denver
Sergej Onopko as Jared Doolin*
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill
Joel Edgerton as Joel*
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins*
Eddie Murphy as Dirk*
Manu Bennett as Sean Carson*
Viva Bianca as Rosita Denver
Peyton List as Samantha Denver
Spencer List as Billy Denver
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville*
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart*
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally*
Chris Pratt as Duncan*
Ty Olsson as Rex Wanston
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman*
Erik Valdez as Porter Wiles*
Mark Dobies as Saul Ross*
Daniel Zovatto as Spinelli Ross*

Oded Fehr as Axel Terrence
Donald Glover as TJ Boyd
Junior Laniyan as Evan Dodge
Katrina Law as Angela
Sarah Smyth as Lydia Ashford
Morse Bicknell as Glenn Ashford
Dylan Kenin as Timothy Rogers
John Leguizamo as Connor
Ruby Rose as Wendy
Evan Ross as Sterling Ryan
Stephen Lang as Tucker Ford
Amanda Schull as Lia Cutter
Chris Pine as Barnes Richards
Jane Levy as Angela Ellis
Tommy Bastow as Ben Ellis

Guardian Angel is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Olivia makes a deadly choice; After he recovers, Nathan begins to investigate the Denver Family after finding a bruise mark on Samantha's neck; Wallace, Rex, and Robert's supply run turns deadly as two of them are gruesomely killed; Jesse and Daniel's friendship turns for the worse after they begin to have their opinions differ about the determining fate of a young looter they caught trying to steal from their supply truck as Finch, Phoenix, Bethany, Ryan, Clancy, and a few others travels to the city of Grand Marais; Nathan Jr and Connor begins to get into a brawl on one of the prominent watchtowers outside of the Davidson Colony.


"Put the gun down!!!" Amelia yells at Olivia. "Why? So you'll kill me instead? I don't think so." Olivia says to Amelia before shooting her in the head. "Liar! Franklin sent you to spy on us!!!" Nathan yells at Olivia. Olivia attempts to shoot Nathan, but he pushes Olivia off from the roof. Timothy and several others arrive. "Surrender or die!!!" Timothy yells at Nathan. Nathan looks at Amelia's corpse in horror. Several killers brings Olivia to a medical truck just before Nathan shoots Timothy in his chest. Nathan climbs down a ladder, and guns down 5 other killers just as he fires his rifle at the truck as it drives away. "You're be dead, asshole." Timothy says to Nathan before Nathan shoots him in the head. "Shut up." Nathan says to Timothy.

Nathan Jr reloads his sniper rifle as he stands in one of the Davidson Colony's outside watchtowers just as Connor appears behind him. "Hello, Nathan Jr." Connor says to Nathan Jr as he aims his revolver at Nathan Jr's head. "Get the hell out of here, and move along. Plus, how do you know me?" Nathan Jr asks Connor. "I have some buddies of mine busy holding your mother and brother at gunpoint as we killed Newt and have Mason and Cornelius as POWs at our base." Connor answers to Nathan Jr. Nathan Jr hits the revolver out of Connor's hands, but Connor kicks Nathan Jr down to the watchtower's floor, and throws the rifle into the nearby bushes. "You're going die like what Timothy, Olivia, and several others are doing with your father right now." Connor says to Nathan Jr before Nathan Jr pushes Connor out of the watchtower's window. Nathan Jr looks as Connor's head explodes as he connects with the pavement from the road.

2 weeks goes by. Daniel and Jesse begins to set up some sandbags as cover for just in case if they go to war with The Killers. "Jesse, get the grenades from the back of the truck." Daniel says to Jesse. Jesse walks to the back of the truck, and looks as a young man is seen looting their supplies as he has headphones on. "Hands up now!!!" Jesse yells at Leon. "I didn't see you at all. I'm looking for weapons to defend my community. Some bandits for a militant group called The Killers has taken over a property of ours." Leon says to Jesse. "You loot! You die!!!" Jesse yells at Leon. "Calm down. He made a mistake. You need to calm down, and talk this over." Daniel says to Jesse. "He's a threat, not The Killers." Jesse says to Daniel before Nathan arrives. "Calm down, Jesse. He needs the weapons more than us. We can ally with him." Nathan says to Jesse before Jesse shoots Nathan in his shoulder. Daniel tackles Jesse just as he begins to aim at Leon. Daniel begins to punch Jesse in the face several times. "Calm down or I'll be forced to kill you!!!" Daniel yells at Jesse. Jesse stabs Daniel in the stomach, and proceeds to stand up, and hold Leon at gunpoint until Nathan shoots Jesse in the head. "Daniel, once someone attacks me like that, they're a threat." Nathan says to Daniel. Daniel helps Nathan up just as Bethany arrives. "Jesse!!!" Bethany yells for Jesse before crying on his corpse. "Leon, let's go." Daniel says to Leon. Bethany looks at Nathan in anger before noticing that Nathan was shot by Jesse. "Did you kill him because he almost killed you?" Bethany asks Nathan. "Yes. I didn't want to kill him. I was planning on having him do some gardening works at our secondary shelter at the abandoned high school." Nathan answers to Bethany. "Alice and Cory has been captured by The Killers alongside Mason and Cornelius with Newt being killed. One of The Killers almost killed Nathan Jr on one of the outside watchtowers, since the other 3 guards was murdered at the bottom of the watchtower." Gabe says to Nathan.

Finch, Pheonix, Bethany, Clancy, and several others begins to travel through the forest just as they come across the city of Grand Marais. "Hopefully, we find some good amount of supplies here." Finch says to the others. "We will." Clancy says to Finch.

Wendy checks up on Olivia. "Are you alright?" Wendy asks Olivia. "Nathan, the leader of the Davidson Colony, doesn't want to kill Franklin, but instead, he wants Franklin to be captured, and for him to reunite with Daniel and Jesse to make the world better." Olivia says to Wendy. "We aren't allowing Franklin to go back to his old friends." Wendy says to Olivia. "We will give him to them if we lose most of our members." Olivia says to Wendy as she begins to choke Wendy. "Why are you supporting Nathan instead of Franklin?" Wendy asks Olivia. "Being around Nathan, I felt in love with him, even though he has a wife and two sons." Olivia answers to Wendy. Franklin arrives. "You don't need to do another undercover job again, since you nearly died." Franklin says to Olivia. Olivia grabs Franklin's wrist. "If we go into war with the communities, please don't kill Nathan or his sons. I have feelings for him." Olivia says to Franklin.

Nathan arrives at Delta's Compound. "York, can you have some of your soldiers travel to the South Range Colony to let them know that I have their leader safe at my colony." Nathan says to York. "Got it, sir." York says to Nathan. "Benjamin, Brent, Hess, and Salazar; Go to the South Range Colony, and tell them that their leader is safe, and being protected by Nathan DeVries. Stay with them until the leader returns." York says to the others before they begin to leave. Nathan looks as Samantha and Billy are laughing as Nathan notices that Samantha has a bruise on her neck. Rosita walks towards Nathan. "Welcome to Delta's Compound, which most of us calls it The Compound." Rosita says to Nathan. "Why does your daughter has bruises around her neck?" Nathan asks Rosita. "It's just dirt." Rosita answers to Nathan. Nathan looks as Curtis walks towards him. "Hello. I'm Curtis Denver, and you must be the leader of the Davidson Colony." Curtis says to Nathan. Nathan smiles at Curtis. "What was your job before the apocalypse?" Nathan asks Curtis. "I was a bouncer from a club until me and Rosita got married. She was a news reporter from NYC. I was from LA. We moved to Marquette, and had our kids grow up here. I started to work as a doctor. I'm one of The Compound's only professional doctors." Curtis answers to Nathan. "I used to be a zoologist, and I was born and grown up in Muskegon. I have 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. I became estranged from my father, and I lived with my mother until I went to a four-year college. After that, I moved up to here in Marquette, and had my family started here. Me and several others built the Davidson Colony during the start of the apocalypse, and many military personal helped guard us until they were told by their bosses to go to DC. Two of them stayed, but I recently had to kill one of them out of defense of myself." Nathan says to Curtis before walking away.

Nathan begins to stay in a hotel room just as he pulls out a laptop. Nathan begins to research child abuse, and as he looks up Curtis, he realizes that Curtis was the man who attacked Nathan Jr and Cory 6 weeks before the apocalypse began. "That fucker is going to pay. I know that he's hurting Samantha and maybe Billy. I need to tell Delta that Curtis needs to be gone from The Compound." Nathan says to himself. "Count me in." Amber says to Nathan. "Who are you?" Nathan asks Amber. "I'm Amber, and I'm the first person to accuse Curtis of abusing his children. Curtis abuses Samantha now; Physical, emotionally, and sexually." Amber says to Nathan. "Let's take him down." Nathan says to Amber.

Wallace, Rex, and Robert enters the overran city of Munising. "Stick close, and let's get this done quickly." Robert says to the others before a zombie grabs him, and bites him in his neck, and rips out his jugular. "Oh shit! Run!!!" Wallace yells for Rex. Rex jumps out a wired fence just as Wallace begins to attempt to climb as multiple zombies throws him down, and begins to devour him. Rex looks on in horror as he sees two zombies pulling, and eating on Wallace's stomach as the stomach acid begins to spill onto themselves. Rex begins to puke just before fleeing into a nearby house, and locks himself inside of the house before checking out the house.

Lydia and Glenn sits in their house. "When is my brother returning?" Glenn asks Lydia. "I don't know." Lydia answers to Glenn.

Axel begins to walk away from the Davidson Colony as TJ and Evan begins to guard one of the outside watchtowers.

Other Casts


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