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Welcome to the Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Anything made by the fans, for the fans, in regards to The Walking Dead, fits perfectly right here.

There are currently 2,713 articles as of April 2017.

Monthly Poll

What is your favorite season?

The poll was created at 06:44 on April 1, 2017, and so far 13 people voted.

Connected Affilates

- Through TWDFan630 -
TWDFan630's Zombie Survival Stories
Survivalist Game Wiki
Dead Rising Fan Stories Wiki

Fanon Stories

TWDFan630's Walking Dead - Written by TWDFan630 (Completed)
Danger Of The Dead - Written by TWDFan630
TWDFan630's Walking Dead TV - Written by TWDFan630
Shadows In The Darkness - Written by TWDFan630 (Paused)
Lurking In My Universe - Written by TWDFan630
End Of Time - Written by TWDFan630 (Upcoming)
Humanity's Last Hope - Written by TWDFan630 (Upcoming)
TWDFan630's Walking Dead Game - Written by TWDFan630 (Upcoming)
TWDFan630's Walking Dead: Tales Of Dewsloan - Written by TWDFan630 (Upcoming)

A New Day - Written by KeepOnKeepingOn (Completed)
400 Days - Written by KeepOnKeepingOn (Currently Ongoing)
All That Remains - Written by KeepOnKeepingOn (Upcoming)
KeepOnKeepingOn's Walking Dead - Written by KeepOnKeepingOn
iSurvive the Zombie Apocalypse - Written by KeepOnKeepingOn

A New World - Written by JtheAlphabetBoy
Downfall - Written by JtheAlphabetBoy (Cancelled)
Willing To Survive - Written by JtheAlphabetBoy
Welfare - Written by JtheAlphabetBoy (On Hold)
Endurance - Written by JtheAlphabetBoy (On Hold)
JtheAlphabetBoy's The Walking Dead - Written by JtheAlphabetBoy

Old Man Kenny - Written by Ghost Hunter 85 (Cancelled)

More TBA


Please talk to any of us when you join the wiki or need help!


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