The Walking Dead: Survive is a TV Series Show based off of AMC's The Walking Dead, but, as in The Walking Dead: Survive Video Game, it have a different storyline as well some different characters, it was confirmed that a spin-off video game and TV Series would be released after the end of season 6, it will be succeded by an comic series spin off.


Season 1

Title Writers Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "Days Gone Bye" Polimis January 18 12.00 million
2. "Guts" Polimis January 25 11.00 million
3. "Tell It to The Frogs" Polimis February 2 12.50 million
4. "Safe And Save " Polimis  February 9 11.00 million
5. "Wildfire " Polimis February 16 12.50 million
6. "TS-19 " Polimis February 23 13.50 million

Season 2

Title Writer Air Dates U.S Viewers
1. "Triggerfinger" Polimis July 2 TBA
2. "Miles Behind Us" Polimis July 9 TBA
3. "Secrets" Polimis July 16 TBA
4. "Bloodletting" Polimis July 23 TBA
5. "Chupacabra" Polimis July 31 TBA
6. "Cobalt" Polimis August 7 TBA
7. "Choice Your Poison" Polimis TBA TBA
8. "Better Angels" Polimis TBA TBA
9. "Tip of the Spear" Polimis TBA TBA
10. "Judge, Jury, Executioner" Polimis TBA TBA
11. "Little Brother" Polimis TBA TBA
12. "Confrontation" Polimis TBA TBA


  • The Walking Dead: Survive takes place in the same universe of it's video game counterpart

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