TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 9
Season 2, Episode 3
Release Date August 27, 2016
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Atlin Mitchell as Alice DeVries*
Chandler Riggs as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Kelly Carlson as Delta Sherman
Robert Taylor as Mason Douglas*
Faran Tahir as Franklin Knight
Dwayne Johnson as Finch McCoy*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Rebecca Marshall as Olivia Johnston
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver*
Daniel Cudmore as Phoenix Taggart*
Adrien Brody as Clancy Ashford*
Sharon Taylor as Emma Hart
Liam McIntyre as Curtis Denver*
Sergej Onopko as Jared Doolin
Rich Ting as Leon Rovia*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Ellen Hollman as Bethany Churchill*
Joel Edgerton as Joel
Sean Flynn as Ash Wilkins
Eddie Murphy as Dirk
Manu Bennett as Sean Carson
Viva Bianca as Rosita Denver
Peyton List as Samantha Denver
Spencer List as Billy Denver
Kelvin Taylor as Cornelius Summerville*
Nikita Ramsey as Dana Hart
Jade Ramsey as Stephanie Hart
Jennifer Lawrence as Sally*
Chris Pratt as Duncan*
Ty Olsson as Rex Wanston
Patrick Fugit as Dwight Horseman*
Erik Valdez as Porter Wiles
Mark Dobies as Saul Ross
Daniel Zovatto as Spinelli Ross

Katrina Law as Angela
Sharlto Copley as York
Morse Bicknell as Glenn Ashford
Jack Davenport as Jared
David Oyelowo as Allen
Solomon Taiwo Justified as Hank
Tom Felton as Kyle
James Northcote as Jason
Branislav R. Tatalovic as Victor
Charlie Hewson as Kane
Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Jennifer
Nick Kroll as Reedus
Kelly-Ruth Mercier as Jessica

Stay Still is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Nathan begins to talk to Delta about the Denver Family; Joel vows to go after Olivia for the death of Amelia, which leads to an ambushed setted up by Franklin, Olivia, and Wendy; Ash and Dirk confronts Jared on the roadside, which leaves one of the survivors as a dead man; Spinelli and Saul begins to fight over the leadership as Porter arrives; Rex struggles to deal with seeing the deaths of his two fellow survivors; Emma reunites with Stephanie as Dana meets up with Sean regarding a personal mission.


Nathan arrives at Delta's office alongside Amber. "We need you to know that we're not going to continue to allow Curtis to abuse his family." Nathan says to Delta. "He's our best doctor." Delta says to Nathan. "I'd listen to Nathan. He outnumbers this compound 5 to 1." Amber. says to Delta. "I'm listening." Delta says to Amber. "If you don't exile Curtis, then I'll be the person in charge of here." Nathan says to Delta. "Nope. Not happening." Delta says to Nathan before Nathan begins to place one of his hands at his pistol on his holster. "If you displace my orders, then I'll kill you to take your placement over this compound. Curtis will be executed if you don't exile him. If you ignore this time, I'll kill you, and my colony will destroy this compound, and no one will be left alive except for a selected few." Nathan says to Delta. "I'll begin to plan to exile him. You'll have to bring me one of your best doctors then." Delta says to Nathan. "Not going to happen. Bethany vows to remain at the colony full-time. My wife, once she returns to the colony, will be sent here to serve as a leadership role, since I own this compound now. Go against me, and I'll execute you." Nathan says to Delta. Delta begins to cry just as Nathan leaves the office. "I never saw that coming." Amber says to Delta. "Leave me alone." Delta says to Amber. Amber grabs Delta, and stabs her in the neck. "Franklin hired me to kill you." Amber says to Delta before Nathan shoots Amber in the head. Nathan rushes to Delta's aid. "Please continue to live." Nathan says to Delta just as Sean, York, and several others arrives. "Bring me Curtis." Nathan says to the others.

Rex sits in front of the front door as he looks at the blood on himself. "If this is the next world, it'll suck even more." Rex says to himself. "Quit acting as a pussy, and plan to get the hell out of here, traitor." Jared says to Rex as he aims at himself as 3 other killers appears at the back door. "Jared, how is Franklin doing?" Rex asks Jared. "Fine." Jared answers to Rex. "Why are we wasting time here? You, me, Tanner, and Gabby should be returning back to base." Allen says to Jared. "Because we found Rex." Jared says to Allen before Allen shoots Jared in the head. Gabby shoots Tanner in the head. "Get to where you need to go. We're not going back to the base. We're just going to move on, and let's try to meet again on better terms." Allen says to Rex. "Alright." Rex says to Allen before shaking his hands.

Franklin, Olivia, Wendy, and two other killers sits at an abandoned police station. "Franklin, why are we here?" Hank asks Franklin. "To use this place as a trap to lure a member of our enemies to here." Franklin answers to Hank. "Someone's coming." Kyle says to the others. "Hank and Kyle, get to the nearby truck." Wendy says to the two just as two armed killers arrives. "Me and Clinton has spotted a lone survivor coming for us. He killed 4 of our squad members." Jason says to Franklin before getting shot in the head by Joel. Clinton attempts to shoot Joel, but Joel shoots him in the neck. Joel gets shot in one of his legs by Olivia just as a nearby zombie grabs Clinton, and begins to devour on him. Wendy shoots the zombie in the head, and puts Clinton down as Franklin walks towards the wounded Joel. "You fucking killed Amelia, you asshole. She was my girlfriend. I never got to apologize to her for yelling at her." Joel says to Franklin. "Shit happens." Franklin says to Joel before shooting him in the head.

"You need to give me the leadership, dad!!!" Spinelli yells at Saul just as Porter arrives. "Reed and Joseph, check him for weapons!!!" Saul says to the two. "No need to check me. Spinelli invited me here without any checkups." Porter says to Saul just before pulling out his rifle. "Let's duel this out." Saul says to Porter. "Son, you're exiled, so get out of my sights." Saul says to Spinelli. "Reed and Joseph, get the others to pack things up." Saul says to the two just as Spinelli walks away.

Nathan looks as Curtis begins to patch Delta's wound before leaving the office. Nathan looks as a man and his son begins to cry over Amber's corpse. "Amber was my wife and Mikey's mother. This will be tough for us, so we're going to move on to a different place. We're going to Seattle to meet up with my older brother." Reedus says to Sean. "Alright, Reedus. Be safe out there." Sean says to Reedus. As Mikey walks towards the van, Reedus walks towards Nathan. "You killed my wife, you fucking asshole." Reedus says to Nathan. "Touch me, and your son will be an orphan. Delta isn't the leader anymore, since she's given me authority. Your wife started to work with The Killers behind everyone's back." Nathan says to Reedus. "I hope that your family dies in front of your eyes, asshole." Reedus says to Nathan before walking to his van, and he begins to drive away until Reedus gets shot in the head by a masked killer. "Sean! Get Mikey!!!" Nathan yells for Sean. "Kane, get to the main office, and kill Delta!!!" Victor yells for Kane before shooting Winters in the head, and shooting York in the neck. Curtis pulls out his pistol, and shoots Victor in the head, and shooting Kane in the chest. "Please...spare me. I'll tell everything." Kane says to Curtis. "Tend to his wounds after Delta recovers." Nathan says to Curtis before walking away. Sean walks towards Curtis. "Secure the main office. I'm going outside the walls to search for anymore killers." Sean says to Curtis before running away.

Nathan walks towards Rosita at her house. "I need to tell you something inside privately." Nathan says to Rosita. Nathan enters the house. "What is it?" Rosita asks Nathan. "Since I've gotten proof that Curtis has been abusive towards your children since the start of the apocalypse, I must exile him, as I'm the person in charge of this place." Nathan says to Rosita just as Samantha and Billy arrives inside of the house.

Franklin looks as an wounded killer arrives. "Olivia, tend to Sam's wounds." Franklin says to Olivia. Olivia begins to check up on Sam, and discovers a zombie bite on his chest. "He's...bitten." Olivia says to Franklin. "Put him down." Franklin says to Olivia just as Sam begins to cry. Olivia kills Sam out of mercy, and begins to cry. "Brenda is going to be upset about her son's death." Olivia says to the others.

Ash and Dirk walks on the road as Jared appears to be holding a large LMG. "Who are you?" Ash asks Jared before Jared begins to smile at them in evil. "I kill you now!!!" Jared yells at the two before shooting at them just as several others arrives. Ash looks as Dirk appears to be shot in the head. "Dirk! No!!!" Ash yells for Dirk before getting knocked out by Jared. "Luke, Kaylee, Mary, and Austin; Go back to base, and stay there." Jared says to the others just as a wounded survivor arrives. "Please don't kill me...." Jessica says to the others. "Like I did with some of your people at Porter's Village, you'll be killed, but you're not going to be a zombie head." Jared says to Jessica before shooting her in the head.

Sean looks as Angela stands as guard at the watchtower just as she gets shot in the head by a third killer. "You killed some of our people, you die!!!" Jennifer says to Sean before a zombie grabs her, and begins to devour her.

Franklin looks as Olivia begins to tell Brenda that Sam is dead. "Poor Brenda. She should've kept Sam closer to her instead of volunteering him to do a lot of the exterior work." Kyle says to Franklin. "I tried to warn her. To know that people dies in your name hurts. I regret a lot of the choices. I might begin to plan to surrender to the communities only if both Daniel and Jesse are alive." Franklin says to Kyle. "I'll keep this talk as a secret from the others." Kyle says to Franklin. "Thanks." Franklin says to Kyle.

Dana spots Sean outside of Delta's Compound. "I heard gunshots. What happened?" Dana asks Sean. "The Killers attacked, and made one of us turn against us. Delta is critally wounded, and Nathan has control of both The Compound and Davidson Colony. Morale here is decreasing every second, and a kid is left with both of his parents dead." Sean answers to Dana. "I need you to help me track down Ash and Dirk. Also, if you're up for another challenge, I need to find my twin sister, Stephanie. We were seperated at the beginning of the apocalypse Emma thinks that Stephanie's dead. I doubt it." Dana says to Sean. "Sure." Sean says to Dana.

Stephanie appears to be in a cell just as Wendy arrives. "Franklin is going to let you go." Wendy says to Stephanie. Kyle walks towards Stephanie. "I'll accompany you." Kyle says to Stephanie. "Thanks." Stephanie says to Kyle before they begin to leave the base.

Franklin looks as the two begins to leave. "Hopefully, Kyle doesn't return, and spoil my ideas." Franklin says to himself.

Emma looks as Kyle and Stephanie begins to arrive at the Sheridan Estates. "Stephanie!!!" Emma yells for Stephanie just before she gets down, and opens the main gates. Kyle stands still as Emma and Stephanie hugs each other. "You're a part of The Killers." Emma says to Kyle. "Not anymore. Franklin wants me gone, since I walked in on one of his top secret ideas. I'll give you some of them just once I'm allowed inside." Kyle says to Emma. "Let him inside." Glenn says to Emma.

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