TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 92
Season 16, Episode 2
Release Date January 11, 2017
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Cast Guide
Ben Affleck as Tanner Sullivan
Ryan Reynolds as Seth Sullivan
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
John C. McGinley as Adam Bodin
Piers Stubbs as Nathan DeVries IV
James Badge Dale as Tobias Monroe
Krisondra Daigneault as Dana Murray
Cillian Murphy as Troyer Hale
Kevin Guthrie as Corbin Spencer
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale
Bobby Lockwood as Lenny Hale
Halston Sage as Sarah Miller
John Wells as Caesar Rodriguez
Meredith Monroe as Marian Bultema
Eric Satterberg as Ezekiel Jerome
Andrew Tarbet as Danny Grimes
Khleo Thomas as Lucas Wright
Joshua Jackson as Wallace Davidson
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Alexander Calvert as Lorenzo Harris
Steve Mouzakis as Mason Roberson
Ashton Holmes as Landon Moore
Austin Basis as Butch
Brooklyn Sudano as Lindsey
Oluniké Adeliyi as Maria
Sakis Rouvas as Saul

Kerr Smith as Robert
Ksenia Solo as Susie
Shiri Appleby as Gloria
Kirk Ward as Kelvin
Steve Lund as Ed
Devin Ratray as Pascal
Marc Blucas as Rico

All Out War Part 2 is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Dana begins to help with Ezekiel regarding Lindsey and the others; Samson begins to chase down Claudio; Nathan IV begins to deal with the Roman Hospital Safe-Zone Sewer Gang; Wallace begins to say a prayer in the abandoned catholic church in The Vatican City; The two opposing sides deals with heavy casualties.


Tanner and the others begins to walk out onto the road. "Everyone, be ready at any moment." Tanner says to the others. Mason begins to look through a small bag of supplies. "Nothing in here." Mason says to the others.

Seth kicks down a door. "Let's move." Seth says to the others. "Got it, sir." Robert says to Seth. "Hopefully, we're alone here." Susie says to the others. "No need to worry." Gloria says to Susie just before she opens a door just as a horde of zombies appears, and grabs Gloria. Gloria begins to scream just as she gets bitten in the face and shoulders by the zombies. "Close the door!!!" Kelvin yells at the others. "I got it." Mason says to Kelvin just before the room explodes.

Nathan IV begins to pull out a lazer sword that he picks up from the ground. "No!!!" Ed yells at Nathan IV just before he and his fellow survivors are killed.

Tanner looks behind himself. "What was that?" Tanner asks the others. Troyer begins to walk towards the door just as a zombified Seth begins to grab Troyer, and bites into his shoulder. "Dad!!!" Lia yells for Troyer. Tanner shoots the zombified Seth in the head. "Let's continue with the...." Lucas says to the others before he gets shot in the head by Caesar. "Lucas! Shit!!!" Danny yells for Lucas just as a masked bandit jumps from the nearby side alley and slices Danny in half. "You shall all die!!!" Pascal yells at the survivors just as Corbin shoots him in the head. Corbin smiles at his first kill just as he gets shot in the stomach by Marian. "Corbin! No!!!" Lia yells for Corbin. Corbin falls onto the ground. Several armed bandits begins to approach Lia and Corbin. Troyer jumps into the way. "Drag him out of here! Now!!!" Troyer yells at Lia just as he gets shot in the back with multiple arrows. Troyer begins to scream in pain just as he remains standing, and he begins to gun down the bandits. "If I die, I shall die for my children." Troyer says to himself. Troyer begins to walk towards a corpse of a bandit just he gets approached by Caesar. "Make sure you don't let me turn, asshole." Troyer says to Caesar. "You're a brave enemy. It's an honor to face such a strong individual." Caesar says to Troyer just before pulling out a sawed-off shotgun, and shoots Troyer in the face.

Tanner begins to run down an alleyway just as Lorenzo and Landon appears alongside a dying Maria. "The battle has been lost." Maria says to Tanner just before dying. "Lorenzo and Landon, return to the safe-zone. I'll have the remaining surviving members fall back." Tanner says to the two. "Got it." Landon says to Tanner.

Lia begins to pull the wounded Corbin into a nearby house. Lia locks the door just as she begins to pull out a medic bag. "How do you begin an emergency surgery?" Lia asks Corbin. "It's no use. Let me fight. I may die, but you have a brother back at the safe-zone." Corbin answers to Lia just as he begins to shake from the increasing blood loss. Lia begins to cry on Corbin's corpse just before pulling out a dagger and stabbing Corbin in the head. "I gave you mercy, Corbin." Lia says to Corbin. Lia begins to exit from the house, leaving Corbin's corpse on the floor just as a masked survivor appears to exit from a closet. The survivor begins to speak Spanish just before looting Corbin's corpse for supplies and ammo.

Claudio begins to run down the street just as Samson begins to charge at him. Claudio begins to yells for help in Greek. Samson shoots Claudio in the head just as several more bandits begins to arrive at the area. The bandits appears to have baseball bats and spiked clubs as weapons as they begin to surround Samson.

Dana looks as Lindsey and several others begins to surround the outpost as Ezekiel continues to hide. "Hey! Bitch! Come and get me!!! Dana yells at the bandits. Lindsey looks at Dana in shock. "Get....." Lindsey says to the others just before she gets shot in the head by Ezekiel just as she appears to have a bullet that goes into Dana's heart. Ezekiel begins to flee from the outpost just as the bandits begins to retreat.

Marian and Caesar begins to walk down the streets with the corpses of many of their enemies. Caesar looks at the zombified corpse of Seth. "Marian, I got to do something very quickly." Caesar says to Marian. "Make it quick." Marian says to Caesar. Caesar begins to enter a nearby building, and begins to pull out his walkie talkie. "Boss, one of my two main target has been killed." Caesar says to The Firestarter via walkie talkie.

Landon and Lorenzo begins to retreat just as several zombies begins to appear as a zombified Dana appears in the group of zombies. Lorenzo begins to pull out his pistol just as Landon taps on his shoulder. "There's a herd nearby. Save the bullet for later." Landon says to Lorenzo.

Marian begins to enter a side alleyway just as Maria exits from cover, and begins to attack her. "You killed so many fucking innocents, bitch!!!" Maria yells at Marian. Marian bites Maria in the jugular, and spits it out. "I shall give you no mercy, slut." Marian says to Maria just as Maria begins to choke on her blood just as she is left to reanimate.

Lenny begins to kick down the door. Saul gets off from the ground. "You kill me, and Sarah will avenge me, asshole." Saul says to Lenny. Lenny shoots Saul in the head before getting shot in the chest by Sarah. Butch begins to go for his gun, but Lenny shoots Butch in the head. Lenny gets off from the ground, and begins to attack Sarah, and he begins to choke her until Nathan IV arrives. "Get off from her!!!" Nathan IV yells at Lenny. "You're a bitch." Lenny yells at Nathan IV just as he tackles Nathan IV from the window. Lia begins to arrive. "Lenny!!!" Lia yells for Lenny. "Your brother.....murdered Saul and Butch." Sarah says to Lia. "Mine and Lenny's father died saving me and Corbin. Corbin died out there. Seth died out there. Tanner hasn't came back. You and me are the only survivors of our group." Lia says to Sarah just as Landon and Lorenzo arrives. "They're the only survivors?" Sarah asks Lia. "Tanner told them to get going back. The outpost is no longer an outpost. Ashton and Dana, both died out there." Ezekiel answers to Sarah just as he holds onto a gunshot wound to his hip.

Wallace begins to arrive at the roman catholic church of The Vatican City. Wallace begins to walk to the stage, and finds the pope's outfit on the ground. Wallace begins to cry just as he begins to sit down. "I received news that my side of the war is almost dead. God, I beg for you to give us the power to survive the war." Wallace says to himself just he looks up. Wallace begins to cry just as glass begins to break just as zombies begins to arrive in the church. Wallace looks as a sword appears on the ground. "No zombie shall interfere in God's plans for now!!!" Wallace yells at the zombies just as he begins to charge at the zombies.

Tanner begins to arrive at an abandoned bike stop just as Tobias appears to be dead alongside multiple corpses on the ground just as a mortally wounded Adam appear. "We were ambushed right after that one explosion occurred. Tobias sacrificed himself to protected the others. Only one guy gotten away. Rico is his name." Adam says to Tanner. "I'll help you get back to the safe-zone." Tanner says to Adam. "Mercy me. I want to die alongside my fellow friends." Adam says to Tanner. Tanner begins to cry just before pulling out his pistol, and he kills Adam out of mercy.

Lenny begins to get up as a wounded Nathan IV appears to have shattered both of his legs. "You're a fucked man, dude. Your legacy ends now!!!" Lenny yells at Nathan IV just before he gets shot in the head by the masked survivor, who reveals himself to be Rico. "I'm Rico. The attack failed. Most of us died out there." Rico says to Nathan IV just as Rico carries Nathan IV into a vehicle. "I'll have you meet up with your children in South Africa." Rico says to Nathan IV. "Thanks." Nathan IV says to Rico.

Tanner begins to hear banging noises from within the roman catholic church in The Vatican City. Tanner begins to arrive inside as a zombified Wallace appears to have multiple bite marks. The zombified Wallace begins to attempt to attack Tanner, who pulls out a knife, and stabs him in the head. Tanner begins to cry in an outcry just as he falls onto his knees. Tanner begins to cry just as he gets shot in the back of his head by The Firestarter. "Caesar got one, and I got the other." The Firestarter says to himself.

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