Victor Rodenmaar Jr.
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Late to 30's early to 40's
Occupation Owner of the Anubis house
Family Victor Rodenmaar Sir-Father (Deceased)
First Appearance Part 1
Last Appearance Part 2 (Alive)
Death Episode Part 2 (Alive)
Cause of Death Fell from the second floor's balcony (Alive)
Status Undead
Series lifespan Part 1 to Part 2 (Alive)
Ethnicity Caucasian-British

Victor Rodenmaar Jr ,Victor Rodenmaar or simply Victor is a character as well a protagonist of the Walking Anubis series, he is actually the owner of the Anubis house, as well one of the infected


Part 1

A sick Victor goes to talk with Trudy, when suddenly vomites, later he goes to his office where only gets worst

Part 2

Victor is half-zombified as seen because he can't walk, he tries to get up and talk to Trudy but falls of the second floor's balcony, suddenly dying

Part 3

When Mara, Joy, Mick and Eddie goes downstairs the undead Victor approachs them and tries to bite them, but they can prevent the attack

Part 4

It's shown that a bunch of walkers got somehow into the house, as they try to go upstairs but falling, Victor is seen trying to reach the first ladder

Part 5

Victor is still downstairs along the other walkers.

Part 6

When Trudy distracts the walkers, Victor is one of the walkers surrounding her, he is shown biting her arm and legs.


Killed By:

  • Himself (Accidental,Alive)

​Victor falls from the second floor's deck and dies most likely due to blood loss or brain damage

Killed Victims

The next list shows the victims Victor killed:


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