Trudy Rehmann
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Late to 20's Early to 30's
Occupation Housewife
Family Unknown
First Appearance Part 1
Last Appearance Part 6
Death Episode Part 6
Cause of Death Devoured by Walkers
Status Dead
Series lifespan Part 6 to present
Ethnicity African-British
 Trudy Rehmann is a character who appears in The Walking Anubis, she was the previously owner of the Anubis house, before Victor Rodenmaar Jr.'s arrival


Part 1

Trudy is preparing the food for the dinner, when she witness Victor vomiting, she asks if he is fine and stays in the dinning room

Part 5

At the end of the part, Trudy can be heard yelling at walkers "Here"

Part 6

Trudy calls the attention of walkers, to allow Nina and her group to escape, as she is cornered her last words are "Do whatever you had to do, and stay alive", as she is torn apart by walkers.


Killed By:

​As Nina, Fabian, Amber and Patricia wanted to escape the house and Jerome and Mick fled in fear, Trudy allowed herself to be devoured, just to enough time to Nina to escape.

The walkers bump into the house and devour her, while Nina's group escapes.


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