The Walking Dead: Divided Home is an upcoming Wattpad novel written by Krellverse. It is based on the article of the same name by Macabre hollow aka Mark Hickman. It is set eight months after the endings of The Walking Dead: Season Two.

The Walking Dead: Divided Home (Novel)
Author Krellverse
Macabre hollow
Publication date 2016 (subject to change)
Published by Wattpad
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Last Survivors


"What does it take to be a leader?"

Clyde Dover, a former businessman and natural leader who misused his power in his original group, was exiled from the community that he created. As Clyde travels through the post-apocalyptic land, he meets a small group of wanderers who take him in. During their travels, they rescue a woman from a group of bandits and it is from her they begin a journey toward Wellton, Arizona. However conditions in the community are poor and without a strong leader to unify the group, eventually it will collapse. Now Clyde must take matters into his own hands and save the community from its various obstacles.

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