TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 80
Season 14, Episode 2
Release Date December 12, 2016
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Cast Guide
Karl Thaning as Nathan DeVries III
Piers Stubbs as Nathan DeVries IV
Xavier Horan as Hoxton Pruitt
Carlos Clemenz as Clyde Snyder
Dahlia Salem as Stacy Hornsby
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz*
Rosamund Pike as Allie Carver
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
William Fichtner as Richard Wellington*
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray
Austin Trace as Johnny Murray
Ruta Gedmintas as Kelly*
Guy Pearce as Vlad Simons
Hunter Burke as Prescott Blake
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Mermaids In Real Life Aren't Like The Ones In Movies is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Johnny begins to deal with a zombified Kelvin; Samson confronts Prescott on why he was shot; Clyde and the others begins to enter a deadly war with the mysterious creatures known as mermaids; Vlad and Viktor begins to engage in a devastating act of terror.


Johnny looks as the zombified Kelvin grabs Johnny's arm, and attempts to bite him. Johnny pushes Kelvin away from him just as the zombified Kelvin bites Johnny in his arm. Johnny grabs the nearby baseball bat, and begins to bash in the zombified Kelvin's head. Johnny begins to look at Dana in shock just as he falls onto the floor as he leans on the wall. "Johnny! I'm going to get a doctor." Dana says to Johnny. Johnny holds onto his arm in shock. Johnny begins to look as a person in a devil outfit appears to show the face of Karina. Johnny blinks his eyes, and the person disappears. Johnny closes his eyes just before Dana wakes him up, and holds onto his arm. "Cut it now!!!" Dana yells at Ashton just as Ashton cuts off Johnny's arm.

Samson begins to sit in the infirmary alongside Prescott, who is handcuffed to the bed. "You know who is leading the New World Soviet Union. You and several others executed some old members of my caravan crew." Samson says to Prescott. "I was different then. Now, I want to redeem myself." Prescott says to Samson. Samson pulls out his pistol. "You killed some of my friends!!!" Samson yells at Prescott just before Ashton and Dana carries Johnny, who has his right arm amputated. "What the hell happened to him?" Samson asks Ashton. "Kelvin turned, and attacked him." Ashton answers to Samson.

Prescott begins to have a flashback of himself as he's tied to a chair just as a man begins to whisper into his ear. "You're with me, enemigo?" Viktor asks Prescott. Prescott attempts to speak, but is too bruised to talk. "You don't need to speak anymore. You're a little bitch with a dead wife and child." Viktor says to Prescott. Prescott begins to look at Viktor in shock just before he looks at his dead wife and daughter. Prescott begins to cry just as Vlad begins to walk towards him, and grabs his head. "You're my soldier now. You'll die only for me." Vlad says to Prescott. Prescott reluctantly accepts Vlad's orders.

Vlad begins to smoke a cigar just as he and Viktor begins to pull out their rifles just as they begins to walk towards a small house, and the two guns down the family within the house. Vlad looks as the mother appears to be the sole survivor as her dead husband and her two daughters and her son lays in their pool of blood. Vlad begins to beat the mother to death with his fists. Viktor looks at the massacre in shock and sadness. "I never wanted to do this kind of shit again, Vlad. Not after Prescott." Viktor says to Vlad. "You better burn up the house. Capitalist......they interfere in our way of life." Vlad says to himself just as he spits on the bodies. Viktor looks at the corpse of the mother as she appears to be reanimating. Viktor stabs the mother in the head.

Hoxton, Clyde, Stacy, Rivera, and Karina begins to enter the ocean with their guns. "Everyone, keep close to each other." Hoxton says to the others. Clyde begins to swim towards a small supply box just as a mermaid grabs him, and attempts to attack him. Hoxton shoots the mermaid in the head. "Shit, I'm in trouble!!!" Stacy yells for the others just as a mermaid bites her in the shoulder. Karina grabs Stacy, and begins to swim her towards the shore. "Hoxton, guard them." Rivera says to Hoxton. Clyde begins to shoot at the mermaids just as a pike impales into Hoxton's left leg. A mermaid begins to pull him down towards the bottom of the ocean. "Hoxton!!!" Karina yells for Hoxton. Hoxton begins to turn blue just as he drowns. Clyde shoots Hoxton in the head. "Let's get out of here. Too many for us." Clyde says to Rivera. The two exits from the water just as Karina appears next to Stacy, who has passed out. "What the hell?" Clyde asks Karina just before he gets shot in the head by Karina. "No!!!" Rivera yells at Karina just before he gets shot in the shoulder. Rivera falls into the water, but begins to swim away from Karina and Stacy. Karina begins to place her hands onto Stacy's face, and begins to kiss Stacy on the lips as she's passed out. "I love you, Stacy. You might not love me, but you're the one for me, and I believe it." Karina says to Stacy. Stacy wakes up to Karina kisses her. Stacy pushes Karina off from her just before spotting Clyde's corpse with a bullet hole to the head. Karina pulls out her pistol, and aims at Stacy. "I didn't want it to end like that." Karina says to Stacy. "Please don't kill me. I'll do anything you want." Stacy says to Karina. "Be my love." Karina says to Stacy just before Stacy pulls out her knife, and stabs Karina in the stomach. Karina begins to cough on her blood. "Don't leave me here to die!!!" Karina yells at Stacy just as she begins to cry in pain.

Johnny begins to looks as Allie enters the infirmary. "How did my father die?" Allie asks Johnny. "He instantly reanimated within a second of his death, almost like he turned while alive. As you can see, he bit me." Johnny answers to Allie. Allie begins to walk out of the infirmary just as Dana walks towards his bed. "Dana, I have a bad feeling that Karina is secretly against us." Johnny says to Dana.

Karina begins to crawl towards a bag of medical supplies just as a man steps onto her hand. "I saw that you killed one of my father's friends." Nathan IV says to Karina. Karina trips Nathan IV, and she pulls out his knife, and holds it to his neck. "You need to shut the fuck up, asshole. You're going to follow my authority." Karina says to Nathan IV. "You'll regret it, lady." Nathan IV says to Karina. "No. She won't, Nathan IV." Mitchell says to Nathan IV just as he arrives. "Fuck me, mate." Nathan IV says to himself just before Karina punches him in the face.

Nathan IV appears to be sitting in a prison cell just as Karina appears to be at the door. "It's good to see that you're awake. I'm sure that you'll be sucking on some dude's dick while you're in prison." Karina says to Nathan IV. Nathan IV looks at Karina in hatred. "Shut up, bitch." Nathan IV says to Karina.

Nathan III begins to sit in his office just as Darren runs into the office. "One of the scout has spotted members of the USS Survivor taking your son as prisoner alongside Stacy." Darren says to Nathan III. "Shit!!!" Nathan III yells at himself.

Nathan IV begins to sit in the cafeteria of the prison complex just before Stacy appears. "Let's try to stick together." Stacy says to Nathan IV.

Rivera appears to be beaten as he's tied to a chair. Vlad begins to walk towards him. "You ain't going to guilt me into working for you, asshole. You've terrorized my community. Spare me, and allow me to return to my group." Rivera says to Vlad. "Your community is dead. you have no home. The Eden Colony will fall soon enough. You might as well embrace the returning communism." Vlad says to Rivera. "Fuck communist....piece of shit." Rivera says to Vlad just before Vlad stabs a knife into Rivera's leg. Rivera begins to scream in pain.

Dana begins to walk toward the colony's church, and begins to cry. Ashton begins to walk towards Dana, and the two begins to hug each other.

Johnny begins to sleep in his bed just as Prescott appears to be freed from his handcuffs by Nathan III. "As long as you serve me, you're a free man, Prescott." Nathan III says to Prescott. "Do you need me to do anything for you?" Prescott asks Nathan III. "Find the prison complex where my son and Stacy are held as prisoners. Kill all of the guards, and mainly focus on saving Stacy and Nathan IV. If you can, free the other prisoners, and have them work for me." Nathan III answers to Prescott. "I know the exact place where you're talking about." Prescott says to Nathan III.


  • Kelvin Carver (Zombified)
  • Hoxton Pruitt
  • Clyde Snyder
  • Prescott's unnamed wife (Confirmed Fate)
  • Prescott's unnamed daughter (Confirmed Fate)
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed daughters
  • Unnamed son
  • Unnamed mother (Alive and Zombified)

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