The Walking Dead: Decay was originally a fan series that premiered on YouTube, it eventually caught the attention of Robert Kirkman and became part of the official TV series canon. Despite that it does not cross into the TV Series itself.

The Story mainly focuses on a Group of Survivors in the United Kingdom.


Season One

Eleven Thirty Two

The Episode starts with Joe waking up in his bed, he checks his clock. The Clock reads 11:32AM. Joe goes downstairs and turns on his Television, only to find it not turning on. Joe then tries to turn on a light, but that fails also. He checks to see if there is something wrong with the powerlines outside. Joe looks out a window and notices smoke and flames in the distance. Joe then runs back upstairs and gets into some clothing and goes outside, all of his neighbours are packing into their cars. Joe asks one of the Neighbours what is going on. The Neighbour replies that Joe should leave Town, maybe even the country. Joe then walks back to his house, where he hears groaning from the side of the house. He walks over to the side and notices man growling at him and shambling towards him. Joe then pushes the Walker away, before it is shot by an unknown man.


Joe is in shock at the now dead Walker, and shouts at the man for killing it. The man reveals his name as John and what is happening. Joe is in shock at the thought of the Dead coming back and murdering people. He tells him that the government should have this covered, to which John replies that the Military have set up checkpoints at all entrances out of the country. John then asks Joe if he wants to come with him. Joe accepts and goes back inside to grab a few things, such as some food and a briefcase with clothes in.

John and Joe pile into John's Truck, with John's Family. John introduces his family to Joe, to which Joe introduces himself. They then get onto a Highway, but there is a large amount of cars trying to get out of the country. Joe then notice some Walkers coming from the side of the Highway and informs John. To which John then fires a gun to get everyones attention. Walkers begin to claw at the windows of the car, John then hands Joe a spare Pistol. Joe fires the pistol at the Walkers.

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