The Day Humanity Fell is a story written by TWDFan630.

Storyline Information

The world become overran by zombies, but that doesn't stop all of the stronger government from existing. The survivors must survive and adapt to the new ways of life while forming friendships and avoiding enemies.






James Franco as Nathan DeVries
Zach Efron as Andy Marshall
Anna Kendrick as Hailey Foster
Emma Stone as Taya Warren
Dane DeHaan as Dakota Ross
Cara Delevingne as Mindy Winters
Augustus Prew as Trevor Marsh
Kevin Costner as Gabe York
John Goodman as Fletcher Cunningham

Also Starring

Hailee Steinfeld as Sally Marsh
Rhys Matthew Bond as Leevi Grimes
Willem Dafoe as Valentine Rovia
Charlie Tahan as Elliot Marsh
Dominic Purcell as Gavin Roy
Abbey Lee as Theresa Huddleston
Emma Watson as Katie Rovia
Idris Elba as Gustavo Smith
Ryan Gosling as Ted Clarkson


Saxon Sharbino as Amelia Turner
Jelly Howie as Melanie Frost
Olan Rogers as Jeremy Zimmerman
Fionn Whitehead as Charlie Jackson
Aneurin Barnard as Dave Wright
Claudia Gerini as Clara Jefferson
Tobias Segal as Marco Gibson




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