The Walking Dead:The Greene Family
Author RachelWhite25
Illustrator RachelWhite25
Published by RachelWhite25 On
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The Walking Dead: The Greene Family It is a story of survival in a zombie apocalypse, based on the show by AMC and the comic books by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.

Plot Summary

The history takes place with Matthew Greene he is Hershel Greene Half-Brother. Hershel and Matthew's father got with a another woman when he was alcoholic this woman name was Angela Brook she moved to another city,and she eventually realized that she was pregnant and took care of her baby alone,she later died when she was too old, leaving Matthew with her sister, Matthew married to Elizabeth Marsh and had children with her. The story will continue when the zombie outbreak starts and with the rest of The Greene Family.Read it soon on



  • Matthew Greene
  • Elizabeth Marsh/Greene
  • Brian Greene
  • James Greene
  • Hayle Brown
  • Billy Greene
  • Ryan Greene
  • Ethan Greene
  • Lira Greene
  • Suzanne Greene
  • Rachel Greene
  • Talia Greene
  • Emily Greene
  • Richard Monroe
  • Christine Monroe


  • The story will adapt Greene Family members that were not adapted in the TV series
  • The characters that are appearing in the main covers are: Rachel,Suzanne,Billy and Lira Greene



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