The Walking Dead: Rebirth is a TV Series based on the TV and Comic Series of AMC's The Walking Dead. It will feature characters and plots from both along with unique things to keep the series fresh.


After waking up from a coma, Rick Grimes must survive in this new world. No one is who they were before. There is only one way to survive in this reborn world. Kill.


Season 1

TITLE Number Written By
Pilot 1 AquaSoloSky
Welcome to the Big City 2 AquaSoloSky
Others 3 AquaSoloSky
Those Who Came Before Us 4 AquaSoloSky
The Fork in the Road 5 AquaSoloSky
A Second Chance 6 AquaSoloSky


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  • Co-Starring only includes cast members who appear in three episodes or more.
  • Guest only includes those who have appeared in two episodes or more.
Actor Character Seasons
Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes Starring
Jon Bernthal Shane Walsh Starring
Sarah Wayne Callies Lori Grimes Starring
Laurie Holden Andrea Starring
Jeffrey DeMunn Dale Horvath Starring
Steven Yeun Glenn Rhee Starring
Emma Bell Amy Starring
Chandler Riggs Carl Grimes SR
Michael Rooker Merle Dixon SR
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon SR
Andrew Rothenberg Jim SR
Lennie James Morgan Jones Guest
Juan Gabriel Pareja Morales Guest
IronE Singleton Theodore Douglas Guest
Melissa McBride Carol Peletier Guest
Catherine Tate Donna Guest
Daniel Thomas May Allen Guest
Nikki Ghisel Mandy Guest
Madison Lintz Sophia Peletier Co-Stars
Adam Minarovich Ed Peletier Co-Stars
Jeryl Prescott Sales Jacqui Co-Stars
Adrian Kali Turner Duane Jones Co-Stars
Jeremiah Clayton Billy Co-Stars
Maverick Clayton Ben Co-Stars
Viviana Chavez-Vega Miranda Morales Co-Stars
Noah Lomax Louis Morales Co-Stars
Maddie Lomax Eliza Morales Co-Stars