The Walking Dead Role-Playing Game is a custom tabletop RPG based on the comic book series and Telltale games'. The game uses the Unisystem, which was originally created for another survival-horror game, All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Adventures are usually targeted at survivors struggling on the road, trying to keep a large community together, or fighting in wars against rival groups.

Some game mechanics from The Walking Dead: Last Survivors have been added, specifically the heat and hunger/dehydration systems. An additional hypothermia system can be added for extremely cold areas. These mechanics may be removed if wished. The location of adventures or campaigns may be set anywhere in the world.

Additional traits have been added to allow a player to role play as any type of survivor such as: a cannibal, slave master, lone hunter, or group leader.





See also

For details on the game engine check out Unisystem.

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