TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV/Episode 98
Season 17, Episode 2
Release Date January 18, 2017
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Cast Guide
Scott Porter as Nathan DeVries*
Keanu Reeves as Daniel Cooper*
Colin Farrell as Samson Grover*
David Walton as Nathan DeVries Jr*
Brian Ames as Cory DeVries*
Marshall Mathers as Ryan Carver*
Shaofeng Feng as Davidson Walts*
Karl Thaning as Nathan DeVries III*
Sarah Dumont as Lia Hale*
Halston Sage as Sarah Miller*
Alexander Calvert as Lorenzo Harris*
Ashton Holmes as Landon Moore*
John Wells as Caesar Rodriguez*
Bill Skarsgård as The Firestarter
Marion Cotillard as Cassandra DeVries
Jason Lee as Norton Willis*
* = Not in episode
Also Starring

Joshua Elizondo as Felix*
James Saito as Gerald
Bridget Regan as Serena

Marysia S. Peres as Melody
Cary Elwes as Cletus
Justin Baldoni as Treyson
Brett Dier as Brutus
Ursa Gifted Major as Chris

PTSD is an episode in TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV.


Cassandra begins to worry about Serena as she's revealed to be suffering from PTSD; The Firestarter begins to plan a search for Nathan and his friends.


Cassandra begins to walk past Melody, Cletus, Treyson, Brutus, and Chris, who are all celebrating the somewhat successful attack. Cassandra enters an infirmary room just as Serena appears to be sleeping. Cassandra puts the plate of food onto the table next to Serena's bed. Serena begins to open her eyes, and screams as she covers her ears. "Don't scare like that, Cassandra. The gunshot from one of the soldiers still rings in my mind." Serena says to Cassandra. "I should've never had you leave the main ship." Cassandra says to Serena just before she holds onto Serena's hand.

The Firestarter sits at a campfire alongside Gerald. "If Caesar never betrayed us, the Eden Colony would've fallen." Gerald says to The Firestarter. "I don't care about him. He's a disgrace." The Firestarter says to Gerald. "I heard from the scouts that Nathan and some of his friends, including Caesar, are heading into Italy for some reason. We must interfere in their mission, and kill them." The Firestarter says to Gerald. "Kill all but Caesar, and torture him to death, and let him turn. That's what should happen, boss." Gerald says to The Firestarter. "Our base is overran by zombies. The rest of our men are literally living on their own, just like you and me. No mercy. We'll overkill them. We'll break into the Eden Colony after, and claim their throne. We'll rule the planet. Cassandra is no friend to me anymore, Gerald. You're my only friend I still have." The Firestarter says to Gerald.


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