TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 91
Season 16, Episode 1
Release Date January 9, 2017
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Cast Guide
Ben Affleck as Tanner Sullivan*
Ryan Reynolds as Seth Sullivan*
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
John C. McGinley as Adam Bodin*
Piers Stubbs as Nathan DeVries IV
James Badge Dale as Tobias Monroe*
Blake Jenner as Ashton Anderson
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray
Cillian Murphy as Troyer Hale*
Kevin Guthrie as Corbin Spencer*
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale*
Bobby Lockwood as Lenny Hale
Halston Sage as Sarah Miller
John Wells as Caesar Rodriguez*
Meredith Monroe as Marian Bultema*
Eric Satterberg as Ezekiel Jerome
Andrew Tarbet as Danny Grimes*
Khleo Thomas as Lucas Wright*
Joshua Jackson as Wallace Davidson*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Alexander Calvert as Lorenzo Harris*
Steve Mouzakis as Mason Roberson*
Ashton Holmes as Landon Moore*
Austin Basis as Butch
Brooklyn Sudano as Lindsey
Oluniké Adeliyi as Maria*
Sakis Rouvas as Saul

Kerr Smith as Robert*
Ksenia Solo as Susie*
Shiri Appleby as Gloria*
Kirk Ward as Kelvin*
Steve Lund as Ed

All Out War Part 1 is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Ezekiel and Samson continues to have a rough time being allies just as Ashton and Dana are ambushed by Lindsey and her squad; Butch begins to pull the alarm as Lenny begins to act up against Saul and Sarah; Nathan IV makes a startling discovery within the safe-zone's sewers.


Samson sits at a table across for Ezekiel. Samson stares at Ezekiel in anger. "Why the fucking are you staring at me like a angry child?" Ezekiel asks Samson. "You know, and I know. You murdered Allie, and you're trying to act like you didn't do anything." Samson answers to Ezekiel. "That's what you think, while you sat in the upper class of the colony. Me and my friends overthrew Allie because she didn't give a damn about us, the lower class. You may act like I'm a murderer, but you, Allie, and all of the others are murderers. Sent us to clean up your dirty messes as we could fall victim to any deadly cases! So don't piss yourself like a jackass because I had to do what I had to!!!" Ezekiel yells at Samson.

Ashton and Dana begins to kiss outside of an old ice cream shop. "I wonder if the desert tonight is ice cream." Dana says to Ashton. "I think that ice cream would be a....." Ashton says to Dana just before he gets his head sliced in half with a saw blade as a heavily armored guard has a saw blade launcher. Dana begins to scream in shock as she looks as Ashton's corpse.

Samson and Ezekiel hears Dana's screams. "Fuck." Samson says to himself just as he looks at the armored guard with the launcher. "Ezekiel, shoot at the armored guard! I'm going to rescue Dana!!!" Samson yells for Ezekiel.

Butch begins to arrive at the lobby just as Lenny begins to punch at a door. "Lenny! Knock it off!!!" Butch yells at Lenny. "Saul! Get your bitch ass out of the fucking bathroom, you pussy!!!" Lenny yells at Saul.

Sarah appears in the men's bathroom as a wounded Saul begins to cry. "Leave him alone, Lenny!!!" Sarah yells at Lenny.

Butch attempts to push Lenny away from the door, but Lenny punches Butch in the face. Butch feels his face just as he notices through a broken piece of a mirror that his left eye is bleeding. Butch rushes to the fire alarm, and begins to pull it.

Nathan IV begins to walk down a ladder into the safe-zone's sewers just as the alarm begins to go off. Nathan IV turns on a flashlight just as multiple zombies begins to appear. "Oh fuck." Nathan IV says to himself just as he pulls out a rifle, and starts to shoot at the zombies. "I got to get the box of medical supplies from a secret stash that someone told me of." Nathan IV says to himself just as a zombified Jenny appears in the sewers. Nathan IV looks at the zombified Jenny in shock, and he begins to rush through the sewers just as he comes across a room in the sewers. He looks as a switch appears on a wall. He pulls the switch just as some water rushes down in the sewers, and pushes the zombies out from the sewers. Nathan IV turns off the switch, and looks as the zombies are in the Mediterranean Sea. Nathan IV returns to the room just as he finds a mysterious door. Nathan IV opens the door, and looks as a room with pictures of torture victims appears as numerous jars of eyes, tongues, ears, genitals, and organs appears on a large shelf. "You should've never listened to my rumor. It was a trick." Ed says to Nathan IV just as three others appears behind him.

Lindsey begins to shoot at Ezekiel just as Samson and Dana begins to run into cover. "Claudio, fall back to base. Everyone else, move up!!!" Lindsey yells for the others. Claudio, the armored guard begins to retreat.

Ezekiel begins to hide in cover as he gets shot at by Lindsey and her squad.

Dana begins to pull out her rifle. "I'm going to kill that Claudio guy! He killed my boyfriend!!!" Dana says to Samson. "Hand me the rifle, and I'll do it for you." Samson says to Dana. Dana begins to hand him the rifle just before she begins to cry. Samson begins to walk away.

Other Casts

  • Kristoffer Polaha as Jim (Doesn't appear)
  • Lee Cormie as Ben (Doesn't appear)
  • Maria Volk as Kate (Doesn't appear)
  • Sebastian Bertoli as Sterling (Doesn't appear)
  • Martin McCann as Collins (Doesn't appear)
  • Josh Helman as Oliver (Doesn't appear)
  • Jon Seda as Clark (Doesn't appear)
  • Vince Hill-Bedford as Claudio
  • Angela Bettis as Brianna
  • Patrick Sabongui as Luke
  • Ashley Argota as Gracie


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