TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 94
Season 16, Episode 4
Release Date January 13, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale
Halston Sage as Sarah Miller
John Wells as Caesar Rodriguez
Meredith Monroe as Marian Bultema
Eric Satterberg as Ezekiel Jerome
Marcus Henderson as Lucas Campbell
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Alexander Calvert as Lorenzo Harris
Ashton Holmes as Landon Moore
Jessica McNamee as Veronica Walts
Allison Williams as Lia

David Katzenberg as Vince
James Saito as Gerald
David Thornton as Frank
Lyle Brocato as Booth
LilRel Howery as Julio

All Out War Part 4 is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


The survivors begins to adjust to life in the Eden Colony; Samson begins to deal with several members of The Burning Barrel Squad; Marian begins to lose trust in Caesar after he leaves The Sanctuary just as a new person begins to take on The Sanctuary and The Burning Barrel Squad after hearing of their terror.


Ezekiel and Landon jumps down from the military truck. "Where are we at?" Lia asks Ezekiel. "You're all at the Eden Colony. We've done a lot of helpful modifications." Ezekiel answers to Lia. A messenger begins to run from the radio station to Ezekiel, and begins to whisper something into his right ear. "Landon, have the messenger alert the others that the hero is surprisingly still alive." Ezekiel says to Landon. Landon looks at Ezekiel shock. "Who is surprisingly still alive?" Sarah asks Ezekiel. "Nathan DeVries. The first generation Nathan. The hero of earth. He was cloned by a hostile, who is his twin. I guess that he might come back into view. We've began a process for Nathan Jr, Nathan III, and Cory." Ezekiel answers to Sarah.

A masked man looks at The Sanctuary. The man takes off his mask, and it's revealed to be Caesar. "Knowing that my half-brother might be dead because of my old friend's ways, I must depart from the mission. I'm not longer a worker for The Firestarter. I'm simply the son of Nathan DeVries III and Allie Carver." Caesar says to himself just as Marian begins to arrive. "You better stay!!!" Marian yells at Caesar, who stabs her in the stomach. "My part in the war is over. I shall look for the rest of my family, who you made me go after." Caesar says to Marian just before pulling out the knife from her stomach. Marian begins to run towards The Sanctuary and several medical personal begins to aid her.

Samson begins to arrive at a small warehouse just as loud screams from stereos begins to go off as Samson begins to cover his ears. Samson lowers his hands from his ears just as he looks as he's being watched. Samson jumps into cover just as a bullet almost hits him in the head. Samson begins to look around, and looks as nobody is around. "You're not alone, Samson." Gerald says to Samson. "Damn right, asshole." Frank says to Samson. "Give up and die like a viking would." Booth says to Samson. Samson begins to run away just as he realizes that he's surrounded just as three men in business suits appears on top of a mall's roof. "You really don't want to try anything stupid. We have a friend that you've never met with us." Gerald says to Samson just as Booth grabs a man with a bag over his head, and pulls the bag from his head. The man is revealed to be the second cloned version of Nathan DeVries. Samson looks at Nathan in shock. "Sacrifice yourself or Nathan dies!!!" Frank yells at Samson just as he gets sniped in the head. "Soldiers! Begin the offensive!!!" Lucas yells for the others. "Got it, Lucas." Veronica says to Lucas just as she begins to blow an alerting horn. 20 trucks begins to arrive just as the machine gun turrets begins to gun down several members of The Burning Barrel Squad. "Landon, have the rest of the squad fall back!!!" Booth yells for Landon just before Nathan breaks free, grabs Frank's pistol, and shoots Booth in the head. Gerald begins to retreat just as Landon gets shot in the head by Caesar. Samson looks at Caesar in shock. "We were enemies once. Now, we're friends." Caesar says to Samson. Gerald looks at Caesar in shock. "Traitor!!!" Gerald yells at Caesar. Caesar gives Gerald the finger. A begins to arrive. "What are you both doing here?" Lia asks the two. The two looks at Lia in silenced. "They're against our enemies, so we should accept them as allies." Julio says to Lia. Nathan begins to exit from the mall. "So you're the hero of the world?" Lucas asks Nathan just as he, Veronica, and many others exits from an apartment building. "Yes. I fear that my evil twin sister is going to attack any of the good communities. We must stop her." Nathan answers to Lucas.

Marian lays in her medical bed just as a hooded survivor appears in the darkest corner in the room. The survivor pulls out a lazer sword, and impales it through Marian's stomach. "Your base is now under the Sith Republic's control." Cassandra says to Marian. Marian begins to spit out blood just before Cassandra pulls out a lazer pistol, and shoots Marian in the head. "The Sanctuary's active members are all killed. Serena, get everyone ready to land on Earth. We're going to make an alliance with The Firestarter soon." Cassandra says to Serena via communications just as a loud sound is heard from the closet. Cassandra opens the closet door, and Vince appears to be shaken as he's revealed to be hiding from her. "Please don't kill me." Vince says to Cassandra. Cassandra begins to raise her arm, and force chokes Vince to die before stabbing the lazer sword into his head.

Serena appears at a computer desk as an alarm goes off.

Other Casts

  • Kavandeep Hayre as Landon
  • Bridget Regan as Serena (Special Guest Star)


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