TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 88
Season 15, Episode 4
Release Date January 4, 2017
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It's Either Lose Your Hand Or I Kill Your Son
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The Tainted Blood
Cast Guide
Ben Affleck as Tanner Sullivan
Ryan Reynolds as Seth Sullivan
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
Kate Ryerson as Lilly Briggs
Piers Stubbs as Nathan DeVries IV
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray
Andy Rodoreda as Paul Randall
Cillian Murphy as Troyer Hale
John Wells as Caesar Rodriguez*
Meredith Monroe as Marian Bultema*
Joshua Jackson as Wallace Davidson
James Badge Dale as Tobias Monroe
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Looking At The Blood On The Wall is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


The survivors begins to arrive at the Roman Hospital Safe-Zone just as Samson, Paul, Dylan, and AJ begins to look around the European Wall to find what secrets are hidden within the wall blocks, which leads to the discovery of a new danger lurking across the Earth.


Nathan IV begins to shine a flashlight at the ground as he opens the truck's back doors. "Let's get moving." Nathan IV says to the others. Tanner jumps down from the truck as he pulls out a firecracker, and begins to light it. "Hopefully Samson, Paul, Dylan, and AJ knows their way back." Ashton says to Tanner. "I know." Tanner says to Ashton just before throwing the firecracker into a crowded alley full of zombies. The survivors begins to sneak around the city of Rome.

Samson, Paul, Dylan, and AJ begins to arrive at the European Wall just as they pull out mining tools. "Let's see what's really inside of this wall." Samson says to the three AJ looks at the blood on the wall. "It's either help us or I'll kill you now, AJ." Paul says to AJ. "Fine, jerk." AJ says to Paul. As the four begins to break into the wall, zombies begins to arrive. "Keep going! I'll hold them off!!!" Dylan yells for the three just as he shoots his rifle at the zombies. Just as the three breaks open the wall, a zombie grabs Dylan, and begins to bite into his right hand. "Leave without me! Go!!!" Dylan yells at the three. Paul begins to shoot at the zombies. "We gotta move now!!!" Samson yells at Paul. Paul grabs the nearby desk in the wall, and uses it to barricade the opening as the zombies begins to attempt to come in as Dylan gets ripped apart by several zombies as he screams in pain. Paul begins to cry just as he shoots at the zombies before retreating down the stairs.

Hannah begins to look around as she begins to worry about the zombies. Hannah begins to suffering flashbacks of the attack on the Bellings Community. "Hannah. Let's keep moving." Troyer says to Hannah. Hannah, still focusing on the flashback, begins to scream. "Shut her the fuck up!!!" Dana yells at Troyer. Zombies begins to come towards the zombies as a jogging pace. "Hannah! Snap out of your flashbacks! We need to leave now! Not bullshitting you!!!" Troyer yells at Hannah. Hannah begins to snap out of the flashback just as a zombie grabs her hair, and bites her in the face, and rips out her left eye as the zombies begins to chew on it. Troyer looks on in horror. Lenny pulls Troyer towards the others. "She was a goner anyways, dad." Lenny says to Troyer.

Samson and AJ looks as Paul begins to retreat down the stairs just as they look at the computers just as a loud sound comes from one of the computers. Samson begins to look at the monitor as it shows that there's a breach in one of the holding cells. A unusual screams is heard down a dark hallway. Paul begins to walk towards the hallway with his rifle ready just as a rabid bear with blisters on its face begins to jump onto Paul, and begins to rip him apart. AJ begins to panic, and runs down a different hallway. Samson shoots at the rabid bear just as Paul begins to reanimate just as zombies breaks through the barricade. Samson begins to run down a hallway just as he looks as there's a breaking on the hallway. He looks down just as he sees zombies devouring on something. "Jump over the crack!!!" AJ yells at Samson. Samson jumps over the crack, and begins to regroup with AJ. The two begins to run through an exiting door, and looks as zombies begins to block their exit. The two pulls out their swords, and begins to attack the zombies.

Wallace looks outside of the window and Bridgette and Butch. Bridgette looks as Nathan IV and several others are on the streets. "There's my friends down their." Bridgette says to Wallace. "I'll greet them. Butch, guard me." Wallace says to Butch. "Ok, Wallace." Butch says to Wallace.

Nathan IV and the others arrives at the entrance of the Roman Hospital Safe-Zone. Wallace and Butch begins to walk outside towards the survivors. "We're wanting to join here." Nathan IV says to Wallace. Bridgette begins to arrive outside, and begins to hug Nathan IV, The two begins to cry as they hug each other. Annie begins to smile just before getting sniped in the head by Marian afar. "Enemies are attacking!!!" Butch yells for the others. The survivors begins to run inside just as Butch closes the door just as zombies begins to arrive. Seth looks as there's a ladder to climb up to the 2nd floor. "Nice idea." Seth says to Wallace. "This was my idea, so no zombie could attack us as we sleep." Wallace says to Seth.

Samson and AJ stands over the zombie corpses just before AJ gets shot in the head by Lilly, who appears to be under mind control as she's alongside Shepard and several others. Samson gets into cover. "You're with my old friends. I'm no longer with them." Lilly says to Samson. Samson shoots Lilly in the head, and begins to shoot at the others. "Let's retreat!!!" Shepard yells for the others. Samson begins to sneak towards them as they continue to retreat.

Bridgette begins to lay back into her bed just as Nathan IV sits in a chair next to the bed. "The last names for the babies should be your last name." Bridgette says to Nathan IV. Nathan IV smiles at Bridgette just as they hold hands.

Rick, Danny, and Lucas begins to sit at the lobby on the 4th floor just as Dana lays on Ashton's shoulder as they sit on a bench on the 11th floor as they wait outside of the ER.

Tanner and Seth begins to stand on guard duty on the roof of the safe-zone alongside Troyer.

Sarah begins to walk down a hallway alone in an angry face.

Lia enters a room just as Lenny begins to cry. "Sarah broke up with me." Lenny says to Lia. Lia begins to comfort Lenny just as he cry on her shoulder.

Tobias, Zachariah, and Corbin begins to pray in the small church room within the hospital.

Samson begins to look at The Sanctuary through a microscope. Samson hides in the bushes just as Marian and several others begins to drive down the lengthy driveway to the packing lot of The Sanctuary. "I'm going to have to find out what the hell is their deal with the rebels that they funded and supplied to overthrow and kill my friend, Allie." Samson says to himself.


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