The Walking Dead: Survive is an episodic video game that takes place within Polimis's The Walking Dead: Survive TV series universe.

The game is developed and published by Telltale Games, associated with Skybound Entertainment.

Telltale released the start of Season 1 at the beginning in winter of 2015. The first episode of the adventure game debuted on November 1, 2015, for PC, Mac, and the PlayStation Network, on November 10, for Xbox Live Arcade, and on July December 5, 2017, for the iOS.

Due to the late release of the game for iOS, episode 2 became available for download on January 1th. The entire first season, (along with the "400 Days" DLC), will be released on February 14, 2018, for the PlayStation Vita.

Season 2 was confirmed to be planned by Polimis in July 2016.


Season 1

Title Writer(s) Release Date
1. "A New Day" Polimis December 5, 2014
2. "Hungry For Help" Polimis January 2, 2015
3. "Road to Savannah" Polimis
February 19, 2015
4. "Around the Corner" Polimis August 20, 2015
5. "Time Running Out" Polimis January 15, 2018


Season 1

(In order of appearance)


  • This game is inspired by Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, only with a different storyline
  • This game's events ocurr prior to the events of The Walking Dead: Survive (TV Series) 
    • This is evident in how Glenn appears in the game, then leaves and re-appears in Rick's story
  • This game's events ocurr at the same time that The Walking Anubis