- The Spongebob Dead, is an American Horror and Post-Apocalyptic horror Television Series created by C.H Greenblatt. The show centers around Spongebob and friends living in the zombie apocalypse and making the most of it. The show airs usually from October-November with the exception of Season 7 which will air from October to December on the network TNT from 8pm-9pm, the show is then followed by Talking Dead on AMC from 9pm-10pm.

Season 1 (2009)

Season 1, Episode 1 ~ MYSTERY : Patrick Star discovers something other worldly eating a dead snail corpse in an alley way and it is not a typical living cannibal. Meanwhile, Spongebob, Squidward and Mr.Krabs notice a lot of sick customers coming in with one with a bite mark on the neck which concerns Sandy who is sitting at a nearby table. News reports on the Krusty Krab TV then catch the attention of Spongebob mentioning a mysterious virus killing people and reanimating them into dead cannibal freaks.

Season 1, Episode 2 ~ SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS OF THE FIFTH KIND : Sandy tells a scared Patrick(who just arrived) about the news reports. Suddenly, everyone notices the customer with a bite mark has died and when Harold(another customer) goes to give him CPR, the customer reanimates and bites Harold's lips off, as Harold is being devoured, Squidward takes the top off a Krusty Krab table and bashes in the reanimated customer's brains, killing him once again. The customers get mad that they just witnessed a kill and they demand more information on this. Soon after, Spongebob stops by his house to get Gary when things begin to take a turn for the worst but he finds an infected eating Gary, Spongebob takes a kitchen knife and kills the infected with it and stabs Gary in the head putting him out of his misery. Grandma Squarepants has stopped by and so has Patrick and the three barricade Spongebob's pineapple. Later, Squidward, Mr.Krabs and Sandy take shelter in the bathroom when a riot is born in the Krusty Krab.

Season 1, Episode 3 ~ COLD-HEARTED : The Military starts Rolling into town when the virus begins to get out of control and more riots begin to break out. Spongebob discusses tactics with Patrick and his Grandma on how to survive this chaos and Patrick recommends staying tuned to the news but the power fails, Patrick next convinces Spongebob to have Spongebob, Grandma and him to ride this all out in the Pineapple until things settle down. Meanwhile, the riot has intensified in The Krusty Krab, windows are broken, tables are broken, the cash register is on fire much to Mr.Krabs's dismay and more Infected are trying to make their way in. The Military then arrives and guns down all the rioters and infected and ask Squidward, Mr.Krabs and Sandy if they are rioting or if they are infected. The three say no to both and The Military begins to escort them to a safe zone set up at Bikini Bottom High School. Finally, an infected breaks into Spongebob's house and Patrick carefully ties it up tight so he can study it and find out once and for all, what is happening.

Season 1, Episode 4 ~ OUR POSSIBLE SAVIORS? : The Military has barricaded Squidward, Mr.Krabs and Sandy as well as Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Mrs.Puff, Pearl, Old Man Jenkins and Bubble Bass among other residents in the local High School until the infected have been cleared out of the city. Meanwhile, Spongebob, Patrick and Grandma Squarepants have drawn conclusions on the infected they have captured, this infected as well as the others are zombies and Spongebob is freaking out that the dead are coming back to life and are going to kill them all but Patrick and Grandma calm him down and Patrick begins getting survival weapons, food, drinks and first aid ready to survive this outbreak. At the High School, Sandy notices the Military gun down residents outside the school that were not even infected at all and Sandy converses with Squidward that the Military is killing residents that look infected and collecting the good ones to release lots of zombies on later to save their own lives. The Military then interrupt Sandy and Squidward and realize that they have figured out their plan and they take Squidward and Sandy and lock them up in a classroom labelled as Death Row.

Season 1, Episode 5 ~ TOGETHER : Mr.Krabs, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Mrs.Puff, Pearl, Old Man Jenkins, Bubble Bass and the other protected residents are outraged after seeing the Military lock up Squidward and Sandy in the Death Row classroom. The Military tries to calm the outraged residents but when one pulls a knife, they shoot that resident down beginning a mass panic. The panic then catches the attention of 14 zombies outside. Meanwhile, Patrick has built more barricades around the Pineapple and has killed about 20 zombies outside with the help of Spongebob and Grandma. A Military official in the distance notices them surviving in the Pineapple and goes to tell his fellow comrades about this as they gun down a few more zombies. The 14 zombies break into the High School and begin to devour the Military making the panic increase even more.

Season 1, Episode 6 ~ THE NEW WORLD : The panic has increased as soon as the 14 zombies broke in and begin devouring military, Squidward keeps throwing History books at the window hoping to smash it so Sandy and him can escape but they stop when they see the zombies roaming the hallways killing Military and residents one by one. At the Pineapple, the Military has arrived outside with a tank and numerous other vehicles and command Spongebob, Patrick and Grandma Squarepants to come out now just for inspection. Patrick doesn't trust the Military one bit and sneaks out the back door and gains the attention of 235 zombies in the landscape and leads them around unnoticed until he gets to Conch Street. The Military eventually notice Patrick and when they are about to shoot him for disobeying their orders, they see the 235 zombies headed straight for them and begin shooting them down. Spongebob, Patrick and Grandma then escape the Pineapple with lots of supplies but first tell a weakened Military official who was bitten by a zombie where their friends are, he weakly says that they are barricaded in a High School and the three leave with this information as two more zombies stop by and fully devour the bitten Military official. At the High School, only two Military officials survived unharmed and abandoned the school and left the mostly bitten residents for dead. Bubble Bass uses his fat butt to break down the door and frees Squidward and Sandy. Squidward, Sandy, Bubble Bass, Mr.Krabs, Plankton(who they ran into), Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Pearl and Old Man Jenkins are the only residents to escape the now overrun Bikini Bottom High School unharmed while the rest of the residents are devoured. Spongebob, Patrick and Grandma meet up with Squidward, Sandy, Bubble Bass, Mr.Krabs, Plankton, Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Pearl and Old Man Jenkins and they decide to leave Bikini Bottom for good but Barnacleboy reveals to everyone that he got bitten by a zombie on his left shoulder. They take him anyways and they begin a road trip to Squilliam's Mansion on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom. Barnacleboy dies from his bite and Mermaidman is forced to shoot his pal in the head to prevent him from coming back as a zombie.

Season 2 (2010-2011)

Season 2, Episode 1 ~ HOW TO SURVIVE : It has been 62 days since the events of the Season 1 Finale, 70 days since the dead have come back to life, the dead have taken over as far as the group knows and the group is convinced that the Government is dead. They also have more weapons and choice of weapons, Hatchet(Spongebob), Numb-Chucks(Patrick), Longbow(Squidward), Axe(Mr.Krabs), Katana blade(Sandy), Handgun(Plankton), Meat cleaver(Mrs.Puff), Shotgun(Mermaidman), Grenades(Bubble Bass) and A Small Scythe(Old Man Jenkins). Pearl is angered that her father, Mr.Krabs is not allowing her to have a weapon rendering her survival in the future very slim. Spongebob tries to convince Mr.Krabs to teach Pearl how to defend herself but Krabs refuses. Squilliam's Mansion is a fortified base protected by Patrick and Squidward. Spongebob asks Squidward if he has seen the two Military officials trying to get revenge on them for the zombie-fest from the Season 1 Finale. Squidward says apart from dead people walking, he has not seen any suspicious happenings. Sandy is training with her katana and alongside Patrick and Squidward is another tough survivor and the toughest female survivor and is trying to train Mrs.Puff and Old Man Jenkins, who are still pacifists and will only kill zombies but not anything else. After Mermaidman accepts the position as the group's medic, three figures that are not zombies loom out in the distance staring at the mansion and are revealed to be Squilliam himself and the two Military officials.

Season 2, Episode 2 ~ KTL : Plankton is up in the Gazebo of the Mansion on watch and sees the three figures in the distance and expresses worry. Meanwhile, Spongebob is going on a supply run for foods with Patrick, Mr.Krabs and Mermaidman and puts Sandy and Squidward in charge of the base. Spongebob, Patrick, Krabs and Mermaidman set off and the three figures begin to make their way to the mansion. Squidward is cleaning his longbow with a handkerchief but then sees Squilliam smiling at him in the distance and at first thought Squilliam was a zombie but then realized that zombies don't smile and then he sees the two Military officials with him and they along with Squilliam begin shooting at the base nailing Pearl in the neck. Squidward shoots back nailing a Military official in the arm. Squidward and Sandy get the rest of the group to safety and she orders Old Man Jenkins and Bubble Bass to get the injured Pearl to safety since she is losing blood fast and to treat her since Mermaidman is out on the run and Mrs.Puff to help her kill Squilliam and the military. Mrs.Puff is too nervous saying they have AK-47's and all she has is a meat cleaver, Sandy says she will cover Mrs.Puff and use her katana wielding and Squidward will use his longbow. Eight more Military officials have arrived however and now they are outnumbered. The Military discovers Pearl and slaughters her to death with his knife. An angered Mrs.Puff grabs her meat cleaver and slices in the the Military Official's face killing him. While the Military is distracted and shocked, the group gains the upper hand and kills many of them until Squilliam and one other Official are left, Squidward knocks them unconscious and decides to tie them up and torture them especially Squilliam to get nice revenge for the bullying in school.

Season 2, Episode 3 ~ A ROOF AND DEAD THINGS : Spongebob, Patrick, Mr.Krabs and Mermaidman arrive at the abandoned Emergency! Hospital and are going to find medical supplies, snacks and other foods and beverages to survive at least a month, however they find that the main lobby area is overrun with zombified doctors, zombified nurses and zombified patients. Patrick and Mr.Krabs devise ways to get these supplies and still survive while Mermaidman expresses worry. Patrick then comes up with a great idea, 1. Throw some Grenades they got from Bubble Bass into the room to injure most zombies and attract some other's down the hall away from the group. They like this idea and do it. Patrick then realizes that even if the zombies are injured, they might still move their heads and bite them, Spongebob puts Mermaidman and Mr.Krabs on watch duty and Spongebob and Patrick scale the wall and climb in an upstair's window. Everything is going fine until Patrick steps on a creaky floor and just his foot goes through, a few zombies that were not injured heard this and start making their way toward Patrick's foot. Luckily, Spongebob was able to release Patrick's foot just one mere second before the zombies got there and swung their rotting arms and hands. Spongebob and Patrick throw five duffelbags of supplies out the window and then jump out the window landing in a bush which saved them. They take the supplies and along with Mermaidman and Mr.Krabs, retreat from the Hospital of Terror as a few zombies begin to emerge from the building. They make it back to the Mansion just in time to see Squidward torturing Squilliam and the Military Official. 

Season 2, Episode 4 ~ DRASTIC CHANGE : Spongebob takes the torture hammer away from Squidward but notices that he has already used it quite a bit on Squilliam and the official. Mr.Krabs asks for the whereabouts of Pearl and Mrs.Puff in despair says that she is dead. Mr.Krabs shocked breaks down in anguish, then he sees the tortured Military official and grabs Spongebob's Hatchet and slaughters the Military Official to death with it. While the group is shocked by Mr.Krabs's actions, a zombified Pearl emerges from the Mansion and Mr.Krabs slowly walks toward it saying, "Sorry, Pearl" and shoots her putting her out of her misery. After burying Pearl and the Military Official, the group discusses on what to do with Squilliam.

Season 2, Episode 5 ~ DAMAGED : Squidward and Mr.Krabs as well as the rest of the group agree on killing Squilliam but Old Man Jenkins disagrees with everyone saying Squilliam should be given a second chance at redemption. Mr.Krabs calls Jenkins a weak pacifist and goes inside the Mansion to blow off steam as he has just lost his daughter to this apocalyptic world. Squidward tells Jenkins that this is a new world and the old rules don't apply anymore. Jenkins says that execution was an old rule and that does not apply anymore either, Squidward sarcastically says, "Clever, but we're still killing him regardless."  Old Man Jenkins then goes inside to write down an essay to convince the group to give Squilliam a chance at Redemption. Later, Spongebob is burning the rest of the Military corpses when stopped by Patrick. Patrick says he is worried about Old Man Jenkins because, he is weak and although he is fine killing zombies with his small scythe, he can't kill a human being and his pacifism is going to be the death of him. Spongebob says, this apocalypse is very mysterious and it could end someday and changing Old Man Jenkin's view of fish will not be needed. Spongebob then dismisses Patrick, burns the last Military corpse and then puts out the fire and goes on watch duty. Upon Nightfall, Mr.Krabs wakes up Squilliam and slashes a little bit of his stomach open but the knife got stuck.

Season 2, Episode 6 ~ A NEW MAN : Mr.Krabs desperately tries to get the knife out of Squilliam's stomach but Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Old Man Jenkins catch him in the act. Spongebob confiscates the knife and orders Patrick to go wake up Mermaidman to patch up Squilliam. Squidward is happy but Jenkins isn't and tries to stop the bleeding himself. Mermaidman arrives and patches up Squilliam. Mr.Krabs is angry with the group calling them all weak pacifists and goes inside. Mermaidman tells Spongebob that he has stabilized Squilliam but he has a 60% chance of dying within the next day. Spongebob thanks Mermaidman for updating him. Spongebob then tells Sandy to keep an eye on Mr.Krabs since his reckless PTSD is a huge threat to the group right now. Sandy agrees and begins her mission. The next day, Squilliam is in huge pain and is beginning to puke up blood, Mermaidman says that he is beginning to succumb to the slash and he needs to be euthanized to prevent a worse death. Sandy says she will do it but Old Man Jenkins stops her and says that he will do it. Old Man Jenkins grabs a handgun and shoots Squilliam in the head killing him and putting him out of his misery. Although Jenkins has abandoned his Pacifism, the gunshot attracted a herd of 160 zombies and they make their way to the Mansion.

Season 2, Episode 7 ~ BACK TO THE ROAD : Mrs.Puff and Sandy are burning Squilliam's corpse after he died indirectly by Mr.Krabs's cruel nature last season. As they are putting out the fire, they see the oncoming zombie herd and run to tell Spongebob. They find him along with the rest of the group and Spongebob orders the group to start shooting them down to save the Mansion. The plan works okay at first but they eventually run out of ammo as the zombies make it to the gates. Bubble Bass begins throwing all his Grenades at the zombies which injures them but also destroys the fence, Mrs.Puff throws one week's worth of supplies in the pickup truck but Plankton is stepped on and crushed to death by zombies and Mr.Krabs gets swarmed and devoured as he very recklessly tried to kill the zombies. Spongebob and the surviving members of the group retreat as Squilliam's former mansion is now completely overrun by the undead. One week later, the group is totally out of supplies and are beyond starving. Spongebob says that they can't always freely get canned goods and they have to resort to hunting live animals now since it is tough times. Patrick sets up many traps in the woods and returns as Spongebob becomes more hardened and colder since he has witnessed so much death around him.

Season 2, Episode 8 ~ LIVE HELP : While the group is setting up temporary camp in the woods, they hear faint screaming. Spongebob,Patrick and Mermaidman rush to see what happened and they see five living survivors, four young men and an older man named Jared Roswell. Spongebob, Patrick and Mermaidman try their best to help these strangers until more zombies start coming in the woods. Patrick decides to cut off Jared's leg but Patrick accidentally strikes a major artery which kills Jared. Two of the young men named Hector and Phillip then get bit on their shoulders and get devoured. Spongebob, Patrick and Mermaidman as well as the surviving two men whose names are Kal and Kenneth escape as zombies swarm the other three doomed men. They make it back to camp and pack up and leave as zombies start roaming towards the campsite. On the road again, Kal brings a "light to all this darkness,"        a safe haven at a log factory.

Season 2, Episode 9 ~ REAL LIVES : Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman, Grandma, Bubble Bass and Old Man Jenkins are brought to a log factory by Kal and Kenneth that is guaranteed to be a safe haven. Kal and Kenneth introduce Spongebob's group to their surviving family members who run this site : their uncle Robert, aunt Hilda, younger sisters Connie and Mary and extended cousins and uncles. Their mother passed on in the early days of the apocalypse and their father was actually Jared Roswell. They welcome Spongebob and his group to their base and say they have lots of food and beverage supplies, Squidward and Patrick in happiness and relief run to Soda Machines and boxes full of stocked up canned goods and enjoy themselves. Spongebob is quite impressed with their setup since it is like the normal world they used to live in. Kal says they were out in the open looking for first aid since that was the only thing they were looking for until the zombies came and discovering your group. Later on, Sandy conspires with Spongebob saying that she does not trust Kal's and Kenneth's setup with their family.

Season 2, Episode 10~ I SPY WITH MY RIGHT EYE : SOMETHING FISHY : Spongebob is appalled by what Sandy just said about Kal and Kenneth's setup. Spongebob says they have been on the road for a week and they do not know if they can do it again. Spongebob angrily tells Sandy to keep her theories to herself and goes to eat some canned Potatoes. In the backyard, Mermaidman and Grandma Squarepants are helping Hilda give birth to triplet boys. Success! Patrick Star volunteers to help Robert and another uncle of Kal and Kenneth named Louie to further strengthen the gates since some were being weakened by the weight of the zombies outside. Squidward is showing off his crossbow to the other kids which makes Connie make a serious facial expression in the background. Later on as Spongebob is about to sleep in relief possibly for the first time since he had so much pressure at the mansion, Mrs.Puff interrupts him and says Sandy's gone and she found an armored door under the log factory meeting area and she heard screams.

Season 2, Episode 11 ~ SAVAGES : Spongebob and Mrs.Puff sneak past Patrick Star, Robert and Louie who are on watch and sneak down below the factory to what Mrs.Puff told Spongebob last episode. There is in fact an armored door and there are faint screams in the background. Spongebob sees a crowbar and tries to pry the doors open but is unable too when he sees a combination lock and also notices the crowbar has blood on it and it isn't old. Kal and Kenneth then casually appear and Spongebob tries to stay calm and asks them what is the meaning of this. Kal lies saying this is just a butcher shop for animals they found but Spongebob tells him animals don't scream and it sounds like live fish. Hilda then arrives and asks Kal and Kenneth what Spongebob and Mrs.Puff are doing down here. Kal surly says, "They were just leaving." Spongebob(starting to get aggravated) says, "WHAT IS BEHIND THAT DOOR?!" Kenneth says, "You Two." Kal then knocks them both unconscious with the butt of his shotgun. Spongebob wakes up in a cage next to Mrs.Puff and below Sandy as well as near other cages with living survivors in them. Sandy and the other caged survivors tell the now caged Mrs.Puff and Spongebob that this is not a place of dreams. Spongebob flips out and tries to escape the cage. Then he sees Kal, Kenneth, Hilda, Robert, Louie and Connie arrive with the tied up Patrick, Squidward, Mermaidman and Old Man Jenkins. Spongebob angrily tells Kal that he does not know what he is getting himself into, Kal and the others scoff and leave after caging their next prisoners. All of a sudden, a caged survivor named Linda says she knows how to get them out of this nightmare place.

Season 2, Episode 12 ~ THE SICK PLAGUE : Spongebob, his recently imprisoned group and the other caged survivors listen to Linda as she knows a way out of this survivor imprisonment camp. Linda says they need a skinny survivor to go down into the sewers and emerge in the hall leading to the armored door and to get it open. Squidward says he is skinny enough but also says how they are going to be able to do it and how to open the door. Linda then takes one minute to untie her hands since she was an escape artist before the apocalypse hit, gets out of her cage and releases Squidward, she then gives Squidward dynamite she hid as well as match sticks to blow the door open. Squidward goes into the sewers much to his dismay and emerges in the hall, lights up the dynamite and goes back into the sewers as the door explodes. Flying pieces of metal land near lots of cages where Linda uses them all and opens the cages and unties the survivors. She then reveals she had a gun sack down here since she said Kal and Kenneth were too lazy to check her for weapons and gives each survivor a gun to defend themselves. Louie then comes into the room woken up by the explosion and is shot in the head by Sandy Cheeks, the group breaks out and begins shooting down Kal and Kenneth's uncles who were off their guard. Kenneth himself arrives with an AK-47 and starts shooting at the free survivors managing to kill five unnamed prisoners not related to Spongebob's group or Linda. Spongebob then takes an axe used for cutting wood and instead of cutting wood, cuts off Kenneth's head and shoots it to prevent reanimation. Hilda is upstairs in the dormitory holding Grandma Squarepants at gunpoint and threatens her to be quiet and ties a bloodied handkerchief over her mouth. Spongebob and Patrick then bust into a room where all the scared kids are. They realized the kids were not part of their adult's savage nature and tried to save them but most of them are gunned down by Connie except for an 8 year old boy and Mary who were part of the kids as well. Mary tries to calm her sister down but when things go south, Mary grabs a knife and stabs her sister to death with it. Spongebob, Patrick, the 8 year old boy named Reyes and Mary then leave with Patrick giving guns to Reyes and Mary and telling them to defend themselves. All the Savage uncles and Savage cousins are gunned down but Robert grabs Squidward in a chuck-hold and tries to slit his throat but fails and ends up getting his throat slit instead by Squidward. Squidward then hammers his head in to prevent reanimation. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mrs.Puff, Old Man Jenkins, Linda, Reyes, Mary and a female survivor that is with Linda named Sonequa have mostly won and just have Kal himself and Hilda left to battle. Mrs.Puff notices two of the Triplet babies still alive in a small room but one of them accidentally got shot in the head by Kenneth during the gunfight. Mrs.Puff says she will stay in the room and defend the babies. Spongebob and the others make their way into the dormitory only to see Hilda threatening to kill Grandma Squarepants. Spongebob tries to disarm her but fails and Grandma gets shot in the neck by Hilda. Spongebob grabs Mary's knife and stabs Hilda to death with it repeatedly saying, "F**K YOU!!!!!!!!" A bloodied handed Spongebob then tells the rest of the group that they need to steal as much supplies as possible, find the other good survivors and get out of here. They do so and complete 1/3 of it but see the other survivors they freed all with gunshots to the head. Spongebob then notices Kal emerging from the shadows pointing a gun at them. To anger Spongebob more, Kal shoots his Grandma in the neck again and Squidward aims for Kal's head but accidentally misfires but that's fine because, he nailed Kal in the stomach. Spongebob then stabs Kal in the stomach again and in full on rage says he is a sick Plague, a sick Plague worse then any zombie they have ever come across. Kal weakly tries to stab Spongebob but a zombie shows up unexpectedly and bites Kal in the face. As more zombies arrive, Spongebob and the others including Mrs.Puff with the two babies decide to leave with a decent amount of supplies as the log factory is overrun by zombies and Kal is devoured. The next day, everyone who survived the chaos from last night realize Grandma Squarepants has died from her gunshots and Spongebob is forced to shoot her in the head to prevent her from coming back. After this deed is done, Spongebob is no longer soft on any more strangers they will come across and becomes a totally different person.

Season 3 : (2011-2012)

Season 3, Episode 1 ~ THE NEW OATH : It has been 32 days since the events of the chaos from the Season 2 Finale, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman, Old Man Jenkins, Linda, Sonequa, Reyes, Mary and the two babies have been holding out at a train station. Bubble Bass wasn't shown being killed but he is not with them and Spongebob thinks he is dead. This is their temporary base for now but are keenly aware that it is not from now until the eventual end of the apocalypse (LESSONS LEARNED FROM SQUILLIAM'S MANSION AND THE NIGHTMARISH LOG FACTORY.) Spongebob is more hardened and serious then ever and says that they need to move soon obviously still damaged by his Grandma's death 32 days ago. Squidward whispers to Patrick that they should keep an eye on Spongebob to make sure the deaths all around him do not make him go down the path of Insanity. After leaving the Train Station as a few zombies emerge from the woods. They next find an abandoned restaurant in a suburban town and only clear out two zombies roaming around inside since there were only two. They rest for the time being. The next day, Spongebob wakes up to gunshots, he sees that Squidward and Mrs.Puff have been taken hostage by eight bandits with masks and cloths on their faces and they threaten to kill them all if they do not give up their supplies. Spongebob and Sandy begin shooting at the Bandits taking so s**t from nobody anymore and are able to kill four of them in a row one of them being the leader. The other four bandits shoot back managing to nail Spongebob in the left arm. Squidward breaks free from his bound and shoots two arrows each into two bandits's faces killing them. Patrick breaks a wine bottle and cuts another Bandit's face with it killing him and Reyes stabs the last bandit to death with a fork. After the eight bandits are killed, Spongebob is impressed in a serious tone of voice with the group with being able to kill armed bandits with melee weapons and Mermaidman using almost all of his medical supplies they have left over is able to patch up Spongebob's wound and stop and stabilize his bleeding. The group then leaves the abandoned restaurant and seek for a temporary and safe refuge since they can't have anything permanent in a cruel zombie infested world.

Season 3, Episode 2 ~ A BIG IDEA : Squidward converses with Spongebob and the rest of the group about an idea he kept to himself ever since they were at the Mansion, his idea is to try and go to the Coast since rural areas are not working well for them and more survivors(if any) are most likely Savages out there eliminating the only good survivors. After some Hesitation, Spongebob finally accepts but asks Squidward where they are going to get a boat. Squidward says before the Apocalypse hit, his brother(most likely dead now) owned a clam shop on the Pacific coast and he had 15 boats stationed up there. Squidward says he recognized the town they stayed at in the abandoned restaurant and says it's only 8 miles from where they are now, he walked there a lot. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and the rest of the group then begin their adventure to Squidward's brother's former Clam Shop to see if they can find Sanctuary on a boat or more boats. Patrick then notices in the corner of his eye, a survivor being surrounded by zombies, Patrick tries to tell the group that even though they had to go through crazy s**t, not everyone is bad out there and convinces Mrs.Puff to try and save the survivor but it's too late, the survivor gets torn apart by zombies and Patrick and Mrs.Puff turn around after seeing the entrails spilling out and the group retreats continuing their mission as one zombie notices them and slowly roams towards their direction.

Season 3, Episode 3 ~ AWARENESS : Spongebob and the rest of the group are feeling guilty not putting that unnamed survivor out of his misery but this world is insane and you never know what to expect the next time around. Spongebob and the group are about four miles away from the coast but decide to stop at an assumed abandoned house along the way. The house however turned out not to be abandoned and housed four survivors : an older man named Ernest, his wife Emma, his daughter Clarissa and his son Omar. After checking them and the house itself, Spongebob realizes that these are good survivors since absolutely no weapon was found and Spongebob asked Ernest and his family how they survived this long. Ernest says that they had more people armed but zombies came and although fending at least a quarter of them away, more came and eventually devoured them and the weapons became empty and useless. Ernest also says they are low on Medical supplies since his wife, Emma has breast cancer and he is supporting her awareness, he says just because, an apocalypse happened doesn't mean you can't stop awareness for cancer, cancer will not go away no matter what state the world is in UNLESS treated immediately. Spongebob says Mermaidman is the medic of the group and he can treat Emma and they have plenty of weapons and says that he will teach them how to use them soon. Ernest says he does have some experience hunting deer pre-apocalypse but that's it and he claims he would never shoot a living person. Ernest says three guys attacked them in the middle of the night but Clarissa was the only one to kill them with knives and Ernest shows their zombified bodies tied up tight on the wall since that was the last knife and with very bad timing broke after killing the last bandit. Squidward goes and shoots arrows into their heads. Spongebob confesses that they have earned his trust BUT they better not try anything or else they will lose. Spongebob tells Ernest about the chaos at the Log Factory and a shocked Omar says, "You escaped that horrible place?!" Spongebob asks Ernest if Omar was there. Ernest says in the early days, they were found by Kal and Kenneth and imprisoned afterwards, they were able to escape since the others had guns to shoot and break the glass, they were imprisoned in glass cages and not the bared cages. Spongebob trusts these survivors now since they had a similar experience at that nightmare of a log factory. The next morning, Spongebob and the group recruit Ernest and his family on the mission to get on a boat.

Season 3, Episode 4 ~ SELF-DEFENSE : The group along with Ernest and his family leave the house and begin their mission to find and get on a boat. After some walking, they stumble across another town two miles away from the clam shop which is overrun by a huge herd of 268 zombies. Spongebob converses a plan with the group on how to just sneak past the zombies to prevent more death and the plan works well at first but then they see a huge ditch with no way out of it and ten injured zombies at the bottom desperately trying to reach our heroes. Spongebob's next plan is to scale the walls but this plan falls flat fast when a loud explosion is heard, Ernest asks what happened and Spongebob doesn't know and sees the zombies coming their way. Spongebob and the others split up to try and escape this town in different directions. The first half : Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mermaidman, Reyes, Mary and Omar go north toward the exploded site killing zombies along the way while the Second half : Sandy, Mrs.Puff, Old Man Jenkins, Ernest, Emma and Clarissa go south and try to find a way out. Spongebob stops a loud sound that continued to attract the zombies but a zombies bites Mary on the leg freaking out Reyes. Spongebob uses common sense and cuts off Mary's leg to stop the infection from spreading. And they retreat to find the others. Meanwhile, Sandy is leading her small group out of harm's way but Emma becoming delirious from her cancer trips on a dead zombie and gets trapped. Ernest desperately tries to save his wife but she commands and eventually convinces him to escape with the others deeming herself done for. Ernest is grabbed by the torso by Mrs.Puff and they escape as a few zombies go on top of Emma and eat her alive. Spongebob's small group after finally escaping terror town run into the others and they run as fast as they can before the zombies show up. Omar asks Ernest where his mother is and Clarissa says the same since she did not see Emma get devoured. Ernest tells them that their mother is dead and Omar cries but gets a grip on himself since she does not get to suffer anymore, Clarissa on the other hand completely breaks down totally devastated by this news. Spongebob tells Ernest, Omar and Clarissa that he is truly sorry for their loss but they have to keep moving before all of them die. Ernest and Omar tell Clarissa that Spongebob's right and they have to move now and a reluctant Clarissa is forced to go with the m. At last, they eventually find the clam shop and five of fifteen boats stationed out on the water. 

Season 3, Episode 5 ~ DREAMS DON'T COME TRUE : Spongebob tells Mermaidman to bring the injured Mary into the Clam shop and treat her but Mermaidman says he is extremely low on medical supplies since he had to treat Emma back at the house and says he only has a cloth, very few aspirin and a mint. Spongebob tells him to do what he can while him and the rest of the group check out the boats. Clarissa is still very devastated over her mother's death and goes in the water and attempts to drown herself but fails when Omar jumps in and saves her. Omar says he is very upset that their mother is gone but tells his younger sister that she has to get over it and move on and not kill herself. Clarissa looks at her brother with a grimacing, angry look. Spongebob, Squidward and Ernest(who was given a rifle by Squidward) clear out the first three Boats of 8 zombies while Sandy, Mrs.Puff and Linda clear out the other two Boats of 14 zombies. The other ten boats are missing and Squidward assumes that they must've been taken by people in the early days during a panic when mass fear and mass death broke out all over the place. After the boats are cleared, everyone is given a boat to live on and since there are 14 people, 3 people are to be on the first four boats while the other 2 people on the last boat. Spongebob,Patrick and Sandy live on the first boat, Squidward,Mrs.Puff and Clarissa live on the second boat (Squidward convinced Ernest and Omar that he will watch over Clarissa), Mermaidman, Old Man Jenkins and Mary on the third boat so Mermaidman can continue to monitor the unconscious Mary. Linda, Sonequa and Reyes on the fourth boat and finally, Ernest and Omar on the last boat. They sail out to sea with a full tank of Gas since these boats were never used much before. The group connects all five boats together and drop their anchors so they can still visit each other and walk around. Although things are mostly looking up now, Mermaidman tells the group that Mary has died from her amputation since the infection got her and it was too late. Spongebob is getting ready to stab Mary in the head to prevent her from coming back but Reyes arrives and says that he will do it since she is a kid and he is the only other kid with them. Spongebob reluctantly gives Reyes his knife and Reyes stabs Mary in the head to prevent her reanimation. Clarissa finally tries to stab herself but Squidward takes the knife away from her and angrily ridicules her, Clarissa smiles and creepily says, "Want to make love?" A shocked Squidward is then taken into one of the cabins and the two make love.

Season 3, Episode 6 ~ WRONG ASSUMPTIONS : After Sandy and Ernest throw Mary's corpse into the ocean since they are burying her at sea, Ernest hears giggling and banging and sees a few pillow cases being thrown around in a cabin. Ernest barges in and sees his daughter Clarissa and Squidward fooling around, making love. Ernest is enraged and chases the naked Squidward and naked Clarissa around the boats. Spongebob and Patrick eventually intervene the naked lovers, Ernest and Sandy and Patrick asks why Squidward and Clarissa are naked and Ernest is chasing them around. An angered Ernest says they were making love and neither got his permission to do so, plus, they are living in a zombie infested world and there is no time for nonsense like this. Spongebob calms Ernest down and tells him not to chase Squidward and says he will deal with it and Spongebob tells Squidward to put his clothes back on and Ernest says the same to Clarissa. Sandy is trying really hard not to laugh at all this nonsense. Spongebob tells Squidward why this happened and after Squidward explains that Clarissa started it, the two see bright flares go up in the distance. Spongebob is confused and goes to tell the rest of the group about this. Flashing back, Reyes is depressed about his cousin Mary's death and tells Linda he wants to be alone. Linda reluctantly leaves the cabin and tells Mrs.Puff who was on watch that Reyes is depressed and Mrs.Puff coldly says that he will get over it since he is just a child, Mrs.Puff and Linda then see the bright flares go up and are quite confused. Flashing back again, Mermaidman is deeply shocked that this was the first time that he lost somebody(NOT COUNTING SQUILLIAM SINCE MR.KRABS DAMAGED HIS BODY). Old Man Jenkins, Sonequa and Omar are comforting him saying that everything has to go better at some point and as Mermaidman smiles at them in relief, the four also see the flares go up and get concerned. Back in the present, the 13 survivors who remain with 12 of them talking with each other since Reyes wants to be alone and they talk about these flares. Spongebob and Patrick think it's more barbaric survivors who want what they have while the rest think it's survivors sending out a distress signal. Reyes then comes out of his cabin and says it is his parents(the siblings of Kal and Kenneth) who were on a run with four other prisoners attempting to get them on their side when Spongebob's group came to the factory and have found their dead relatives and are following their footprints and are exacting revenge. Spongebob tells him if he is correct and Reyes says yes, he used one of those flares and knows it's them.

Season 3, Episode 7 ~ NOT SAFE : Spongebob tells the group to get the boats ready for a fight if Reyes is correct that they are not quite done yet with the murderous Log Factory members. More and more flares are fired up into the air and then fire bombs are thrown toward the boats. Most miss but one eventually hits the second boat. Everyone is packing up their supplies and loading their weapons with lots of ammo. Spongebob starts shooting back at the people attacking them with his assault rifle and nails one in the head. The attackers begin swimming to the boats and Spongebob convinces the group to jump overboard with just some supplies since the fire is spreading to more areas. They do so and swim away. When getting back to land, Omar is shot in the leg by an attacker but lives, the fire finally spreads to the first boat and engulfs Omar's shooter in flames. Spongebob helps out Mermaidman and Ernest with the injured Omar to escape. During their run, they run into the same herd of zombies from Season 4, Episode 4 and run as fast as possible. Clarissa who is being dragged by Squidward along the way lets go of his hand and she says "Good Luck Squid Guy" and runs to the herd laughing and allows them to devour her to let the others escape. After escaping the herd, Ernest and Squidward are in deep anguish (Ernest because, he lost another family member and Squidward because, he wanted to become her boyfriend.) As Spongebob discusses where to go next, Squidward runs off and ignores Spongebob's yells for him to come back. Patrick tells Spongebob to let him go since he wants to blow off steam and they need to move mandatory. Spongebob reluctantly has the rest of the group move on with him hoping Squidward will find them later. Spongebob then stops for a minute finding red spray paint and returns to the beach they landed on avoiding the herd and sprays the ground with these words :"Not Safe" and then drops it and continues walking with the group.

Season 3, Episode 8 ~ STRANGER DANGER : The next day, Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman, Old Man Jenkins, Linda, Sonequa, Reyes, Ernest and Omar are holding out under a bridge in the woods hiding from 36 zombies roaming above them. After the zombies pass, Spongebob says they will live because, even though these attacks are bad, they make them stronger and everyone agrees EXCEPT Ernest. Ernest is still in disbelief that not only has he lost his wife but now lost his daughter as well. Ernest also says that Spongebob is wrong because, they lost two people, one to zombies and the other who ran off. Spongebob, starting to get angry, gets into an argument with Ernest about leadership of the group. Spongebob then loudly says, "IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ME BEING THE LEADER, THEN BECOME THE LEADER YOURSELF!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PRESSURE IS LIKE, NONE OF YOU DO!!!!! SO, ANYONE WANNA STEP UP AND RISK GETTING PRESSURED?! NO TAKERS, I THOUGHT SO, NOW LETS KEEP MOVING, I DON'T CARE IF ANY ZOMBIES HEAR US!!!!!!!!!!"

As the group continues to move, they see a survivor on top of a tree trying to kill five zombies below with a stick and is in a huge panic. Spongebob ignores him and so does Patrick, Sandy and Mrs.Puff but Ernest(not wanting to see any more death) kills the zombies and lets the survivor get down. The survivor introduces himself as Pastor Ramen(a 25 year old assistant priest who has just recently run out of food). Spongebob doesn't believe him and punches him in the face knocking him out cold. Spongebob orders Patrick and Sandy to check his unconscious body and Ernest tries to tell Spongebob to trust him but Spongebob ignores Ernest and gets his hatchet ready. Ramen regains consciousness and while Spongebob points his hatchet toward Ramen's head, Sandy tells Spongebob that she found no weapons and Patrick confirms this. Spongebob reluctantly puts his hatchet away and orders Ramen to tell his story. Ramen says he is holding up at his Church and has run out of canned goods and vegetables and was going to a nearby farmer's market to get more but ran into the zombies and climbed up the tree fast out of fear and then you found me and threatened me. Spongebob believes him and tells him to bring his group and him to this Church. Ramen does so. Later, Spongebob, Ramen and the rest of the group arrived and see that this Church has some defenses as it has a gate, fence poles with injured zombies stuck to them to which Patrick kills them and a wooden bar on the door put there when Ramen is not inside. Spongebob takes the bar off and leads the group inside to look. After a little while, Spongebob calms down and the group settles down at the Church. Spongebob however asks the Pastor where this Farmer's Market is. Pastor Ramen says just a half of a mile away, Spongebob says that Ramen is going to lead Patrick, Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman and Old Man Jenkins there to get supplies.

Season 3, Episode 9 ~ LIFE AND DEATH : Spongebob, Patrick, Mrs.Puff, Mermaidman and Old Man Jenkins leave along with Pastor Ramen to go to this Farmer's Market and get supplies to survive. Spongebob leaves Sandy and Ernest in charge of the rest and Reyes to take care of the babies. Out in the open, Mermaidman says to Ramen of what his life was like before s**t hit the fan, Ramen says besides doing weekly services as a priest at the Church, he had a 23 year old wife named Maryanne and she was pregnant. When the apocalypse hit, Maryanne tried to defend me and her unborn baby but got bit in the face by zombies and eventually devoured along with her unborn baby and I ran in cowardice and held up in my Church for the rest of the days and here we are. Mermaidman says he hasn't lost much besides his former pal, Barnacleboy but Mermaidman says he is long past that and says, "At least Barnacleboy did not have to see or go through the chaos with the living." Ramen asks what kind of chaos they went though but Spongebob tells him to shut up and be quiet, the six survivors then find the Farmer's Market and Ramen says he always took canned goods outside since this was also a FEMA shelter in the early days but all of the trays are empty, Spongebob then says they will go inside but a nervous Ramen says he isn't sure about this since he never went in. Spongebob angrily calls him weak and says they went in lots more danger than this, they can handle it. Ramen reluctantly tags along with Spongebob and the others. At the Church, Sandy and Ernest are watching the babies since Reyes has to sleep since he is exhausted. Ernest says that when the babies are older, they need to train them on how to fight to survive otherwise they won't live. Linda is on watch outside and Omar is laying down recovering good and says that his Father is right and the babies need to be safe. Sandy says she will think about it but for now they are way too young and need to be defended by the grown ups, Ernest agrees. Back at the market, Spongebob bangs on the windows to attract any possible zombies inside, Patrick asks Ramen if he has any weapons at all, Ramen says no, he was just a bit lucky and says Spongebob and his group are lucky as well for surviving this long. Spongebob coldly says to Ramen that they don't need luck, just skill. No zombies, Spongebob and the others go inside, Ramen chickens out but Spongebob forcefully grabs him by his coat. Inside, the group is shocked, they see Squidward, alive and well, sitting against a wall near empty cans of baked beans and lots of dead zombies laying near him. Squidward has calmed down a lot but is still depressed over Clarissa's death. He rejoins Spongebob's group and now the seven survivors go to more areas of the Market to get as much supplies as possible. Spongebob is spying on Ramen who is grabbing some apples and baby food. Patrick who was nearby grabbing some bananas tells Spongebob what's wrong. Spongebob coldly whispers to him that Ramen is hiding something since he is way too mysterious and he does not trust him at all again. Patrick understands where Spongebob is at in terms of fishianity due to all the chaos they went through in this horrible world but Patrick says it's just him and he has no weapons and even if he was a threat, it would be one threat against twelve tough survivors. Spongebob agrees and goes to get some canned Baked Beans. Mermaidman is in the pills aisle going to get some more pills as medical supplies but falls through the creaky floor and lands in an underground room full of dirty water and two horribly smelly and decayed skeleton looking zombies in there. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mrs.Puff, Old Man Jenkins and Pastor Ramen arrive at the scene, the survivors shoot at the zombies but the zombies are so decayed that the bullets and one of Squidward's arrows hit their bones and have no effect at all. Spongebob tells Ramen to jump in and break the zombies apart to save Mermaidman, Ramen goes into a panic and flees screaming, the zombies topple over Mermaidman and bite Mermaidman in the face. Mermaidman tries to get his knife but if falls out of his pocket and lands in the dirty water. Spongebob is in a deep shock seeing his favorite superhero and medic of the group getting devoured by only two zombies due to Ramen's cowardly behavior. Patrick also shocked tries to save Mermaidman but sees that there is no way out of the hole he fell in and he is already done for. Spongebob and the others are forced to retreat much to their dismay as Mermaidman is submerged in the water and fully devoured by the zombies. Outside of the Farmer's Market, Ramen is catching his breath at a pole but is knocked unconscious by an angered Spongebob onto the pole and Spongebob (clearly depressed) tells Patrick, Squidward, Mrs.Puff and Old Man Jenkins to help put Ramen in the trunk of a parked car. Patrick finds a mostly full gas can and inserts it into the car after helping put the unconscious Ramen in the trunk and the five survivors with their unconscious coward leave the market for good not wanting to return and Spongebob cries.

Season 3, Episode 10 ~ LINK : Spongebob and the others return to the Church to be greeted by Sandy and Ernest. Sandy asks where Mermaidman is and Spongebob gives her a depressed look, Sandy realizes that Mermaidman is dead and says she is so sorry. Spongebob also says that he accepts her apology and tells her and Ernest to help them get the unconscious Ramen out of the car trunk so they can imprison him in a closet Spongebob found in there before. Spongebob tells Sandy that Ramen was the true cause of Mermaidman's demise by not helping him get the zombies off of him and they are going to settle out a vote of either killing Ramen or leaving the church and leaving Ramen behind to fend for himself. Sandy automatically agrees that Ramen should be killed since Mermaidman was with them since the start of this apocalypse. Ernest agrees by leaving since he is so sick of all the death around him. Spongebob says he is going to go inside and get everyone else's vote for what should happen. Meanwhile in the woods, six people are spying on Mrs.Puff and Old Man Jenkins bringing in Ramen's unconscious body and say to themselves they will kill them all at dusk. In the church, Spongebob explains to everyone else of how Mermaidman died and says that soon, they will begin to vote if Ramen should be killed or spared and they leave. Spongebob says they can't vote yet since he has to interrogate Ramen himself. Ramen who has regained consciousness is in the closet with a blindfold on his mouth freaking out, Spongebob and Patrick open the closet door and forcefully grab him out. Patrick and Sandy both angrily pin Ramen against the wall with one of their hands and using their other hands to point guns to his face. Spongebob grabs a wooden chair and sits down and interrogates Ramen coldly. Spongebob asks him questions of why he allowed Mermaidman to die. Ramen said he was scared and ran out of fear to save himself, Spongebob says bulls**t and gets up, throws the chair angrily and runs fast to Ramen pointing his hatchet toward Ramen's eyes. Ramen begins to cry saying he's sorry that their friend died, Spongebob appreciates and forgives his apology but says it's going to take a lot more to get past this and him, Patrick and Sandy lug Ramen back to the closet and lock the door. After hearing muffled cries, Spongebob says voting is beginning and as the votes are about to begin, a glass window is shattered by a small rock and a fire bomb is thrown inside which sets fire to the stage area where Ramen gave services pre-apocalypse. Spongebob tells the others to get their weapons ready and goes to investigate. They all go outside to see the six people(three men, three women) from earlier emerge from the woods all loaded up with firebombs, crossbows, axes and guns and the men say to our heroes that they are done for.

Season 3, Episode 11 ~ THOSE WHO KILL SURVIVE ; THOSE WHO DON'T DIE : Spongebob attempts to calm down these six attackers. Reyes recognizes one woman and one man and they turn out to be Reye's parents. Reyes attempts to stop his parents and their partners but Reye's Dad says, "Sorry, Son." The Dad shoots his gun toward Reyes but Reyes jumps out of the way and it hits a metal bar sticking out of the ground instead. Spongebob and Reyes shoot back, Spongebob kills Reye's Mom and Reyes kills one woman. A huge fight then breaks out, Reye's Dad and another attacker throw two more firebombs which hit a section of the fence and another hits the bell tower of the Church. One man attempts to stab Squidward but Squidward says, "I don't think so" and grabs him in a chuckhold, goes inside the burning church and pushes him into the burning stage where the man burns to death. Sandy and Mrs.Puff kill two attackers with the katana blade and meat cleaver. Reye's Dad and a woman are left and they are stabbed in the gut by Spongebob and Old Man Jenkins. They live but are losing blood fast. Spongebob then gets his Hatchet ready but Reyes stops him, Reyes takes the hatchet and says, "Sorry Dad" and slices the hatchet into his Dad's head killing him. Spongebob is shocked but also impressed that Reyes just killed his murderous Dad without remorse.

Season 3, Episode 12 ~ BYE AND HI : Spongebob, Reyes and the others attempt to put out the fire and save the church. Spongebob then goes inside and releases Pastor Ramen from his Prison room and gives him the chance to redeem himself. Ramen grabs a Fire extinguisher from a wall but the wall falls from burning fire and falls on top of Ramen and the Extinguisher catches fire. Spongebob tries to use the water hose outside but that too catches fire, Spongebob realizes the Church is done, Mrs.Puff then notices the two babies are still inside and saves them just before the bell tower collapses and falls into what's left of the Church. Spongebob and the others escape but Ernest says, "What about Ramen?" Spongebob pretends to not know what happened and continues on forcing Ernest to follow as the Church burns down and Ramen himself is engulfed in the flames. The next day, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mrs.Puff, Old Man Jenkins, Linda, Sonequa, Reyes, Ernest and Omar are walking across the woods, when emerging, they hear people peacefully talking, men laughing, kids playing and birds chirping and see a gated community with the title, THE GEORGETOWN COLONY. Spongebob attempts to turn around not buying this but then realizes there is no other place to go and tells his group that they're going in but not to attack. They knock on the gate and the gate is opened by an elderly guard named Jon and Spongebob says, "Here we go."

Season 3, Episode 13 ~ A PROMISING REALITY : Spongebob and his group enter The Georgetown Colony for the first time ever, They meet gate guards Jon and Sebastian. Sebastian tells them that if they are here to stay, they need to lower their weapons, Spongebob is a little mistrustful but since Kal and Kenneth acted happy go lucky which is unusual while Sebastian seems serious and legit, Spongebob lowers his hatchet and commands his group to lower their weapons too. Spongebob asks, "Do you have a leader or are you a council?" Jon says the leader is named Bill Project and he always wants to get to know the new arrivals to see if they are good to the community or bad to it. If bad, the person must be exiled, not killed. Spongebob says, "We won't hurt you as long as you don't hurt us." Jon values Spongebob as a leader who really looks out for his group and points to Bill Project's house. Spongebob then meets Bill who tells him about the origins of Georgetown, what they did to survive this long into the apocalypse and giving Spongebob a purpose to support the Community. Bill then gives Spongebob the job of being a patrolman after hearing about Spongebob's leadership from Seasons 2-5. Spongebob asks Bill what the patrolman does, Bill says, "Break up skirmishes, assure the safety of all the residents and prevent any savages from coming in and killing people." Spongebob accepts. The group is surprisingly settling into Georgetown pretty well except for Spongebob, Squidward, Mrs.Puff and Linda. Spongebob is trying to adjust to a community that reminds him of how life used to be, Squidward has seen so much chaos that he is done with sanctuaries and is not adjusting to his new surroundings well. Mrs.Puff thinks the people are weak since they do not carry guns or knives inside the walls and all of that is stored in the Armory but also says they seem legit since they basically act like real people and not people who are survivalists and lure in unsuspecting victims. Linda thinks this is not real since no person living a normal life would last this long into the apocalypse. Spongebob tells them to monitor the citizens for a few days so they won't have a repeat of the log factory. Patrick and Sandy however try to convince Spongebob that not every survivor is bad out there, some want to retain their fishianity and that is basically Georgetown itself. Spongebob tells them they have to monitor the citizens to see if they are legit or Grim Reapers ready to kill them. Bubble Bass then appears and is shocked to see Spongebob and his group, they have a great reunion since they haven't seen each other since the Log Factory and Bubble Bass says he overheard Spongebob and his group talking about Georgetown and the residents are not bad at all and are very much legit. Spongebob begins trusting the citizens but Linda still thinks otherwise and thinks Bubble Bass is brainwashed.

Season 3, Episode 14 ~ HOMECOMING : Spongebob tells Linda to be quiet, Spongebob says they will win if this is bad but after all the chaos they went through, something finally being legit is still possible and Spongebob orders his group to give it a try and if things go south, then they will slit Bill's throat as a warning shot to everyone that they are not to be messed with. Meanwhile, a few kids ask Reyes if he wants to play hide and seek. Reyes, no longer wanting to play anymore, tells them no. More kids then confront Reyes and force him to play with them. After Reyes refuses again, a nine year old kid named Michael notices Reye's gun and wants to hold it, Reyes (very seriously) forbids him to and Michael punches Reyes in the face, Reyes grabs his knife and sticks it toward Michael's neck telling him to not be a brat. Spongebob, Bill and Michael's mother(Patty) arrive at the scene and Patty is angered at Spongebob for allowing the kid of his group to carry such weapons. Spongebob coldly tells Patty that she does not know what they have been through and that she better back off. Patty's husband, Lance then arrives and threatens Spongebob to not hurt his wife or son. Lance, Patty and Michael leave and all the other kids do too, Spongebob touches the knife in his pocket while looking directly at Lance. Bill disarms him and tells him that he is having a homecoming cookout outside their church house to celebrate the arrival of Spongebob and his group. Then an older woman is seen jogging toward Bill. Bill introduces Spongebob to her, her name is Diane and she is Bill's 62 year old sister. After Spongebob and Reyes leave, Diane tells Bill to stop bringing new people in since one of them could be Savages, Bill says, "That's bulls**t" and leaves to get the cookout ready. In Spongebob's house, Spongebob says to his group that Bill is having a cookout for their arrival at their community and says that they need to not monitor any Georgetown residents or Bill and his family, just three certain Colonists : Lance, Patty and Michael since they were the only ones who started trouble so far. Spongebob says that while most of the community seems good-natured, Lance and his family are the only ones that are a threat to their survival. Bubble Bass looks on at Spongebob with disbelief that Spongebob is very mistrustful.

Season 3, Episode 15 ~ ONCE AGAIN (Total Flashback EPISODE) : Flashing back, Bubble Bass is the last to escape the now overrun Log Factory with a very small amount of supplies and an assault rifle. Bubble Bass kills many zombies while running through the forest wearing a helmet he stole from the factory. Bubble Bass holds out by himself for the night at an abandoned drugstore and burns many zombie corpses. The next day, Bubble Bass saves two survivors from zombies but one of them gets bit on the arm. Bubble Bass(not knowing you had to cut the arm off) puts the survivor out of her misery. The other survivor gets enraged since the bitten one was his wife and attempts to kill Bubble Bass but fails and is pushed into a herd of 30 zombies and gets devoured.  Bubble Bass then collapses in the empty road later starving and then sees a scallop and kills it and eats it's guts. Bubble Bass then ties what's left of the scallop on rope and wears it around his neck. Two days later, Bubble Bass passes out on a road from exhaustion and hunger as a car pulls up in front of him. Jon and a guy named David grab Bubble Bass and bring him in the car and drive him to The Georgetown Colony to save his life. Bubble Bass wakes up in the Colony and is on IV's. Bill, Diane, Patty and Lance come in. Lance is revealed to be the community's chef and cooked up a gourmet consisting of grilled Steak, Salami, Rice, Corn, Asparagus and Apple Juice which Bubble Bass consumes since he needs it after getting a little sick and delirious of eating raw guts from a scallop. One week later, Bubble Bass is back up to full health and is contributing to the community and becomes the Assistant Chef alongside Lance since he has cooking experience. Bubble Bass delivers Pasta Ragout to an elderly couple named Rose and Douglas, it is Rose's 70th birthday and Douglas's 68th birthday as they keep track of the days and they were both born on the same day. Bubble Bass then hears 29 zombies outside trying to get in and sees one zombie devouring a deer outside. Finally, Bubble Bass goes on a game run to hunt game with two Colonists named Tucker and William and they stumble across the beach Spongebob spraypainted the words "Not Safe" on, this was also the same time Spongebob and the group were being inducted into The Georgetown Colony and the three decide to head back.

Season 3, Episode 16 ~ UNDERCOVER : Back in Present-Day, Spongebob takes a shower in his house and then shaves off his grimy beard and gives himself a haircut using scissors so he can fit in at the cookout. Spongebob convinces Patrick and Old Man Jenkins to shave and give themselves haircuts as well but when trying to convince Squidward, Squidward refuses and says he likes having long black hair and a beard and says he is not going to the Cookout and will be hunting Possum outside and killing zombies. Meanwhile, Bubble Bass is in the community's kitchen preparing raw meat from hunted deer and hunted seahorses and Lance comes in and grabs a kitchen knife and puts it in his pocket and says that Spongebob is a bit of a danger to the community and says to Bass that if things don't go well, he will drive the knife into Spongebob's skull. Bubble Bass says to Lance, "Don't do anything stupid!" Lance scoffs and just wants to protect his wife, who is the community's doctor and his nine year old son. Outside of the Church house, Jon gets the grill ready and Bubble Bass arrives with the raw meat and Lance carefully puts it on the grill. All the other Colonists as well as Spongebob and his group then arrive, Spongebob is socializing with the other residents so he can fit in, Patrick is on watch duty to make sure no zombies break in and Reyes is trying to clean his gun but sees Michael on the other side of the picnic table staring at him and Michael punching his fist imitating that Michael wants to hurt Reyes so bad, Reyes gives him the finger and continues cleaning his gun. Patty notices Spongebob has old cuts from the barbaric battle back at Ramen's church and scoffs and tells him to treat the cuts himself since she does not treat pedophiles and drinks some wine. Spongebob humorously but also seriously says that before this apocalypse hit, he cooked Krabby Patties for a living and every once in a while, one burned and had to be thrown away, Spongebob then says to Patty that she is basically a burned Krabby Patty as she has Patty in the name, has a very Krabby attitude and he also heard that she burns food a lot and says that it was a great choice that Bill did not make her the chef and she needs to be thrown away immediately. Patty gasps in offense and Lance confronts Spongebob and tells him to keep his mouth shut and mind his own business. Spongebob then tells Lance that his meat is burning, Lance thinking Spongebob is making more food jokes ignores him but Spongebob says that his food is literally burning and Lance turns around and sees the top of the grill on fire. Lance panics and knocks over the grill which puts out the fire but also ruins the food. Spongebob laughs at Lance's stupidity and Lance grabs him by the neck and takes out his Kitchen Knife from earlier and points it to Spongebob's face for ruining the cookout.

Season 4 (2014, 2015-)

Due to the explicit gore of Season 3 and the mess of the episode production order, The Spongebob Dead went on a hiatus from 2012-2014 to catch up with Season 5 of The Walking Dead. The show finally returned on October 10, 2014 with the first two episodes of Season 4 and then returned again on October 17, 2015 with Episode 3+

Season 4, Episode 1 ~ TRUE NATURE : Reyes points his handgun at Lance for threatening Spongebob and Michael runs across the tables and tackles Reyes to the ground and gets into a fist-fight with him. Spongebob head-butts Lance and the two also get into a physical brawl and roll down the main street punching and kicking each other. Bill gets enraged not at Spongebob or Reyes but at Lance and Michael for their foolish behavior, he breaks up the fight with Reyes and Michael and orders Patty to control her son. Patty angrily yells at Bill bringing up the fact that Reyes pointed a gun to Lance and slaps Bill across the face knocking him to the ground, Diane, now enraged, punches Patty in the face knocking her out cold and goes to help her younger brother. All the commotion inside the walls brought the attention of 14 zombies outside who bang their rotting hands and arms and legs on the hard walls. Spongebob and Lance are all the way down the street at the gate, Squidward then opens the gate bringing back three dead possums he hunted and sees Spongebob and Lance punching each other. Squidward closes and locks the gate and tries to break up the fight, Squidward however gets accidentally punched in the stomach by Lance and an enraged Squidward grabs his crossbow and aims for Lance's head but misfires and nails Spongebob in the stomach making him scream. Lance gets off of Spongebob, pushes Squidward out of the way making Squidward land against the gate and grabs a rock and is about to smash Spongebob's face in with it but Squidward knocks Lance out cold with the butt of his longbow. Squidward then carefully takes his arrow out of Spongebob's stomach and apologizes for accidentally shooting him, Spongebob forgives him and tells him to grab that rock so he can kill Lance with it, Squidward doesn't and says Spongebob needs to be brought to the medical ward mandatory, Spongebob then passes out. Later, Spongebob wakes up on a hospital bed and sees Lance, Patty and Michael all on beds as well weakly trying to reach for him but fail. Old Man Jenkins comes in and treats only Spongebob as Mermaidman taught him lots of medical things. Lance, Patty and Michael yell at Jenkins to treat them but Jenkins says he does not treat bad people and leaves enraging them even further. Lance then yells at Spongebob telling him he is so dead to which Spongebob gets an angry facial expression on his face.

Season 4, Episode 2 ~ THE PENDING DEPRESSION : Spongebob makes a speech on his hospital bed to Lance for saying he is going to kill Spongebob : "Dear Lance, you do not know one s**t about what my group and I did out in the open to survive, you think you're hot s**t just because your a Gourmet Chef and have all kinds of knives but YOU'RE NOTHING! Your weak, spineless and a bad role model to your wife and son making them big jerks too! You think you can kill me?! YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT A SHELTERED CHEF LIKE YOURSELF CAN KILL A HARDENED SURVIVALIST LIKE ME?! F**k you a*sbreath! DO YOU HAVE ANY F***ING IDEA OF WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO?! Yeah, I don't think so, so shut up." Lance looks on at Spongebob in anger. Two days later, Spongebob is released from the town hospital and so is Lance and his family. The four do not even acknowledge each other at all and stay out of their ways(for now). Patrick asks Spongebob how he's feeling and Spongebob positively said, "Never better." Spongebob also says to Patrick that Lance wants to kill him when he gets the chance. Spongebob says he told off Lance in a speech but thinks Lance did not listen and his stupidity is going to kill both of us but him first. Spongebob says he wanted to kill him that night on the street but Sponge passed out soon after and it did not come to mind. Spongebob then says to Patrick that's it's not worth it since it might cost them Sanctuary since Bill does not tolerate execution or murder here. Patrick agrees with everything Spongebob said and he along with Squidward, Sandy and Mrs.Puff can defend him at night while he is sleeping and take turns each to prevent Lance from succeeding in his twisted nature. Lance is then seen spying on Spongebob and Patrick from afar and sharpens his kitchen knife. Later, Spongebob goes to Bill and Diane's house to ask them on how to handle Lance because, if Spongebob was leader of Georgetown, he would've long killed Lance by now. Bill says, "Even though Lance is dangerous, we don't execute people. That's not us." Spongebob starts to get angry that Bill is being such a pacifist by not allowing him to kill Lance for his true nature. Diane shows him out of the house since she can't put up another fight right now. Later, Spongebob talks with Squidward and Sandy about Lance and Bill not allowing them to kill him. Squidward tells Spongebob that this is the exact reason why he no longer trusts communities and goes outside the gates to hunt some worms. Later on in the evening, Douglas is helping Bubble Bass cook some cherry pies since Lance can't cook right now and Bubble Bass converses with Douglas saying that Lance should be better by now, he wasn't that injured. Douglas stays undecided but Bubble Bass soon realizes that Lance is going to kill Spongebob for the fight and grabs a Kitchen knife and leaves Douglas in charge of the pies. At Bill's house, Spongebob apologizes with Bill and Diane about his anger spell earlier and says he has lost too much and usually isn't soft anymore on people. Bill accepts his apology and so does Diane. Sonequa, Mrs.Puff and Linda are guarding Spongebob. Suddenly, Sonequa is shot in the stomach by a sniper rifle, as she falls to the ground bleeding and Linda desperately trying to help her, Lance emerges from the shadows wielding Sandy's katana with Sandy tied up at a tree from afar, Lance rants at Spongebob about him ruining everything and ruining the cookout. Lance then gets ready to go into attack mode and pushes Mrs.Puff out of the way and walks toward Spongebob with the katana. Diane steps in and slaps Lance across the face for his behavior, Lance goes into a full rage, grabs Diane by her shirt and stabs her throat out with the Katana, as Mrs.Puff and Jon(who arrived on the scene) try to contain Diane's blood, Spongebob is in a big shock and Bill snaps and grabs the Katana with lots of force and slaughters Lance to death with it going against his no kill rule. Lance luckily dies but unfortunately, so does Diane. Bill stabs Diane in the head to prevent reanimation while sobbing and Lance's head was slaughtered in so much that he won't reanimate. Season 6 concludes as the whole town sees what happened.

Season 4, Episode 3 ~ NEVER DO IT AGAIN : Season 7 kicks off with a new group of survivors wielding axes. A young lady is seen tied up over a fire pit, the leader reveals his name to be Harlan and calls his group, The Barbarians. Harlan says that this apocalypse is the sign of the human and fish kind to return to their natural state. Unlike the other villains we met so far, these guys are different and more cunning and tons more barbaric and gory than anyone else, even worse than the Log Factory members. Harlan then orders his two head minions named Bloodbath and Gutface to make the fires, a fire is set in the firepit, as the fire is burning the lady alive, Harlan grabs his axe and says they live by a code, it is called Never Do It Again, this references that people don't belong in civilization anymore. Harlan then axes the lady to death and grabs the guts before the fire spreads and him and his people celebrate laughing throwing the guts around and eating some and rubbing some on their clothes. After the theme song, back at The Georgetown Colony, Bubble Bass arrives on the scene and sees Lance's corpse beat in and Diane's bloodied corpse and Bill in despair, explains what happened. At the town hospital, Sonequa is brought in on a stretcher by Linda, Mrs.Puff and Jon. A reluctant Patty is forced to treat Sonequa. At Spongebob's house, Spongebob has a chat with Patrick, Squidward, Ernest, Omar and Sandy(who he untied) to discuss about what is going to happen after the recent deaths of Diane and Lance. Patrick says they should bury Diane and burn Lance, Squidward says they should leave the community and be on the road again, Ernest says that they should deliver a speech, Omar is undecided and Sandy says Spongebob should assume leadership. Bill then comes in the house overhearing everything and in a serious voice says that Spongebob is the leader now and he is too unfit to lead any further and says that Douglas and a Colonist named Wesley are burying Diane right now and Bubble Bass and Sebastian are outside the walls going 2 miles into the forest to throw Lance's corpse to the zombies. Spongebob accepts Bill's offer. The next day, after the funeral for Diane and Diane only, Sonequa in the town hospital dies from her gunshot wound, Mrs.Puff grabs a knife and stabs Sonequa in the head to prevent her reanimation. After another funeral this time for Sonequa, Spongebob goes onto the perch and then tells Patrick to come up here. Patrick climbs up to Spongebob and the two see a faint light like a fire of some sorts in the distance and get concerned about this. Then in another direction, their jaws drop, a herd of 8,000+ zombies are coming off the horizon headed towards The Georgetown Colony.

Season 4, Episode 4 ~ KIDNAPPED : After the full burial for Diane and Sonequa is complete, a panicking Spongebob and Patrick run to the Graveyard and alert everyone there that 8,000+ zombies are headed straight for the town, after getting a look for himself, Bill says he's right, everyone flies into a mass panic, windows and doors are broken, mailboxes are kicked into the street, two unnamed Colonists trying to control the crowd are gunned down by the rest of the colonists and one Colonist sets fire to a Molotov Cocktail and throws it into a car smashing the windshield in the process and setting the car on fire. Spongebob shoots down the person who set the fire with his revolver to control the riot. The riot ends and everybody is in order. Spongebob orders Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Bubble Bass, Ernest, Douglas, Jon and seven Colonists named Beatrix, Tom, Wesley, Fernand, Willie, Siddiq and Nesbitt to come with him outside to try and lead the mega herd away. Bill, Mrs.Puff, Reyes and Old Man Jenkins are left in charge at TGC. Michael is enraged that Reyes is in charge and walks away. Outside, Spongebob and the group shoot off some of the kids's model rockets in the sky to get the mega herd's attention. Meanwhile, The Barbarians, after hearing the model rockets go off realize there is more living people northeast and start making their way there. Back outside, Beatrix trips on some tied up plants(most likely tied up as a defense mechanism) and the zombies catch up to him devouring him and Nesbitt shows extreme worry walking on hearing Beatrix's screams. Squidward finds a car with full gas and tells Spongebob that Sandy, Ernest, Douglas and him can use it to distract most zombies in another direction, Spongebob agrees.

Willie is then grabbed by zombies and gets devoured from the neck up. Spongebob, Bubble Bass, Jon, Tom, Wesley, Fernand, Siddiq and Nesbitt continue on while Patrick goes solo to make sure no more zombies are going to TGC. In the car, Squidward is driving and Sandy, Ernest and Douglas are keeping in touch with Spongebob and the others while leading about 3,000 of the 8,000 zombies away. Finally, Patrick is reaching TGC when he is knocked unconscious by an unknown person.

Season 4, Episode 5 ~ GOOD LUCK : In The Georgetown Colony after most left to control the mega-herd, Patty is angry that she still doesn't know the whereabouts of Lance. Mrs.Puff gives the news to Patty regarding Lance's death from the Season 6 Finale. Patty breaks down in anguish and Michael makes an angry expression towards Reyes. Meanwhile, Bill goes outside the gates for the first time since the beginning of the apocalypse and realizes that his approach to sustain good lives differs completely from the bloodbath that is the real world. Bill also notices about precisely 2,608 zombies munching on the dead corpses of Beatrix and Willie. As Bill turns around, he sees Sebastian firing gunshots to two zombies on the wall and Bill yells at him to stop firing, the 2,608 zombies as well as a few others in the landscape hear this and start making their way towards TGC. Back in TGC, Bill gets back in and alerts Mrs.Puff that many zombies are on their way and he does not know how to fight. Bill starts panicking since he thinks he is dead for sure. Mrs.Puff slaps him across the face a few times so he can get a hold of himself. Mrs.Puff orders everyone to get their guns and knives at hand and get ready for an unforgettable fight. As everyone gets ready, Mrs.Puff yells out to Patty, Patty is assumed to be staring in Space, then she says to Mrs.Puff solemnly, "Good Luck,"   she then takes a knife and stabs her neck out committing suicide. Mrs.Puff is beyond shocked that Patty just killed herself in a time like this. The zombies have already arrived and due to their mass weight, they start pushing down the front wall and eventually succeed, Sebastian falls off his perch and is then toppled over by zombies and gets devoured. Mrs.Puff orders everyone to get to safety inside their houses and other buildings. They do so as the zombies begin making their way into the colony. Finally, Patrick Star wakes up in the same place the lady was burned and axed to death. He sees her reanimated corpse among many others tied up on a stone wall. Harlan and the other Barbarians then reveal themselves. Patrick is able to untie his hands and grabs his numb chucks and is able to kill many of them, more show up however and pin Patrick to the ground. Harlan decides to take a different approach with Patrick by just wielding the axe with him, Harlan bloodies the axe with some zombie blood to infect Patrick and make him die that way if he were to escape, Harlan then says his Never Do It Again code and before Patrick can ask, Patrick gets the axe smashed into his stomach many times, Patrick screams as Harlan axes him to death, Patrick Star dies from all the blood loss and Harlan and The Barbarians celebrate by taking out his guts and throwing them around celebrating and laughing and eating some and rubbing some on their shirts.

Season 4, Episode 6 ~ PARTING : Back outside TGC, Squidward, Sandy, Ernest and Douglas continue leading more zombies away from the community driving the car slowly. Sandy is surprised that this plan is working, Squidward tells her he is happy too but they can't jinx this otherwise, we're all dead. Sandy understands. Meanwhile, Spongebob, Bubble Bass, Jon, Tom, Wesley, Fernand, Siddiq and Nesbitt are discussing a new plan after they realized the zombies they were leading away broke off and are headed towards TGC. Before plans are made, Wesley gets bit on the shoulder by a zombie and Tom gets bit in the face. Spongebob kills the two zombies and puts Wesley and Tom out of their misery. Nesbitt, mortified by seeing four people die in front of him from zombies panics and runs off, the others try to catch him but fail when they see Nesbitt run into a group of zombies and getting eaten alive himself. Spongebob, Bubble Bass, Jon, Fernand and Siddiq leave while the zombies swarm and fully devour Nesbitt. The five survivors we are following stop at an abandoned snail food packaging factory. At the car, Squidward and his small group are still leading the zombies away from TGC when they notice lots of fresh blood and guts. They follow and stumble across The Barbarians hideout, Squidward then notices fresh blood and guts on the ground, then they notice a zombified Patrick Star tied to a stone wall among other zombified corpses. Squidward puts Patrick out of his misery. As they are astonished, sixteen Barbarians emerge wielding axes and go into attack mode, they nail Ernest in the stomach, Squidward shoots most of them in the head with his assault rifle and Sandy slices a few Barbaric heads off with her Katana. Squidward realizes that these bad people have killed Patrick and many other unsuspecting victims and not only are a threat but also must've built up the mass amount of zombies, as revenge, Squidward,Sandy,an injured Ernest and Douglas leave as the zombies they were leading away overrun the barbaric grounds. Spongebob goes solo to try and get more bombs of needed at TGC, Bubble Bass leads Jon, Fernand and Siddiq to safety, then 1,880 zombies they were leading away catch up and grab Fernand and devour him, Bubble Bass, Jon and Siddiq flee since there are too many zombies. Spongebob is at the ammunition place near TGC where they got their weaponry when suddenly five Barbarians run out with knives attempting to kill Spongebob. Spongebob evades all their attacks and shoots them down with guns. He then sees 20 more Barbarians and shoots them down as well with the last bits of ammo he had. Bubble Bass, Jon and Siddiq are able to return to TGC along with meeting up with Squidward, Sandy, Ernest and Douglas and they look on in horror seeing 2,608 zombies invading Georgetown.

Season 4, Episode 7 ~ THE BLOODBATH WITHIN : Squidward orders everyone to begin fighting off the invading zombies. Sandy, Ernest and Douglas agree but Jon freaks out and attempts to recklessly try to take back the community but since he's weak, he is grabbed by zombies and gets devoured from the neck up. Squidward, Sandy, Ernest, Bubble Bass, Siddiq and Douglas climb on top of a house to discuss tactics. Then they see unnamed Colonists trying to kill the zombies but getting ambushed and devoured themselves. Then they see Mrs.Puff, Reyes, Linda and Bill kill tons of zombies unscathed. Mrs.Puff throws many weapons to Squidward and his small group so they can fight, they jump off the house but Ernest, totally forgetting that he was shot, breaks his stomach during the fall and dies from the impact, Sandy stabs Ernest's head in with her Katana to spare him becoming a zombie. They resume and continue fighting. Meanwhile, Spongebob has gotten all kinds of ammunition such as smoke grenades, knives, guns, numb-chucks, bombs and shields and uses a good amount of them to escape zombies coming onto the property and tries to contact Patrick but only hears static, then he contacts Squidward and Squidward over his walkie talkie says that a zombie invasion is happening and they are doing their best to end it, Spongebob immediately says, "Thanks" and makes an effort to get back to the Colony to help them out. The colony meanwhile is still overrun but over 800 zombies were killed since Squidward and the others are way too tough, Reyes then sees Michael get cornered by zombies, Reyes attempts to save him but Squidward stops him saying Michael was a bully to Reyes and he had this coming, Reyes watches in horror seeing Michael get eaten alive by the zombies.

Season 4, Episode 8 ~ NOW AND THEN : Spongebob is on his way back to the community, he contacts Squidward over walkie talkie and Squidward says more zombies are going down but Patty shot herself and Michael is getting eaten alive, Spongebob stops in his tracks for a minute showing some guilt but gets a hold of himself and moves on. At the Colony, another unnamed resident is swarmed and devoured by the zombies. About 1,608 zombies continue to roam while the other 1,000 were killed. Douglas finds his wife Rose being cornered by a few zombies, Douglas kills the zombies and gives a gun to his wife and to stay in the Armory and not shoot unless if she really has to, Douglas locks her in and continues fighting off the undead. Meanwhile, Harlan is outraged when he found out many of his people were killed by only two strangers. Harlan(clearly angry) wants to find them and rip their throats out for this atrocity. Bloodbath does not want to finding them scary, Harlan calls him a Weak Teddy bear and not a true Barbarian, Harlan then grabs a spear and slices it through Bloodbath's throat killing him. Harlan tells Gutface and the other Barbarians to not tie him up or take his guts out and leave him since they got a more important mission to do. Spongebob later arrives at the Colony unscathed and Bill and Mrs.Puff let him in. Spongebob reveals he has more weapons and traps to get rid of the zombies faster and they need to find Squidward and set these up soon. The three eventually find Squidward and they begin setting up the traps which work and fling the zombies a short distance and making them land on a hard surface destroying their brains. Spongebob asks for the whereabouts of Ernest and Squidward says he is dead. Spongebob shows some remorse but gets a hold of himself again and joins the fight. Suddenly, a resident named Quincy gets his throat slit by Harlan and guts taken out by Gutface. The Barbarians have arrived.

Season 4, Episode 9 ~ ALWAYS DANGEROUS : Harlan and Gutface are leading their squad of Barbarians and together with the zombies make the invasion now even worse at the zone. Three Colonists named Andrew, Johnny SR and Kate get stabbed to death by Barbarians but Joey, Johnny JR and Meredith shoot down those eight Barbarians since this Invasion is starting to harden them. A Barbarian named Backbone slashes open the stomach of a Colonist named Yumiko but Yumiko's brother, Roy sneaks up on Backbone and stabs Backbone in the head with a bowie knife. Not wanting to see his younger sister suffer. Roy stabs her in the head out of mercy. A few more Colonists named Sarah, Kev and Jake are approached by some unnamed Barbarians but the Barbarians get spears sliced into their necks by Squidward, Mrs.Puff, Sandy, Bubble Bass and Douglas. Mrs.Puff distributes guns to them and orders them to help fight, Sarah agrees and shoots down a Barbarian who was hiding behind a tree planning to ambush Squidward. Harlan meanwhile is getting furious that lots of his Barbarians are getting killed and orders Gutface to send in the outlaw, Gutface opens the gate and is pushed to the ground by this barbaric outlaw, this outlaw is named Sachet(he is named after scenting clothes but if you mention it, your head will be sliced off and you will not even feel it.) Harlan orders Sachet to not kill anyone directly and instead beat them senseless until they are ready to be tied up with rope later. Sachet "follows" his orders and goes and finds four Colonists hiding in fear under a tree with one of them bitten from a walker and they are named Gary(not to be confused with the snail), Arthur, Cher and Ulysses. Sachet temporarily breaks rules and slices his knife across Arthur's face many times since Arthur was the bitten one until he is dead. He then knocks Gary, Cher and Ulysses unconscious and ties their hands and feet up with tight rope. Meanwhile, Harlan is about to shoot down an unnamed Colonist he found that is being eaten by three zombies but Spongebob tackles him to the ground and beats him senseless. Spongebob gets kicked around many times and Spongebob takes a knife and stabs Harlan in the spleen with it. Harlan screams and Spongebob tries to get a gun to finish him off but Harlan grabs him by the shirt and takes out a blowtorch he found in the Armory and blowtorches half of Spongebob's face off.

Season 4, Episode 10 ~ BURN : Spongebob screams with pain and squirms around the ground bleeding out from his face burn. Harlan leaves the Colony laughing. Mrs.Puff and Bill notice him and see the 49 walkers left going for Spongebob. Just then, a truck is driven through the open gate by Squidward and crashes into the walkers. Squidward, Mrs.Puff and Bill help Spongebob to his feet and bring him to the Armory since Rose has medical experience. Suddenly, Bill gets bitten on the lower back by a walker. He kills the walker and tells Squidward and Mrs.Puff to "Forget about my bite and Spongebob is the bigger priority." Gutface then comes around a corner and attempts to drive an axe into Squidward but fails. Squidward starts beating him senseless down the street and yells at Mrs.Puff and Bill to move on without him. Mrs.Puff and Bill make it to the Armory and tell a scared Rose hiding behind some canned goods that she needs to save Spongebob. Rose comes to her senses and as Spongebob passes out, she starts to use some morphine on his face to make it feel better. Mrs.Puff goes outside and sees many unnamed Barbarians being gunned down by Sandy, Old Man Jenkins, Bubble Bass and the other colonists. The zombies left also devour some Barbarians. Outside the gates, Squidward is getting beaten senseless by Gutface. Squidward kicks Gutface in the anal area and takes off his mask and reveals his hideously deformed face being all red and full of dried blood and insides and a missing eye. Gutface says, "Now you know how I look" before charging at Squidward with anger. Squidward jumps out of the way and grabs the same axe Gutface tried to use on him before and drives the axe into Gutface's neck. Gutface chokes on his own blood and Squidward grabs a walker who roamed outside and throws it onto Gutface and the walker bites and eats what's left of Gutface's face. In the colony, one female Barbarian named Artery escapes with baby food but gets ambushed by Squidward and stabbed in the head by Squidward. In the armory, Rose is able to save Spongebob but forces him to stay in bed as he is in no shape to take on anything right now. Bill then falls down developing a fever as his bite is worsening. Meanwhile, the rest of the Colonists go into hiding and Sandy and Old Man Jenkins run out of ammo and climb up to a roof hoping this long nightmare will eventually end as they see 24 walkers below them desperately trying to get them and the streets littered with numerous walker corpses, Barbarian corpses and Colonist corpses including Ernest's corpse. Outside the gates, Gutface is dead and so is the attacking walker, Squidward stabbed it and as Gutface reanimates as one of the most hideous and disgusting looking walkers ever, Squidward stabs walker Gutface and smiles.

Season 4, Episode 11 ~ NEXT TIME : Sachet, after retreating from Georgetown with the imprisoned Cher, Gary and Ulysses starts swinging his axe dangerously close to Gary's face. As Sachet starts laughing like a weirdo, Cher yells at him in rage and Sachet just scoffs, calls her a weak bi**h and slices the axe into the head of a walker which broke into the house. At The Colony, Rose and Mrs.Puff are administering pain killers to Bill since the bite is still worsening and he has now developed the fever. As Bill starts coughing up blood and coughs, he shares a goodbye conversation with Spongebob and Mrs.Puff. 10 walkers are pounding at the armory door. Bill's last words to Spongebob are, "Georgetown is yours, take good care of her, take care of the people." As Bill finishes, the ten walkers start bursting in. Spongebob, Mrs.Puff and Rose escape by climbing out the window and see the walkers tearing Bill apart but are surprised that he is not even screaming, like he does not even care. Bill gets devoured by the walkers and Spongebob, Mrs.Puff and Rose advance toward the breach, kill walker Quincy there and finally are able to close up the breach by driving a truck, stacking packs of soil on it and a few more packs of soil in the front. Rose then notices Sandy and Old Man Jenkins trapped on a roof left defenseless and informs Spongebob of this. Spongebob is angry not only because, there are 24 walkers below them but the other Colonists went into hiding and are too cowardly to help out. Spongebob devises a plan to save the two survivors he has been with since the very beginning of the apocalypse by drawing the walkers out of the colony with noise. Spongebob then notices Harlan and realizes he has returned for round two and is pointing his sniper rifle at Sandy but misfires and nails Old Man Jenkins in the arm. Spongebob grabs his assault rifle and shoots Harlan in the leg with it. The amount of force from Old Man Jenkins getting shot was so bad that it pushes him off the roof. He lands on the ground but survives unlike Ernest and attempts to make a run for it. Sarah then comes out of her house and starts shooting at the walkers but is only attracting more toward her and Old Man Jenkins. A walker then bites Jenkins on the back neck and more walkers ambush him and bite him in multiple areas. Sarah attempts to save the doomed old man but is grabbed by a walker. Spongebob arrives to help but Sarah as she starts getting bit on the neck starts pulling Spongebob toward the herd as well. Wanting to survive, Spongebob chops off Sarah's arm and her and very suddenly Old Man Jenkins are devoured by the walkers. Jake(Sarah's brother) is outraged and attempts to kill Spongebob but fails and shoots him in the foot, Mrs.Puff stabs Jake in the head so he can stop drawing attention. Squidward then arrives and he and Rose manage to tie up Harlan and they handcuff him to a lamppost. The walkers have finished eating the corpses of Sarah, Old Man Jenkins and Jake and start slowly walking toward Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy, Mrs.Puff and Rose but many are gunned down all of a sudden and the group turns around to see Strangers have come in and are helping kill the walkers. After helping the strangers confused at this, all the walkers have finally gone down including Sarah and Old Man Jenkins as they were reanimating. Spongebob thanks them for their help but demand them info on who they are. The leader of the group steps up and says his name is Winslow and his group mates are Pete, Paula, Wyatt, Juneau, Sharon, Lyle, Kyle and Phyllis. Rose then says they can be trusted because, they have been here before and have a trade route of some sorts with us. Spongebob tells Rose why they weren't informed of this before. Rose says it is usually every few months or so, so they usually don't tell newcomers yet. Spongebob is glad to meet new allies but of course being hardened as he is gives them rules to abide otherwise they are as good as dead. They accept but ask for the whereabouts of Bill. Spongebob says, "Bill is dead."

Upcoming Episodes

Season 4, Episode 12 ~ ZEN : Synopsis : The walker invasion at last is over and most of the Colonists exchange peace and relaxation along with new allies but a few Colonists develop psychological issues from the nightmare they went through. After peace, Sachet delivers a message.

Season 4, Episode 13 ~ TBA

Season 4, Episode 14 ~ TBA

Season 4, Episode 15 ~ TBA

Season 4, Episode 16 ~ TBA

Season 5 (TBA) : The Spongebob Dead was renewed for an fifth season on Saturday, November 7, 2015. Season 5 will premiere most likely sometime in October 2016.

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