Whatever It Takes (Infections)
Season 1, Episode 2
Release Date November 10, 2015
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Cast Guide
Nina Dobrev as Monica Evans
Tyler Posey as Vince Jameson
Abigail Breslin as Maggie Thomas
Willa Fitzgerald as Sarah Nixon
Jennette Mccurdy as Abby Walters
Evan Peters as Greg Evans
Also Starring
Rutina Wesley as Kaya Dutch
Melanie Martinez as MacKenzie Jameson
Leigh Allyn Baker as Sarah Walters
Katie Cassidy as Cat
Wes Bentley as Pete Walters
Billie Lourd as Jane
Ving Rhames as Mike Monroe

Second episode of season 1.


Everyone's hearts break as the night goes on and they are forced to put themselves at risk when they get a call for help.


After the last episode, the group are all questioning everything. Jane returns, telling them there's screaming from Abby's room.

Abby gets into her apartment and alls for her parents. Her dad stumbles out of the living room and she tries to hug him, not aware he's dead. Sarah suddenly bursts from a closet with a golf club and hits her husband. Sarah tells the panicked girl her dad is infected and has to die. Sarah is taken down and is about to be bit when Abby takes a vase and smashes it over him, then takes a shard and jabs it into his eye. The two mourn the death.

MacKenzie opens the door to the man and asks if he's okay. He snarls at her and enters, trying to bite her. She falls, screaming as he stumbles to her.

Maggie and Jane go upstairs soon after, leaving Vince, Monica and Greg. They hear over the radio the high school is overrun but there are people in it. The three decide to go and help them, and check on MacKenzie as well.

The three arrive at the school, armed with bats and knives. They enter, it seems deserted. They see a walker approach them and soon, more emerge from the classes. Monica hesitates before stabbing one in the head. Vince then smashes one into the lockers and Greg stabs one as well. They are still overpowered when a crowbar hits one in the head. A girl leads them into a classroom with others, who argue. Sarah Nixon tells them about what happened at the school.

Back at the hotel, Jane leads Maggie to her room and begins to leave when Maggie screams, leaving the room in tears. Jane comforts her as Maggie reveals her mom is eating her dad. Jane tells her "Whatever it takes, we have to get through this."


  • Darren Criss - Dylan
  • Carlson Young - Kate
  • Connor Weil - Brad


  • Pete Walters (Zombified)
  • Maggie's Father
  • Maggie's Mother (Alive)


  • First Appearance of Sarah Nixon.
  • First Appearance of Kaya Dutch.
  • First Appearance of Mike Monroe.
  • First Appearance of Kate.
  • First Appearance of Brad.
  • First Appearance of Cat.
  • First  Appearance of Dylan.
  • Last Appearance of Pete Walters.
  • Last Appearance of MacKenzie Jameson. (Unknown)
  • Marks the first episode where walkers are killed.

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