Unleash The Walking Dead is a Wattpad fan based series written by the user Krellverse (KrellverseNovels on Wattpad). It is intended to be set in AMC's The Walking Dead and Telltale Games The Walking Dead. (In Krellverse canon Telltale Games The Walking Dead is the same universe as AMC's The Walking Dead whereas in "official" canon according to Robert Kirkman, Telltale Games The Walking Dead is set in the comic series.)

Book 1

Title Writer(s) Publication Date
1. "Wildfire" KrellverseNovels™ April 24th, 2015
2. "Under My Roof" KrellverseNovels™ May 13th, 2015
3. "Berry" KrellverseNovels™

July 7th, 2015
4. "(TBA)" KrellverseNovels™


5. "One Too Many" KrellverseNovels™ (TBA)
6. "Landmine" KrellverseNovels™
7. "Bonus Chapter" KrellverseNovels™

Book 1 cover.

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