TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 81
Season 14, Episode 3
Release Date December 13, 2016
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Cast Guide
Karl Thaning as Nathan DeVries III
Piers Stubbs as Nathan DeVries IV
Dahlia Salem as Stacy Hornsby
Jana Kramer as Karina
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson
Michael McElhatton as Nicholas McLaughlin
Mikael Buxton as Mitchell Diaz
Roman Blomme as Jason Diaz
Rosamund Pike as Allie Carver
Aurélien Gaya as Treyson Fluette
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
William Fichtner as Richard Wellington
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray
Austin Trace as Johnny Murray
Ruta Gedmintas as Kelly
Guy Pearce as Vlad Simons
Hunter Burke as Prescott Blake
Alphonso Austin as Rivera Jackson
Ewen Bremner as Jeffrey Higgins
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Kris Wu as Kyle
Laith Nakli as Raul Kingsley*
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Leevi Hudson*
Christian Knight as Viktor
Matt Rudduck as Jeremiah Summers

Abraham Lim as Darren
Paul Winchester as Bubba

Arrival To The Eden Colony is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Allie, Samson, Prescott, Johnny and Dana begins to head to a rumored community called the 10 Miles Hotel Community; Rivera begins to struggle in the forest; Nicholas and Kyle gets into a deadly gunfight with Treyson and several other members of the USS Survivor, who gets a deadly surprise of their own; Nathan IV and Stacy struggles to survive in the prison complex known as the Summers Family Prison Complex just as they both get caught up with a personal enemy of their own; Richard begins to set up a post-apocalypse underground tunnel for his fellow members to freedom; Ashton deals with an enemy group while on a supply run for medical supplies in Poland.


Allie, Samson, Prescott, and Dana begins to drive an RV to the 10 Miles Hotel Community just as Johnny lays in the bed as he appears to be sweaty. "Jeffrey is going to be worried about your condition, Johnny." Dana says to Johnny. "Pull the RV over. I know that the infection will kill me. Tie me to the base of a tree, and put me down." Johnny says to Dana. "I can't allow you to die without any efforts of trying to survive." Dana says to Johnny just as Allie enters the room. "He's too far gone. I've seen this happen. His organ systems are shutting down. Soon, his heart will stop, and he will die." Allie says to Dana. Dana begins to cry on Allie's shoulder just as Prescott and Samson stops the RV, and walks into the room. "I'll kill him out of mercy." Prescott says to Dana. Johnny appears to have lost the ability to think as blood rushes down his face. "I give you mercy." Prescott says to Johnny just as he pulls out a nail and a hammer, and hits the nail into Johnny's head, preventing him from turning after death. Dana begins to cry, and hugs Johnny's corpse. "How much farther is the 10 Miles Hotel Community?" Samson asks Dana. "An hour away." Dana answers to Samson.

Rivera begins to look at Vlad, Viktor, and several others begins to shoot at him. "Screw him. He'll die from any type of wildlife with the mutations." Vlad says to the others. "Let's move on back to base." Viktor says to the others.

Nicholas and Kyle begins to walk towards the main gate just as the other survivors begins to have a parade. "Hopefully, we can find a cure to have humanity go back to what it was a long time ago." Nicholas says to Kyle. "It's crazy that almost no one from the start of the apocalypse are still alive. If Nathan was still alive, he'd be the oldest person on Earth." Kyle says to Nicholas just as he gets shot in the head with a fire arrow. "Hostiles!!!" Nicholas yells for the others.

Nathan III looks down from his window just as fire arrows begins to get shot in the air towards the colony. "Everyone, proceed to gather up some of the water to prevent the destruction of the fire arrows!!!" Nathan III yells for the others via communications.

Mitchell and Jason sits on their horses just as they watch the battle unfold.

Treyson begins to shoot at Nicholas, but misses. "Shit." Treyson says to himself. "Everyone, barge into the fucking colony! Once you get in, kill them all!!!" Treyson yells at the others just as he gets stabbed in the stomach by Viktor. "You're breaking our alliance." Treyson says to Viktor. "You capitalists are in our path to dominance, fucker." Viktor says to Treyson just before he decapitates Treyson.

Mitchell and Jason begins to look just as Vlad and several others begins to gun down several members of the USS Survivor. "Vlad! Why are you....." Jason says to Vlad just before Vlad throws a throwing axe into his face. "You killed my son!!!" Mitchell yells at Vlad. Vlad shoot Mitchell in the neck. "Everyone, we'll find his base, and have all of his prisoners as a part of the wall we're building across Europe." Vlad says to the others. Mitchell lays on the ground as he chokes on his blood as he holds his hand on the wound. Nathan III and several others begins to arrive, and aims at Mitchell. "I'm...not your biggest enemy. The New World Soviet Union is. Even worse. The New Formation Cult is growing across the Americas, and they're like the Nazis back in the 1930s and 1940s. They'll destroy the entire ecosystem of Earth. Turning everything into a stronghold of their own. Everyone" Mitchell says to Nathan III just before Nathan III shoots Mitchell in the head. "One enemy down, two more to go." Nathan III says to the others.

Richard begins to dig up a hole in the mines just as the others. "We need to hurry. We will all get the hell out of here. We flee to Russia, and we will hold up in an old mansion where I have some friends." Richard says to the others just before he finds a madeshift underground tunnel. "This is the path that we follow to freedom." Richard says to the others just before they begin to follow the path.

Dana sits in a church alongside Allie, who holds her hand on her shoulder. Dana continues to cry during the funeral of Johnny.

Samson and Prescott sits in Jeffrey's office just as a man with a laser rifle walks in. "Hello. I'm Jeffrey Higgins. I'm glad that you kept Johnny alive as long as you could've, even though he died in your care. He was born at the same time where bandits came in, and murdered his parents. I adopted him and his sister, Dana. Rivera, one of my other adoptive children, went missing a long time ago. Have you both seen him?" Jeffrey asks the two. "Yes. He's at the Eden Colony." Samson answers to Jeffrey. "Good. There's a huge threat that'll come rushing into here. I've been preparing a final ritual for all of our members. All of my adoptive children must not attend it. Once you arrive at the final ritual, you cannot leave." Jeffrey says to the two. "So it's a sacrificial ritual?" Prescott asks Jeffrey. "No." Jeffrey answers to Prescott.

Stacy sits in the bathroom stall just as Karina opens the stall's door. "Hello, bitch. You better be ready for me to...." Karina says to Stacy just before Stacy kicks Karina in the stomach.

Nathan IV begins to wash himself in the shower room just as he drops the soap. As he reaches to grab the soap, he feels someone touching his back. "Hi. My name is Bubba, and you got a pretty mouth. Maybe my hot dog can fit into it." Bubba says to Nathan IV. Nathan IV punches Bubba in the face.

A man sits in his office just as an alarm begins to go off. "Shit." Jeremiah says to himself.

Stacy begins to beat Karina to death with her fist. Stacy grabs Karina's clothing from her supply bag, and begins to change her clothes. Stacy picks up the supply bag, and begins to handcuff Karina's left arm to the stall's door. Stacy begins to jam the door's lock just as she leaves Karina to reanimate.

Bubba begins to grab Nathan IV, and proceeds to choke him just before Stacy arrives, and shoots Bubba in the head. Nathan IV grasps for air just as Stacy helps him up. "Find some clothes. We're getting the hell out of here." Stacy says to Nathan IV.

Ashton begins to walk into an abandoned house just as he hears screams from outside of the house. Ashton begins to turn on a flashback as he looks at the dark forest. Whistles begins to go off within the forest. "Come out! You pussies!!!" Ashton yells at the stalkers. Kelly begins to exit from cover. "Everett, Clements, Jericho, and Moses; Get him!!!" Kelly yells at the four just before she jumps into cover. Ashton shoots the four men in their heads. Kelly begins to scream just as she charges at him. Ashton pulls out a sawed off shotgun, and blows Kelly's head off with one shot. Ashton begins to look on in relief just before he watches as zombies begins to surround the house. Ashton looks on in shock just before he begins to barricade the doorways. Ashton proceeds to flee upstairs, and hides in the house's newly discovered armory. Ashton looks as the untouched guns in shock. "Damn. These are weapons from over 100 years ago. Some from World War 1, 2, and 3." Ashton says to himself.

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