The Walking Dead Chronicles is a spinoff of the Walking Dead



In LA, Detective Lieutenant Bruce McTiernan, a New York cop who has just been transferred, visits a party at his wife's, Bonnie's, place of work. While Bruce is getting changed, the party is attacked by zombies. The executive is eaten by a zombie. Bruce kills the zombie and contacts the police.

Police arrive to investigate the building but are attacked by zombies. Bruce kills another two zombies. One of Bonnie's co-workers is eaten by zombies. Bruce finds Alan Reeves, one of Bonnie's co-workers and teams up with him.

They encounter more zombies and Bruce kills two before he and Alan are forced to flee. Bruce finds a few other co-workers and takes them with him. They encounter two zombies but Bruce kills them. They find Bonnie still alive and take her with them.

They kill another two zombies and escape the building. Bruce is nearly killed by a zombie but is saved by Sergeant Johnson, one of the police investigating the building, and the only one known to have survived. The survivors meet news reporter William who was covering the event before losing his crew.

Bruce leads the group to his house where his kids Mary and Jay are. Arriving there they find Matthew Hughes and his girlfriend Mia hiding out. The group try to hide out in the house but the numbers for the limited food supply and they end up having to leave.

New York

Unable to stay in LA, the group try to travel to New York. Along the way, various members of the group are killed by zombies. Only Bruce, Bonnie, Alan, Johnson, Mary, Jay, Matthew and Mia survive. They reach New York only to find it also overrun with zombies.

They hide out in an apartment where they meet the mentally unhinged Robert Scorsese. Robert has been killing zombies since the outbreak. Robert at first threatens the group before deciding that they "don't need killing."

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